Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb
Voice Director: Jeff Marsh

US Release: Aug 17, 2007 - Jun 12, 2015
Japan Release: Feb 01, 2008 - Jun 13, 2015

Animation Studio: Disney Television Animation

Popularity: 38th All Time, 51st This Week

Franchise: Phineas and Ferb
Genre: Comedy
Phineas and Ferb Phineas and Ferb Cast

Characters On BTVA: 219   |  Sound Clips: 4

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Betty Jo voiceBetty Jo voiced by 
Caroline Rhea
Clyde voiceClyde voiced by 
Barry Bostwick
Irving voiceIrving voiced by 
Jack McBrayer
Dr. Hirano voiceDr. Hirano voiced by 
Ming-Na Wen
Gretchen voiceGretchen voiced by 
Ariel Winter
Katie voiceKatie voiced by 
Isabella Acres
Milly voiceMilly voiced by 
Isabella Murad
Jenny voiceJenny voiced by 
Alyson Stoner
Albert voiceAlbert voiced by 
Diedrich Bader
Norm voiceNorm voiced by 
Joel McHale
Danny voiceDanny voiced by 
Jaret Reddick
Sherman voiceSherman voiced by 
Steve Zahn
Coltrane voiceColtrane voiced by 
Corbin Bleu
Lacie voiceLacie voiced by 
Benita Scheckel
Jeff Marsh voiceJeff Marsh voiced by 
Jeff Marsh
Johnny voiceJohnny voiced by 
Logan Miller

Guest Stars

Wendy voiceWendy voiced by 
Brenda Song
Meap voiceMeap voiced by 
Lorenzo Lamas
Mitch voiceMitch voiced by 
David Mitchell
The Bird voiceThe Bird voiced by 
Tara Strong
The Squirrel voiceThe Squirrel voiced by 
Tom Kenny
Waylon voiceWaylon voiced by 
Michael Douglas
Russell voiceRussell voiced by 
Dylan Douglas
Mona voiceMona voiced by 
April Winchell
Shaun voiceShaun voiced by 
Simon Pegg
Ed voiceEd voiced by 
Nick Frost
Dancer voiceDancer voiced by 
Keone Young
Stubbings voiceStubbings voiced by 
Tim Curry
Gaston voiceGaston voiced by 
French Stewart
JB voiceJB voiced by 
JK Simmons
Crash voiceCrash voiced by 
Lucy Davis
Lulu Jones voiceLulu Jones voiced by 
Vicki Lewis
Fifi voiceFifi voiced by 
Gwendoline Yeo
Jameson voiceJameson voiced by 
Greg Ellis
Beppo Brown voiceBeppo Brown voiced by 
Joel Grey
Sergeant voiceSergeant voiced by 
Clancy Brown
Thaddeus voiceThaddeus voiced by 
Danny Cooksey
Mishti voiceMishti voiced by 
Tiya Sircar
Fred voiceFred voiced by 
Moises Arias
Xavier voiceXavier voiced by 
Noah Munck
Amanda voiceAmanda voiced by 
Jennifer Stone
Guru voiceGuru voiced by 
Judd Nelson
Blay'n voiceBlay'n voiced by 
Mathew Horne
Clay Aiken voiceClay Aiken voiced by 
Clay Aiken
Chaka Khan voiceChaka Khan voiced by 
Chaka Khan
Melissa voiceMelissa voiced by 
Meira Blinkoff
Annabelle voiceAnnabelle voiced by 
Tina Fey
Nigel voiceNigel voiced by 
Davy Jones
Adrian voiceAdrian voiced by 
Peter Noone
Lucy voiceLucy voiced by 
Helen McCrory
Eliza voiceEliza voiced by 
Jane Horrocks
Executive voiceExecutive voiced by 
Richard Kind
Michael voiceMichael voiced by 
Michael J Fox
Werewolf voiceWerewolf voiced by 
Michael J Fox
Jared voiceJared voiced by 
Stephen Moyer
Kristen voiceKristen voiced by 
Anna Paquin
Paul voicePaul voiced by 
Christian Slater
Rodrigo voiceRodrigo voiced by 
Jorge Garcia
Pizza Guy voicePizza Guy voiced by 
Guy Fieri
Iggy voiceIggy voiced by 
Edi Gathegi
Ray Liotta voiceRay Liotta voiced by 
Ray Liotta
Human Fly voiceHuman Fly voiced by 
Martin Olson
Lyla voiceLyla voiced by 
Samantha Bee
Liam voiceLiam voiced by 
Jesse Spencer
Morg voiceMorg voiced by 
Carlos Alazraqui
Rosie voiceRosie voiced by 
Jaime Pressly
Red voiceRed voiced by 
John Viener
Carla voiceCarla voiced by 
Jennifer Hale
Dipthong voiceDipthong voiced by 
John Mathot
Guide voiceGuide voiced by 
Wayne Brady
Chloe voiceChloe voiced by 
Jennifer Wong
Chef voiceChef voiced by 
Gordon Ramsay
Doreen voiceDoreen voiced by 
Leah Remini
Mark voiceMark voiced by 
Jason Sklar
Markus voiceMarkus voiced by 
Randy Sklar
Pierre voicePierre voiced by 
Simon Pegg
Mean Woman voiceMean Woman voiced by 
Leah Remini
Ian voiceIan voiced by 
James May
Saul voiceSaul voiced by 
Wallace Shawn
Dr. Killbot voiceDr. Killbot voiced by 
Mike Bell
Becky voiceBecky voiced by 
Danica McKellar
Napoleon voiceNapoleon voiced by 
JK Simmons
Wendell voiceWendell voiced by 
Josh Gad
Floyd voiceFloyd voiced by 
Stephen Root
Mr. Random voiceMr. Random voiced by 
Jon Stewart
Slamm voiceSlamm voiced by 
DB Sweeney
Bernie voiceBernie voiced by 
Bob Morrow
Denise voiceDenise voiced by 
Jane Kaczmarek
Billy voiceBilly voiced by 
Brian Phelps
Dana voiceDana voiced by 
Soleil McGhee
Birgitte voiceBirgitte voiced by 
Bella Thorne
Heather voiceHeather voiced by 
Celia Ruskin
Teen Holly voiceTeen Holly voiced by 
Dana Davis
Melanie voiceMelanie voiced by 
Pamela Adlon



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