One Piece

One Piece
Voice Directors: Mike McFarland, Caitlin Glass (Temporary), Charles Campbell (Temporary), Christopher Bevins (Temporary), Felecia Angelle (Temporary), Jason Grundy (Temporary), Jeremy Inman (Temporary), Jerry Jewell (Temporary), Joel McDonald (Temporary), Scott Sager (Temporary), Todd Haberkorn (Temporary), Zach Bolton (Temporary)

US Release: Sep 18, 2004 - Mar 18, 2017
Japan Release: Oct 20, 1999 - Ongoing

Animation Studio: Toei Animation

Popularity: 5th All Time, 13th This Week

Franchise: One Piece
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy
One Piece One Piece Cast

Characters On BTVA: 696

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Coby voiceCoby - Leah Clark   
Kizaru voiceKizaru - Ray Hurd   
Kaku voiceKaku - Alex Organ   
Genzo voiceGenzo - Bill Flynn   
Zeff voiceZeff - Grant James   
Sabo voiceSabo - Toru Furuya   
Rika voiceRika - Kate Oxley   
Choo voiceChoo - Jay Hickman   
Eric voiceEric - Kenny Green   
Dorry voiceDorry - Bob Carter   
Chess voiceChess - Kyle Jones   
Ian voiceIan - Ian Sinclair   
Pukau voicePukau - Leah Clark   
Eddy voiceEddy - Zach Bolton   
Nola voice
creature voice
Nola - Kyle Hebert   
Ohm voiceOhm - Troy Baker   
Fuza voice
creature voice
Fuza - Chris Cason   
Drim voiceDrim - Mary Morgan   
Noko voiceNoko - Cris George   
Tom voiceTom - Rob Mungle   
Jiro voiceJiro - Leah Clark   
Lago voiceLago - Cris George   
Lil voiceLil - Kara Edwards   
Race voiceRace - Sean Teague   
Lola voiceLola - Alex Moore   
Kumacy voiceKumacy - Ray Hurd   
Yorki voiceYorki - Chris Hury   
Sayo voiceSayo - Cara Reid   
Bepo voiceBepo - Cris George   
Ran voiceRan - Clarine Harp   
Izo voiceIzo - Yusei Oda   
Doma voiceDoma - Nick Landis   
Karma voiceKarma - Ben Bryant   
Kong voiceKong - Jim Foronda   
Adele voiceAdele - Jad Saxton   
Hoe voiceHoe - Eric Cherry   
Doran voiceDoran - Aiko Hibi   
Ginko voiceGinko - Mai Aizawa   
Baby 5 voiceBaby 5 - Rina Sato   
Gatz voiceGatz - Taketora   
Rampo voiceRampo - Jiro Saito   
Mouji voiceMouji - Cho   

Guest Stars

Chip voiceChip - Kate Oxley   
Dip voiceDip - Sean Teague   
Popo voicePopo - Chris Cason   
Camu voiceCamu - Andrew Love   
Shine voiceShine - Bob Carter   
Abi voiceAbi - Apphia Yu   
Sho voiceSho - Aiko Hibi   
Marie voiceMarie - Kate Oxley   
Luca voiceLuca - Kate Oxley   
Lammy voiceLammy - Kana Ueda   




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