Voice Director: Zach Bolton

US Home Media: Mar 11, 2014
Japan Premiere: Oct 11, 2012
Japan Conclusion: 2013

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 22

Animation Studio: Production I.G.

Popularity: 106th All Time, 282nd This Week

Franchise: Psycho-Pass
Characters on BTVA: 29
Psycho-Pass Psycho-Pass Cast
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said at 5:25 PM on Fri Mar 7 2014
I just finished watching Psycho Pass it ended up being a fairly solid show nothing remarkable but I enjoyed it. I'm ready to see season two and the film ASAP. What I like about Psycho Pass is that its very climatic . It was interesting to see the series end in the same fashion as it began. Quite fitting. I especially liked the ending to episode 16 that may of been the series' most outstanding moment outside a few other noteworthy key scenes. The dub was directed by Zach Bolton which means it was passable but never truly impressed simply an average effort in the end that aside tho I did enjoy the dub. Zach is weakest ADR Director currently working for Funimation in my opinion. While its an average performance Alex Organ as Shōgo Makishima is probably my favorite performance from the english dub. I did like David Matranga's small cameo as Koichi Ashikaga the tattooed man in episode eight. He used a much higher nasally voice then usually. Jonathan Brooks's Mitsuru Sasayama wasn't to bad either his "your gonna make a mess" line in episode 12 was memorable.
I kept waiting to hear Bill Jenkins in the dub because he was listed in the additional credits and he finally showed up in episode 20. One can easily tell by looking at who is in the additional credits (Bryan Massey, Johnny Yong Bosch, Stephanie Sheh ,Taliesin Jaffe & Kate Bristol to name a few) that the Psycho Pass dub was record at least eight months to year ago in advance like a majority of Funimation's dubs.
said at 5:28 PM on Fri Mar 7 2014
said at 12:50 PM on Tue Dec 30 2014
@IAMTHEVASTUNIVERSE Do you have any evidence that Funi records their dubs 8 months to 1 year before it's released?
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