One Piece

One Piece
Voice Directors: Mike McFarland, Caitlin Glass (Temporary), Charles Campbell (Temporary), Christopher Bevins (Temporary), Felecia Angelle (Temporary), Jason Grundy (Temporary), Jeremy Inman (Temporary), Jerry Jewell (Temporary), Joel McDonald (Temporary), Scott Sager (Temporary), Todd Haberkorn (Temporary), Zach Bolton (Temporary)

US Release: Sep 18, 2004 - Mar 18, 2017
Japan Release: Oct 20, 1999 - Ongoing

Animation Studio: Toei Animation

Popularity: 5th All Time, 9th This Week

Franchise: One Piece
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy
One Piece One Piece Cast

Characters On BTVA: 696   |  Sound Clips: 177

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Shanks voiceShanks voiced by 
Brandon Potter
Tashigi voiceTashigi voiced by 
Monica Rial
Coby voiceCoby voiced by 
Leah Clark
Aokiji voiceAokiji voiced by 
Jason Douglas
Akainu voiceAkainu voiced by 
Andrew Love
Kizaru voiceKizaru voiced by 
Ray Hurd
Sengoku voiceSengoku voiced by 
Ed Blaylock
Buggy voiceBuggy voiced by 
Mike McFarland
Eneru voiceEneru voiced by 
J Michael Tatum
Arlong voiceArlong voiced by 
Chris Rager
Blueno voiceBlueno voiced by 
Mark Fickert
Kaku voiceKaku voiced by 
Alex Organ
Jimbei voiceJimbei voiced by 
Daniel Baugh
Camie voiceCamie voiced by 
Megan Shipman
Nojiko voiceNojiko voiced by 
Tiffany Grant
Genzo voiceGenzo voiced by 
Bill Flynn
Hina voiceHina voiced by 
Jennifer Seman
Jango voiceJango voiced by 
Kenny Green
Foxy voiceFoxy voiced by 
Jonathan Brooks
Kaya voiceKaya voiced by 
Carrie Savage
Zeff voiceZeff voiced by 
Grant James
Don Krieg voiceDon Krieg voiced by 
Andy Mullins
Ghin voiceGhin voiced by 
Illich Guardiola
Wapol voiceWapol voiced by 
Andy Mullins
Chaka voiceChaka voiced by 
Robert McCollum
Kohza voiceKohza voiced by 
Todd Haberkorn
Pell voicePell voiced by 
Kevin M Connolly
Mr. 5 voiceMr. 5 voiced by 
Andrew Love
Mr. 4 voiceMr. 4 voiced by 
Scott Hinze
Karoo voice
creature voice
Karoo voiced by 
Monica Rial
Conis voiceConis voiced by 
Laura Bailey
Wyper voiceWyper voiced by 
J Paul Slavens
Aisa voiceAisa voiced by 
Cherami Leigh
Gan Fall voiceGan Fall voiced by 
John Swasey
Laki voiceLaki voiced by 
Lydia Mackay
Iceberg voiceIceberg voiced by 
Philip Weber
Paulie voicePaulie voiced by 
David Wald
Perona voicePerona voiced by 
Felecia Angelle
Magellan voiceMagellan voiced by 
Jeremy Inman
Hannyabal voiceHannyabal voiced by 
Brad Jackson
Marco voiceMarco voiced by 
Kyle Phillips
Kinemon voiceKinemon voiced by 
Chris Ryan
Monet voiceMonet voiced by 
Naoko Matsui
Vergo voiceVergo voiced by 
Junichi Suwabe
Momonosuke voiceMomonosuke voiced by 
Ai Orikasa
Kyros voiceKyros voiced by 
Rikiya Koyama
Cavendish voiceCavendish voiced by 
Akira Ishida
Sabo voiceSabo voiced by 
Toru Furuya
Koala voiceKoala voiced by 
Jeannie Tirado
Yasopp voiceYasopp voiced by 
Scott Freeman
Koshiro voiceKoshiro voiced by 
Chuck Huber
Kuina voiceKuina voiced by 
Monica Rial
Makino voiceMakino voiced by 
Gwendolyn Lau
Morgan voiceMorgan voiced by 
Brett Weaver
Rika voiceRika voiced by 
Kate Oxley
Ripper voiceRipper voiced by 
Greg Dulcie
Ririka voiceRirika voiced by 
Cynthia Cranz
Richie voice
creature voice
Richie voiced by 
Mike McFarland
Carrot voiceCarrot voiced by 
Kate Oxley
Onion voiceOnion voiced by 
Cynthia Cranz
Pepper voicePepper voiced by 
Cherami Leigh
Merry voiceMerry voiced by 
Jerry Jewell
Butchie voiceButchie voiced by 
Chris Rager
Siam voiceSiam voiced by 
Todd Haberkorn
Yosaku voiceYosaku voiced by 
Josh Martin
Carne voiceCarne voiced by 
Charles Campbell
Patty voicePatty voiced by 
Jeremy Inman
Pearl voicePearl voiced by 
J Michael Tatum
Choo voiceChoo voiced by 
Jay Hickman
Kuroobi voiceKuroobi voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Momoo voiceMomoo voiced by 
Cris George
Nezumi voiceNezumi voiced by 
Vic Mignogna
Chabo voiceChabo voiced by 
Alison Viktorin
Crocus voiceCrocus voiced by 
Jerry Russell
Bokuden voiceBokuden voiced by 
Bill Jenkins
Eric voiceEric voiced by 
Kenny Green
Bogart voiceBogart voiced by 
Justin Cook
Brandnew voiceBrandnew voiced by 
John Swasey
Dorry voiceDorry voiced by 
Bob Carter
Dalton voiceDalton voiced by 
J Michael Tatum
Chess voiceChess voiced by 
Kyle Jones
Mrs. Negi voiceMrs. Negi voiced by 
Wendy Powell
Robson voiceRobson voiced by 
Kyle Phillips
Mr. 9 voiceMr. 9 voiced by 
Chris Patton
Eyelash voice
creature voice
Eyelash voiced by 
Mike McFarland
Rasa voiceRasa voiced by 
Trina Nishimura
Zaba voiceZaba voiced by 
Phil Parsons
Toto voiceToto voiced by 
Jerry Russell
Kappa voiceKappa voiced by 
Monica Rial
Mr. 7 voiceMr. 7 voiced by 
Anthony Bowling
Zenny voiceZenny voiced by 
Charles Campbell
Moore voiceMoore voiced by 
Bob Magruder
Minchy voiceMinchy voiced by 
Jerry Jewell
Henzo voiceHenzo voiced by 
R Bruce Elliott
Wetton voiceWetton voiced by 
Vic Mignogna
Lake voiceLake voiced by 
Vic Mignogna
Phillip voicePhillip voiced by 
Phil Parsons
Ian voiceIan voiced by 
Ian Sinclair
Rapa Nui voiceRapa Nui voiced by 
Chris Patton
Isoka voiceIsoka voiced by 
Laura Bailey
Akibi voiceAkibi voiced by 
Maxey Whitehead
Pukau voicePukau voiced by 
Leah Clark
Rongo voiceRongo voiced by 
Brina Palencia
Pasqua voicePasqua voiced by 
Chris Patton
Doc Q voiceDoc Q voiced by 
Kenny Green
Bellamy voiceBellamy voiced by 
Justin Cook
Rivers voiceRivers voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Eddy voiceEddy voiced by 
Zach Bolton
Lily voiceLily voiced by 
Trina Nishimura
Ross voiceRoss voiced by 
Tyson Rinehart
Mani voiceMani voiced by 
Brigette Goudeau
Masira voiceMasira voiced by 
Jeremy Inman
Braham voiceBraham voiced by 
Charles Baker
Genbo voiceGenbo voiced by 
Brad Jackson
Kamakiri voiceKamakiri voiced by 
Scott Freeman
Pagaya voicePagaya voiced by 
Grant James
Pierre voice
creature voice
Pierre voiced by 
Zach Bolton
Su voice
creature voice
Su voiced by 
Majken Bullard
Nola voice
creature voice
Nola voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Gedatsu voiceGedatsu voiced by 
Bob Carter
Satori voiceSatori voiced by 
Chris Cason
Ohm voiceOhm voiced by 
Troy Baker
Shura voiceShura voiced by 
Kent Williams
Yama voiceYama voiced by 
Andrew Chandler
Fuza voice
creature voice
Fuza voiced by 
Chris Cason
Holy voice
creature voice
Holy voiced by 
Jason Grundy
Amazon voiceAmazon voiced by 
Juli Erickson
McKinley voiceMcKinley voiced by 
Jim Johnson
Hotori voiceHotori voiced by 
Chris Cason
Kotori voiceKotori voiced by 
Chris Cason
Jonathan voiceJonathan voiced by 
Mark Stoddard
Drake voiceDrake voiced by 
Bryan Massey
Jessica voiceJessica voiced by 
Jennifer Seman
Mekao voiceMekao voiced by 
Jerry Russell
Tom (Cook) voiceTom (Cook) voiced by 
Dave Trosko
Hamburg voiceHamburg voiced by 
Scott Freeman
Porche voicePorche voiced by 
Tia Ballard
Tonjit voiceTonjit voiced by 
Bill Flynn
Itomimizu voiceItomimizu voiced by 
Ian Sinclair
Capote voiceCapote voiced by 
Phil Parsons
Pickles voicePickles voiced by 
Brad Jackson
Jube voiceJube voiced by 
Charles Baker
Girarin voiceGirarin voiced by 
Zach Bolton
Littonto voiceLittonto voiced by 
Alexis Tipton
Shelly voice
creature voice
Shelly voiced by 
Trina Nishimura
Monda voiceMonda voiced by 
John Burgmeier
Rokuroshi voiceRokuroshi voiced by 
Tony Oliver
Kiba voiceKiba voiced by 
Takashi Nagasako
Drim voiceDrim voiced by 
Mary Morgan
Noko voiceNoko voiced by 
Cris George
Tom voiceTom voiced by 
Rob Mungle
Kokoro voiceKokoro voiced by 
Juli Erickson
Kiwi voiceKiwi voiced by 
Martha Harms
Mozu voiceMozu voiced by 
Morgan Garrett
Chimney voiceChimney voiced by 
Lara Woodhull
Gonbe voice
creature voice
Gonbe voiced by 
Michelle Rojas
Corgy voiceCorgy voiced by 
Charles Campbell
Zambai voiceZambai voiced by 
Doug Goodrich
Jerry voiceJerry voiced by 
Wilbur Penn
Nero voiceNero voiced by 
Todd Haberkorn
Wanze voiceWanze voiced by 
Josh Grelle
Jabra voiceJabra voiced by 
Phil Parsons
Kumadori voiceKumadori voiced by 
Andrew Love
Fukuro voiceFukuro voiced by 
Alexis Tipton
Kashii voiceKashii voiced by 
Jeff Johnson
Oimo voiceOimo voiced by 
Tyson Rinehart
Michael voiceMichael voiced by 
Ryan Reynolds
Roji voiceRoji voiced by 
Jessica Cavanagh
Hocha voiceHocha voiced by 
Jamie Marchi
Strawberry voiceStrawberry voiced by 
Ken Marmon
T-Bone voiceT-Bone voiced by 
Kenny Green
Arbell voiceArbell voiced by 
Carli Mosier
Basil voiceBasil voiced by 
Gregory Lush
Brindo voiceBrindo voiced by 
Chris Rager
Campacino voiceCampacino voiced by 
Chris Rager
Don Accino voiceDon Accino voiced by 
Ray Gestaut
Hockera voiceHockera voiced by 
Zach Bolton
Jiro voiceJiro voiced by 
Leah Clark
Lago voiceLago voiced by 
Cris George
Lil voiceLil voiced by 
Kara Edwards
Puzzle voicePuzzle voiced by 
David Matranga
Race voiceRace voiced by 
Sean Teague
Salchow voiceSalchow voiced by 
Kyle Jones
Stansen voiceStansen voiced by 
Brett Weaver
Sutton voiceSutton voiced by 
Jarrod Greene
Troff voiceTroff voiced by 
Tyler Walker
Vigaro voiceVigaro voiced by 
Brad Hawkins
Guyle voiceGuyle voiced by 
Elias Taylorson
Hogback voiceHogback voiced by 
Marcus Stimac
Lola voiceLola voiced by 
Alex Moore
Hildon voiceHildon voiced by 
Jerry Jewell
Ryuma voiceRyuma voiced by 
Ian Sinclair
Dog Penguin voiceDog Penguin voiced by 
Eric Vale
Kumacy voiceKumacy voiced by 
Ray Hurd
Tararan voiceTararan voiced by 
Todd Upchurch
Yorki voiceYorki voiced by 
Chris Hury
Gyoro voiceGyoro voiced by 
Trina Nishimura
Nin voiceNin voiced by 
Mariela Ortiz
Bao voiceBao voiced by 
Ryan Reynolds
Spoil voiceSpoil voiced by 
Mark Fickert
Sayo voiceSayo voiced by 
Cara Reid
Rina voiceRina voiced by 
Kristin Sutton
Nukki voiceNukki voiced by 
Jenny Stoneking
Sentomaru voiceSentomaru voiced by 
Greg Ayres
Duval voiceDuval voiced by 
David Vincent
Pappagu voicePappagu voiced by 
Chris Cason
Killer voiceKiller voiced by 
Leo Fabian
X Drake voiceX Drake voiced by 
DC Douglas
Urouge voiceUrouge voiced by 
Major Attaway
Bepo voiceBepo voiced by 
Cris George
Macro voiceMacro voiced by 
Hunter Scott
Gyaro voiceGyaro voiced by 
Patric Carroll
Tansui voiceTansui voiced by 
Joey Folsom
Motobalo voiceMotobalo voiced by 
Gregory Lush
Tsuru voiceTsuru voiced by 
Juli Erickson
Haredas voiceHaredas voiced by 
Jim White
Kitton voiceKitton voiced by 
Megan Emerick
Taroimo voiceTaroimo voiced by 
Chris Ryan
Soran voiceSoran voiced by 
Madeleine Broseh
Momonga voiceMomonga voiced by 
Francis Henry
Nyon voiceNyon voiced by 
Nancy Sherrard
Sweetpea voiceSweetpea voiced by 
Doug Goodrich
Kikyo voiceKikyo voiced by 
Rachel Robinson
Nerine voiceNerine voiced by 
Michelle Rojas
Rindo voiceRindo voiced by 
Jennifer Green
Cosmos voiceCosmos voiced by 
Anastasia Munoz
Daisy voiceDaisy voiced by 
Mary Morgan
Bluefan voiceBluefan voiced by 
Didi Archilla
Ran voiceRan voiced by 
Clarine Harp
Shanba voiceShanba voiced by 
Sam Swanson
Salome voiceSalome voiced by 
Jason Kane
Shachi voiceShachi voiced by 
Ben Bryant
Penguin voicePenguin voiced by 
Seth Magill
Heat voiceHeat voiced by 
Jarod Warren
Sadie voiceSadie voiced by 
Marissa Lenti
Domino voiceDomino voiced by 
Haley Esposito
Saldeath voiceSaldeath voiced by 
Orion Pitts
Shiryu voiceShiryu voiced by 
Matt Thurston
Minokoala voiceMinokoala voiced by 
Keiji Hirai
Minotaurus voiceMinotaurus voiced by 
Josh Martin
Largo voiceLargo voiced by 
Leraldo Anzaldua
Colt voiceColt voiced by 
Ricco Fajardo
Fabre voiceFabre voiced by 
Bradley Campbell
Luigia voiceLuigia voiced by 
Linda Leonard
Mendo voiceMendo voiced by 
Nick Landis
Mitsuboshi voiceMitsuboshi voiced by 
Shawn Gann
Blenheim voiceBlenheim voiced by 
Mark Rios
Stainless voiceStainless voiced by 
Chuck Huber
Yamakaji voiceYamakaji voiced by 
Babs Ipaye
Vasco Shot voiceVasco Shot voiced by 
Clint Ford
Jozu voiceJozu voiced by 
Matt Thurston
Vista voiceVista voiced by 
Hunter Barnett
Blamenco voiceBlamenco voiced by 
Josh Grelle
Rakuyo voiceRakuyo voiced by 
James Chandler
Curiel voiceCuriel voiced by 
Ricco Fajardo
Kingdew voiceKingdew voiced by 
Patric Carroll
Haruta voiceHaruta voiced by 
Clifford Chapin
Speed Jil voiceSpeed Jil voiced by 
Jeff Johnson
Fossa voiceFossa voiced by 
Kent Williams
Izo voiceIzo voiced by 
Yusei Oda
Dalmatian voiceDalmatian voiced by 
Philip Weber
Lacroix voiceLacroix voiced by 
Brandon Luna
Lonz voiceLonz voiced by 
Ben Phillips
Squard voiceSquard voiced by 
Jason Kane
McGuy voiceMcGuy voiced by 
Ian Ferguson
Doma voiceDoma voiced by 
Nick Landis
A.O. voiceA.O. voiced by 
Mark Fickert
Karma voiceKarma voiced by 
Ben Bryant
Dogra voiceDogra voiced by 
Michael Jones
Magra voiceMagra voiced by 
Newton Pittman
Bluejam voiceBluejam voiced by 
Jim Johnson
Outlook III voiceOutlook III voiced by 
Ken Marmon
Stelly voiceStelly voiced by 
Barrett Nash
Naguri voiceNaguri voiced by 
Mark Oristano
Kong voiceKong voiced by 
Jim Foronda
Caribou voiceCaribou voiced by 
Andrew Kasten
Coribou voiceCoribou voiced by 
Dalton Tindall
Albion voiceAlbion voiced by 
Jerry Jewell
Sancrin voiceSancrin voiced by 
Mahito Oba
Reuder voiceReuder voiced by 
Wyn Delano
Sharley voiceSharley voiced by 
Morgan Berry
Neptune voiceNeptune voiced by 
Bruce DuBose
Ryuboshi voiceRyuboshi voiced by 
Alex Ross
Mamboshi voiceMamboshi voiced by 
Troy Hughes
Megalo voiceMegalo voiced by 
Joel McDonald
Otohime voiceOtohime voiced by 
Amanda Lee
Den voiceDen voiced by 
J Paul Slavens
Dosun voiceDosun voiced by 
Christian Taylor
Hammond voiceHammond voiced by 
Jay Hickman
Hyouzou voiceHyouzou voiced by 
Dave Woodard
Daruma voiceDaruma voiced by 
Oscar Seung
Kasagon voiceKasagon voiced by 
Dallas Reid
Zeo voiceZeo voiced by 
Nazeeh Tarsha
Ishilly voiceIshilly voiced by 
Megan Emerick
Mero voiceMero voiced by 
Skyler Davenport
Kairen voiceKairen voiced by 
Dawn M. Bennett
Aladdin voiceAladdin voiced by 
Brad Smeaton
Shuzo voiceShuzo voiced by 
Kosei Hirota
Ain voiceAin voiced by 
Ryoko Shinohara
Z voiceZ voiced by 
Hōchū Ōtsuka
Breed voiceBreed voiced by 
Kazuya Ichijo
Surume voiceSurume voiced by 
Josh Grelle
Sora voiceSora voiced by 
Kira Buckland
Lulis voiceLulis voiced by 
Amanda Gish
Fillonce voiceFillonce voiced by 
Janelle Lutz
Adele voiceAdele voiced by 
Jad Saxton
Hoe voiceHoe voiced by 
Eric Cherry
Mocha voiceMocha voiced by 
Akemi Kanda
Sind voiceSind voiced by 
Naoko Matsui
Doran voiceDoran voiced by 
Aiko Hibi
Ally voiceAlly voiced by 
Shiori Mikami
Biyo voiceBiyo voiced by 
Machiko Kawana
Ginko voiceGinko voiced by 
Mai Aizawa
Konbu voiceKonbu voiced by 
Hiroko Ushida
Uzu voiceUzu voiced by 
Kumiko Nishihara
Baby 5 voiceBaby 5 voiced by 
Rina Sato
Jora voiceJora voiced by 
Hiroko Emori
Machvise voiceMachvise voiced by 
Naomi Kusumi
Sugar voiceSugar voiced by 
Rie Kugimiya
Trebol voiceTrebol voiced by 
Taiki Matsuno
Lao G voiceLao G voiced by 
Tetsuo Goto
Gatz voiceGatz voiced by 
Chin Jao voiceChin Jao voiced by 
Shin Aomori
Sai voiceSai voiced by 
Koichi Hashimoto
Boo voiceBoo voiced by 
Masaya Takatsuka
Maynard voiceMaynard voiced by 
Hikaru Hanada
Hack voiceHack voiced by 
Kosei Hirota
Abdullah voiceAbdullah voiced by 
Keiji Hirai
Jeet voiceJeet voiced by 
Koji Haramaki
Dagama voiceDagama voiced by 
Shiro Saito
Dellinger voiceDellinger voiced by 
Kōki Miyata
Gladius voiceGladius voiced by 
Isshin Chiba
Moocy voiceMoocy voiced by 
Koji Haramaki
Agilia voiceAgilia voiced by 
Kimiko Saito
Ideo voiceIdeo voiced by 
Masaki Aizawa
Mummy voiceMummy voiced by 
Masaya Takatsuka
Orlumbus voiceOrlumbus voiced by 
Jiro Saito
Suleiman voiceSuleiman voiced by 
Ken Narita
Gancho voiceGancho voiced by 
Kenichi Ogata
Leo voiceLeo voiced by 
Kurumi Mamiya
Wicca voiceWicca voiced by 
Miki Nagasawa
Bian voiceBian voiced by 
Rie Kugimiya
Cotton voiceCotton voiced by 
Yuka Saito
Flapper voiceFlapper voiced by 
Hiromi Konno
Inhel voiceInhel voiced by 
Ryohei Nakao
Cub voiceCub voiced by 
Masami Kikuchi
Nubon voiceNubon voiced by 
Eiji Takemoto
Rampo voiceRampo voiced by 
Jiro Saito
Bomba voiceBomba voiced by 
Tetsu Inada
Pica voicePica voiced by 
Yuji Mitsuya
Kuween voiceKuween voiced by 
Yuko Kobayashi
Mouji voiceMouji voiced by 
Baxcon voiceBaxcon voiced by 
Kohei Fukuhara

Guest Stars

Bachina voiceBachina voiced by 
Clarine Harp
Higuma voiceHiguma voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Hocker voiceHocker voiced by 
Jerry Russell
Gally voiceGally voiced by 
R Bruce Elliott
Matsu voiceMatsu voiced by 
Kenny Green
Raoul voiceRaoul voiced by 
Kent Williams
Carmen voiceCarmen voiced by 
Brina Palencia
Leo (Cook) voiceLeo (Cook) voiced by 
Chris Cason
Tamachibi voiceTamachibi voiced by 
Kristi Kang
Kamonegi voiceKamonegi voiced by 
Bryan Massey
Scorpion voiceScorpion voiced by 
Kent Williams
Chip voiceChip voiced by 
Kate Oxley
Dip voiceDip voiced by 
Sean Teague
Popo voicePopo voiced by 
Chris Cason
Camu voiceCamu voiced by 
Andrew Love
Dr. Hou voiceDr. Hou voiced by 
Bill Flynn
Aswa voiceAswa voiced by 
Maeghan Albach
Shine voiceShine voiced by 
Bob Carter
Rice Rice voiceRice Rice voiced by 
Chris Cason
Odama voiceOdama voiced by 
R Bruce Elliott
Dick voiceDick voiced by 
Mark Fickert
Harry voiceHarry voiced by 
Tiffany Grant
Roshio voiceRoshio voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Terry voiceTerry voiced by 
Mark Stoddard
Shu voiceShu voiced by 
David Matranga
Glove voiceGlove voiced by 
Naoki Imamura
Abi voiceAbi voiced by 
Apphia Yu
Auntie voiceAuntie voiced by 
Laurie Steele
Yoko voiceYoko voiced by 
Felecia Angelle
Ayako voiceAyako voiced by 
Caitlin Glass
Akihiro voiceAkihiro voiced by 
Jamie Marchi
Sho voiceSho voiced by 
Aiko Hibi
Margarita voiceMargarita voiced by 
Jamie Marchi
Antonio voiceAntonio voiced by 
Brad Jackson
Lacuba voiceLacuba voiced by 
Brad Jackson
Marie voiceMarie voiced by 
Kate Oxley
Peterman voicePeterman voiced by 
Ian Ferguson
Judy voiceJudy voiced by 
Sean O'Connor
Marin voiceMarin voiced by 
Brian Hathaway
Byron voiceByron voiced by 
Brandon Luna
Poppy voicePoppy voiced by 
Dawn M. Bennett
Pansy voicePansy voiced by 
Michelle Lee
Shiki voiceShiki voiced by 
Scott McNeil
Olive voiceOlive voiced by 
Dawn M. Bennett
Komille voiceKomille voiced by 
Doug Jackson
Yukimura voiceYukimura voiced by 
Jim Johnson
Elmy voiceElmy voiced by 
Dawn M. Bennett
Palms voicePalms voiced by 
Justin Briner
Ramba voiceRamba voiced by 
Phil Parsons
Islewan voiceIslewan voiced by 
Neil Rogers
Bizarre voiceBizarre voiced by 
Wilbur Penn
Blondie voiceBlondie voiced by 
Jarod Warren
Epoida voiceEpoida voiced by 
Larry Brantley
Kibin voiceKibin voiced by 
Darryl Roberds
Amadob voiceAmadob voiced by 
Keiji Hirai
Hangan voiceHangan voiced by 
Aaron Roberts
Pavlik voicePavlik voiced by 
Alejandro Saab
Cancer voiceCancer voiced by 
Ivan Jasso
Brocca voiceBrocca voiced by 
Chris Rager
Gorilla voiceGorilla voiced by 
Gray G Haddock
Fishbonen voiceFishbonen voiced by 
Steve Yurko
Scotch voiceScotch voiced by 
Chad Cline
Kasa voiceKasa voiced by 
Cheryl Lowber
Kadar voiceKadar voiced by 
Chris Patton
Luca voiceLuca voiced by 
Kate Oxley
Gyro voiceGyro voiced by 
Zach Aguilar
Maria voiceMaria voiced by 
Kumiko Mori
Nuru voiceNuru voiced by 
Katsumi Suzuki
Papaneel voicePapaneel voiced by 
Clay Wheeler
Togare voiceTogare voiced by 
Justin Pate
Gambia voiceGambia voiced by 
Hiroshi Yanaka
Agyo voiceAgyo voiced by 
Hiromu Miyazaki
Meadows voiceMeadows voiced by 
Sota Arai
Grabar voiceGrabar voiced by 
Ikuko Tatsu
Ibusu voiceIbusu voiced by 
Hiromu Miyazaki
Lammy voiceLammy voiced by 
Kana Ueda
Ooklicia voiceOoklicia voiced by 
Kimiko Saito




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