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One Piece
Voice Directors: Mike McFarland, Caitlin Glass (Temporary), Charles Campbell (Temporary), Christopher Bevins (Temporary), Felecia Angelle (Temporary), Jason Grundy (Temporary), Jeremy Inman (Temporary), Jerry Jewell (Temporary), Joel McDonald (Temporary), Scott Sager (Temporary), Zach Bolton (Temporary)

US Premiere: Sep 18, 2004
US Conclusion: Mar 18, 2017
US Home Media: Feb 28, 2006
Japan Premiere: Oct 20, 1999
Japan Conclusion: Ongoing

Seasons: 18+
Episodes: 740+

Animation Studio: Toei Animation

Popularity: 4th All Time, 11th This Week

Franchise: One Piece
Characters on BTVA: 695
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King Marth 64
said at 10:02 PM on Sun Jul 1 2018
I did saw the part from the Whole Cake Arc had Jimbei finally managed to join as an official Strawhat Crew Member, I can't wait to hear Daniel Baugh makes his speech as Jimbei to Big Mom that he's joining Luffy as an official member. It was so long that Luffy gotten a new crew member since Brook joined from Thriller Bark Arc.

Also, I do want to see Carrot joins as an official Strawhat member since Nami and Robin were the only female members of the crew. Plus, I do like to see if Vivi could be coming back to the Reviere Arc since we don't know about what Im is plotting against Vivi along with Shirahoshi and the Strawhats that went to Alabasta arc did missed her.
said at 8:34 PM on Fri Jun 29 2018
If any of you have watched an episode of One Piece that was dubbed by 4Kids, I am so sorry.
said at 7:01 AM on Wed Jul 11 2018
@FanGuy67 Don't be. It's thanks to 4Kids I got into One Piece in the first place.
said at 11:36 PM on Fri May 4 2018
 3 Shout Outs!
I kinda wonder who will take over the dub directing reigns now? Mike McFarland is still at FUNi directing, but these days he's only directing the dub once in a while. If it isn't Mike, then it would be Joel McDonald. But as we all know about now, Joel retired from ADR Directing after 10 years and is now working at Gearbox Software. Still works as an actor don't be crying, but no more ADR sessions where he's in the director's seat.

No confirmation, but I do have a hunch as to who might be directing the dub on a full-time basis if it isn't Mike McFarland. And no I don't think Jerry Jewell will be doing it anytime soon.
To say something, her directing on the second season of Assassination Classroom and the The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. was literally topnotch work.

Honestly... I think it will be Apphia Yu, and I'll be super stoked if it comes true.
said at 7:04 AM on Sat May 5 2018
@itsmedeadpool I wouldn't mind Apphia Yu in the director's chair; her dubs have turned out to be pretty good.

Some other director guesses I have would be Anthony Bowling and Zach Bolton. Bowling because he's been stepping in as assistant director for a lot of dubs lately and Bolton because he hasn't really done much directing lately.
said at 1:02 PM on Sun May 6 2018
@VocalChameleon Zach hardly does any ADR work these days. I think he's a full time Assistant Producer now. The only shows he'd still direct the dub for are his old ones. But saying that, for every one of his last shows post Psycho Pass Season 2 and Pre The Future Diary: Redial, Cris George has been working as his Assistant Director.
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:56 PM on Wed Apr 4 2018
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Quite a long anime.
8000 Saiyans
said at 4:10 PM on Wed Apr 18 2018
Given how long this series has been around, it makes me think that Oda is a freaking genius because he doesn't seem to run out of ideas or something.
said at 11:27 PM on Sat Feb 17 2018
 2 Shout Outs!
Mike McFarland still exclaims how devious the auditions went for the Straw Hats where there was a poll in Japan for the English casting, as well as Oda having the final say. I believe Japan is very lenient regarding the casting for secondary, minor, and filler characters, but apparently even the casting of Rob Lucci had to go through the same procedure as the Straw Hats. So I kinda wonder whether characters like Garp (Brian Mathis), Blackbeard (Cole Brown †), Ace (Travis Willingham), Sengoku (Ed Blaylock †), Sabo (Vic Mignogna), Aokiji (Jason Douglas), Akainu (Andrew Love), Kizaru (Ray Hurd), and Trafalgar Law (Matthew Mercer) to name a few had to go through the same predicament.
said at 2:07 PM on Wed Apr 4 2018
@itsmedeadpool Wait really? Did Oda a really help decide the English voices? And did Japan really help vote on them? Wow. I guess that Japan got protective of the show after 4Kids butchered it.

Some other characters I'd imagine had to go through the same process were Boa Hancock, Tashigi, Helmelmeppo, Nefertari Vivi and Kalifa. I'd also imagine that Rebecca's casting process will go the same way.
Mr. Kite
said at 8:10 PM on Sun Dec 10 2017
What? Funimation stopped dubbing the show early this year?
Shaun Ince
said at 8:30 PM on Sun Dec 10 2017
@Mr. Kite They stopped airing the dub on Toonami. The ratings just weren't high enough. They're still dubbing the anime though. They only just started dubbing the stuff after the timeskip where they all go though a radical character redesign.
Mr. Kite
said at 11:02 PM on Sun Dec 10 2017
@Shaun Ince
One Piece didn't get high enough ratings in US? One Piece has a huge following in US. One Piece is really popular in Japan.
said at 4:52 AM on Mon Dec 11 2017
@Mr. Kite I mean yeh in the 2000s to the point where it got an american exlusive game but the western ratings of the show have declined over the years, heck OP games are not dubbed anymore.

It is really big in Japan no denying that but sometimes what`s big in that market does not mean it will also be on the same level in the western
said at 9:47 AM on Fri Jan 5 2018
As long as Funimation keeps dubbing this, there's no complaints from me.
Mr. Kite
said at 2:27 AM on Fri Sep 29 2017
 4 Shout Outs!
Man, so many Japanese voice actors who voiced characters in this show died when they still didn't finish their voice over roles of their respective characters. Examples include Takeshi Aono, Daisuke Gori, and both the Naya brothers. At least they found good replacements.
Shaun Ince
said at 8:32 PM on Sun Dec 10 2017
@Mr. Kite This is another long running anime that is going to outlive most of the Japanese cast. So many voice over veterans on the Japanese side.
Mr. Kite
said at 2:24 AM on Fri Sep 29 2017
 1 Shout Out!
I've almost always watched this show in its original Japanese voice. In my opinion, I've always found the voiceovers in the Japanese version of this show to be a lot better. Plus as far as I know the Japanese version is ahead by a lot of episodes. Usually in Japan you only have to wait a couple more months after the original publication of a manga chapter to have the anime version of that manga chapter released.
said at 4:01 PM on Sun Aug 13 2017
Is anyone else not liking Hideyuki Hori as Vinsmoke Judge? Or is this just me?
said at 8:02 PM on Tue Aug 29 2017
@Ichigo341578926 Same, I'm not a big fan of his voice either. I don't know, just not how I expected him to sound.
said at 9:41 PM on Tue Aug 29 2017
@MattSaidThat24 Well, I always pictured Judge with a generic deep voice (since I couldn't come up with a specific voice actor that could fit), and I also feel that Sanji having a deeper voice than Judge feels really off and wrong.
said at 11:16 AM on Sun Jul 23 2017
I feel like I should post this here.
said at 11:58 PM on Tue May 9 2017
 6 Shout Outs!
Okay I just watched the 2 new dubbed Episodes(517-518), and i have to say, they went the extra mile with the Fake Straw Hats. As I predicted, they copied the Japanese by casting the Original Straw Hats to voice the fakes.
Fake Luffy - Eric Vale
Fake Zoro - Sonny Strait
Fake Nami - Brina Palencia
Fake Usopp - Patrick Seitz
Fake Sanji - Chris Sabat
Fake Chopper - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Fake Robin - Luci Christian
Fake Franky - Ian Sinclair
However, especially with Fake Sanji and Fake Robin, Chris Sabat portrayed Fake Sanji by sounding like 4Kids' Sanji (voiced by David Moo), while Luci Christian portrayed Fake Robin by sounding like 4Kids' Robin (voiced by Veronica Taylor) by throwing in that Southern accent.
said at 12:35 AM on Wed May 10 2017
@itsmedeadpool i want to see this impression of david moo, granted his voice may not have been sanji but it was one of those its bad that its hilarious voice
said at 12:42 AM on Wed May 10 2017
@Abdullab Behold:
said at 12:47 AM on Wed May 10 2017
@itsmedeadpool not gonna lie those are some good imitationss
said at 12:57 AM on Wed May 10 2017
@Abdullab I know right!? I wonder what the 4Kids actors will say regarding this? I don't blame them, they just followed the Directors' direction... which backfired entirely.
said at 12:18 PM on Sun May 7 2017
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Ok this probably isn't going to happen but since Funimation's dub of One Piece was such a success (and with good reason) maybe they'll try dubbing some of the other shows 4kids ruined (cough, cough, Yu Gi Oh, cough, cough)
said at 1:47 PM on Sun May 7 2017
4K Media pretty much has a stranglehold on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise, but I guess there could be a chance for some of their other shows.
said at 4:38 PM on Sun May 7 2017
@GreenGoblin75 I guess... my top choice besides Yu-Gi-Oh would be (Never going to happen but I can dream) Kirby Right Back At Ya!
said at 2:53 AM on Mon May 8 2017
@Soul-dragon Kirby Right Back at Ya wasn't ruined tho
NCZ (Admin)
said at 8:54 AM on Mon May 8 2017

Is there really a lot of demand for 4Kids' other shows though? Most of their catalogue are things that were mildly popular then and not really as well-known nowadays. They tried doing an uncut Yu-Gi-Oh back when it was popular and it got cancelled due to a general lack of interest. Redubs are rare because they're a massive investment and very few series exist that justify the amount of money and resources it takes to do them.
said at 3:52 PM on Tue May 9 2017
@NCZ I guess but like I said earlier I can only dream. However I will admit I had to pick one anime that 4kids did for a redub it would've definitely had been One Piece. They removed so many emotional moments (like the arm stabbing scene) and much of the action (poison suction cups instead of spikes? Seriously?)
said at 3:54 PM on Tue May 9 2017
@HylianBelmont It's not so much saving it as giving it a fresh coat of paint. But like I said earlier, it's never going to happen (especially with a small show like that)
said at 6:07 AM on Thu Jan 5 2017
 1 Shout Out!
Long-running shonens are typically something I avoid like the plague. It's why I avoided this show for years - until an ex of mine convinced me to give the show a chance.

To be honest, I didn't think too much of it at first. It was likable enough, but didn't seem particularly noteworthy in the first couple of arcs. But the more I watched, the more it started to grow on me. The Syrup Village arc stands out in my memory - it was the first arc I genuinely enjoyed from beginning to end, as well as when I started feeling myself getting attached to the characters. But the arc that sold me for life on the show was Arlong Park. (which has some of the best acting I've heard from Luci Christian) After seeing that arc, I FINALLY understood how this show became as popular as it did. Impressively, that was just the beginning. Instead of going through the quality drop most shonens do over time, I feel the series has only gotten stronger.

That said, I do think the quality of the manga to anime adaptation starts to decline around Enies Lobby. But it's still a very enjoyable watch.
said at 7:38 PM on Thu Dec 29 2016
 2 Shout Outs!
Looking through the cast. I like how there are several actors from the Sentai/ADV talent pool here who never do stuff for Funimation. Like top of my head there's Andrew Love and Shelley Calene-Black. Pretty awesome.
said at 3:39 AM on Wed Jan 11 2017
@Unknownsage13 Well since Andrew is doing Opera and Theater in Houston, he doesn't get to travel that much to Dallas whenever he receives the call. Although since he has awesome range, they'll always find something for him. The last big FUNi show Shelley was a part of besides One Piece was for Jormungand and I think recently Maken-Ki Two. Unless whether the director searches for a very unique voice they won't find in Dallas, they'll farm out to the Houston, LA, or even New York pool of actors.
said at 7:05 PM on Fri Dec 23 2016
 6 Shout Outs!
I prefer the older episodes of this Series back when it seemed a little more unique, although regarding its dubs:

The FUNimation One Piece dub isn't perfect by any means, but it's a pretty good dub that translates reasonably faithfully from the Original without the script coming off as wooden (although it takes a few liberties here & there in terms of inserting in cursing or adding in jokes where it's unneeded, but nothing of significance otherwise). The English voice cast is also very competent in their roles, and the music is all kept, along with some of the Japanese intros being dubbed into English (not all, but most were). I'm actually glad they got it after 4Kids did, though, mainly because Eric Vale was initially going to be Luffy and that casting is (imo) all wrong for the part- Andrew Chandler also made Zoro sound too evil at times and Chris Sabat was not unique as Helmeppo at all, so I'm really glad Colleen Clinkenbeard got Luffy, Chris Sabat got Zoro, and Troy Baker got Helmeppo when FUNimation took over dub rights.

The 4Kids One Piece dub was (frankly) a disaster of epic proportions, combining the companies' worst practices in any of their other dubs, all into one single dub, which many have argued over the years is the worst dub ever made: it replaces all the music with a score that is languid and dull, has pretty bad voice acting (especially from Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp's VAs of the main cast, to name a few), a bad rap intro, terrible script writing (count how many puns there were every episode, and some words were gibberish, "a gazzilion miles," "Tracheon toymonger," etc.), numerous edits everywhere ("super soakers," Laboon the iceberg, etc.). It not only single-handedly manage to destroy their reputation outright, but it also curses any remotely decent dub 4Kids elsewhere did of being lumped in with this one, and thus all their dubs are labeled as garbage by default, regardless of their differing quality. Even 4Kids admitted they didn't want the license to this Series and were holding onto it in desperation until they could drop it because they got One Piece in a package deal with Shaman King and Ultimate Muscle back in 2004. I'd even go as far as to say this is one of two reasons 4Kids ended up going bankrupt later on and going out of business: as for the second reason, I'll keep it to myself, I'd rather not disclose that one for now. To say I have a low opinion of this dub is an understatement, to put it mildly.

(However, I will concede that Diraison's Zoro and Jayne's Kaya were my lone comforts of sitting through a little of it, but it's very painful regardless.)

The Odex One Piece dub is actually a more faithful translation of the Series script-wise than either the 4Kids or FUNimation dubs, and yet, therein lies the problem: it's literally woodenly translated, and many of the dialogue sounds like it's been verbatim Google Translated from the Original. In addition, the voice acting is so poor all around that it makes the 4Kids' dub's acting seem tolerable in comparison, so to say the least, I feel it's not good.
said at 5:54 AM on Thu Jan 5 2017
@WrightWay Wait, is it possible to hear FUNi's original casting choices for the parts? I remember hearing about the differences in casting and while I'm sure they're not as good, it would be interesting to hear clips of them in the roles. I'd also love to hear some of the other test dubs done for the series, like the one done in Canada. It's too bad things like that are typically hidden away.

In a strange sort of way, I'm honestly glad things turned out the way it did. FUNi is a solid dubbing studio, but I don't think their dub of One Piece would be anywhere as good as it is today if they didn't have the 4Kids dub to compensate for. Leading to the downfall of 4Kids is another upside - though their ghost still lives on in 4K Media. (which is compromised mostly of former 4Kids employees and dub staff)
said at 6:06 AM on Thu Jan 5 2017
Sure, hope this helps: It's...not nearly as good as what we ended up getting in any shape or form to me (also, who is Corby?).

I actually agree- things worked out for the best in this case, at least from my point of view as well. As far as 4Kids goes, I think there are two Series they surprisingly dubbed fairly well, so I don't entirely hate everything they did like most seem to, but yes, all of what you said is true regardless.
said at 6:21 AM on Thu Jan 5 2017
@WrightWay Thank you! Woah, it's surreal hearing Luffy with a male VA. It's an ok cast (minus maybe Colby), but I definitely prefer the cast we have now.

What are those series? (I'm assuming one is Pokemon, haha) I agree with you though. Some of 4Kids earliest efforts were fairly decent localizations, but their quality seemed to decline in time, for some reason.
said at 6:25 AM on Thu Jan 5 2017
You're welcome! Agreed.

That's one of the two, with the other being Dinosaur King: I was surprised to see them keep so much of the Japanese OST intact in both & actually adapt the scripts faithfully (most) of the time. Oddly enough, both were comprised of the same teams working on them, so I guess that might've been a factor.
said at 6:52 AM on Thu Jan 5 2017
@WrightWay Found a clip of Ocean's dub as well:

As far as male Luffy's go, I'm liking Andrew Francis best.

Ah! I always forget about Dinosaur King. (probably since I've never watched it) But that is really cool. I'll have to check it out sometime. :D
said at 4:54 AM on Tue Feb 21 2017
@1dbad I wouldn't have mind if Ocean actually dubbed the entire series(though not with this voice for Luffy)
said at 11:28 PM on Wed Feb 22 2017
@HienFan I would have been interested in an Ocean dub too! There's a lot of great Canadian VAs out there, and I would love to see Ocean have a long-runner. (part of why I'm hoping their efforts with Gintama will be a success!)
said at 10:02 AM on Fri Jan 5 2018
I think I'm the only one that actually prefers Eric and Andrew over Colleen as Luffy. I've always pictured Luffy with a smoother voice, not raspy.

That said, Eric is more suitable as Sanji.
said at 12:05 PM on Fri Jan 5 2018
@MizukaS Nothing wrong with that! My first exposure to Luffy was through the One Piece dub, so it just kind of stuck with me. I won't deny there are actors that could have worked just as well if not better, but Colleen does such an amazing job with the part that I can't complain.
said at 7:08 PM on Sat Nov 19 2016
 1 Shout Out!
I read the manga up to little island before taking a break, this series is fairly good if I think the battles to character sections were a bit uneven at times(although it might just be Shonen cliche by now) but I think once in awhile someone other than Luffy should deal with the main baddy of the arc especially in the Kuro arc which honestly I think had wasted potential

As for the voice acting, Japanese is AWESOME for most of it and I like certain touches that were lost in some of the dub(though weirdly some of the performances were present in the 4Kids dub only like Arlong's dramatic flair)

Odex well... usually they are closer to Animax quality in voices, poor acting, a bit blandish voices but passable enough but here there's quite a lot of cringe inducing voices particularly Luffy, Ms Valentines Day, Usopp's first voice and Krieg's but there were a few good sprinkled every now and then

4Kids, I have a love hate for this dub, I really dig a lot of the voices especially villains, 4Kids really know how to make them unique and memorable and can take subtle hints though they too had their stinkers like Tashigi and Yasopp but the translation was really extremely censored like their later Pokemon dub and Mew Mew Power but the PS2/Gamecube games redeemed them... if only they had a better ADR...

And that leaves us with Funimation, I know almost everyone loves it, it was more faithful than 4Kids without the weird voices that bogged Odex but I'm kinda love hate with this too they didn't sanitize the show but sometimes there are places they tried to be more edgy instead and I don't like it at all, the voice acting was mostly solid but some of the more notable villains particularly Arlong and Crocodile just sounds so booooooring and this was something 4Kids was very good at
said at 4:34 PM on Mon Dec 5 2016
@HienFan "(though weirdly some of the performances were present in the 4Kids dub only like Arlong's dramatic flair)"

Keep in mind that, while Toei did cast the FUNimation Straw Hats, their main characters were more left to FUNi on their own. I *think* that Toei had more input on the actual *casting* of the 4Kids dub than they did on FUNi's, so some of the performances may be closer to the Japanese VAs than FUNi's dub.

But obviously overall this is overloaded by the fact of 4Kids' serious misdirection/rewrites/music replacement.
said at 4:36 AM on Tue Feb 21 2017
@huzaifa_ahmed That explains some terms like the infamous Zolo...

I wonder how it would have been if Toei had more reins in Funimation voice cast maybe I would appreciate it more and not watch it subbed, I have NEVER been a person to like joining in bandwagons, I like to think in a lot of broader factors(heck I like the old dub for Sailor Moon for their voice acting though some translation at times was a bit weird) the way I see it 4Kids had weird translations in the anime but it wasn't ALL bad there were still genuinely good factors and that counts for Funimation too as popular as it is
said at 10:40 AM on Tue Feb 21 2017
@HienFan "Zolo" is an interesting term that wasnt 4Kids' intention, but simply an issue of the "Zorro" copyright. Japan IME seems to take less issue w/copyrighted American works...Another thing to note is that the 4Kids One Piece dub has become a meme - there are tons of people (usually I'd say under-18s at this point) who simply came upon OP through the Japanese version on the Internet, & arent really interested in a dub, but found a piece of fandom history. As much as fans praise FUNi's licensing (in the context of "saved from 4Kids"), there are loads of uneducated people who either A. think the current dub is by 4Kids. or B. think the dub is crap when compared to the DBZ *Arthur clenches fist meme* "dub".

This makes conversation regarding dubs rather unpleasant. Although thankfully the approval of the OP dub in the subReddit is at least above-average. Probably, if the FUNi dub somehow became current &/or aired closely on TV, people'd be more receptive to it. From a business perspective, dubs are an extra cost, & a necessary evil for the sake of exposure. Obviously, if they can get wide exposure (say, through Crunchyroll today) without need for TV deals or dubs...that's a plus for them. They'd rather *not* have to do dubs.

From my perspective, while dubs are inherently a compromise (though extent depends on the dub ofc) *makes the experience more friendly* that's why stories are told in the language of the audience, like how Yuri on Ice or Metal Gear are JP recordings for IRL Western setting. You can do something like Resident Evil or Kill Bill (or releasing Yakuza subbed for artistic purposes), but as cool as that is, you've got to have that bulk of an audience & that's super-rare. & while OP is possibly a franchise deserving of's Toei. They rarely, if ever, care that much.
said at 9:22 PM on Tue Feb 21 2017
@huzaifa_ahmed I meant that you can see that term even in the more accepted FUnimation and Viz manga(or that some terms 4Kids had were also in the latter but not the former)

Thing about 4Kids dub is that far as I'm concern that's how I even got to the series and I am sure that's how people found out about it in general

Toei I thought was a strange company as a whole, I wonder how it would went if IG had did the entire series, not just that Ganzack OVA
said at 2:18 PM on Sat Nov 5 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
Yohoho, he took a bite of gum gum.
said at 11:04 AM on Sat Oct 15 2016
 4 Shout Outs!
In my mind, the One Piece anime is kinda average simply because the dragged out pacing often dulls the impact that the source material has. The manga is definitely one of the best shounens out there, but after Water 7, the anime pacing slowed to a halt to milk it as much as possible without having to do much filler.

Despite this, voice acting in both English (Funimation) and Japanese is great. I slightly prefer some of the English voices, and I think Funimation does a pretty stellar job from the parts I've heard.
said at 3:58 AM on Sat Oct 8 2016
 7 Shout Outs!
(After watching 4Kids dub as a 11 year old)
Me: Yay! They defeated Arlong! Now to rescue Bellmere... They're leaving the island? Where is Bellemere?

(Watching the FUNi dub years later)
Me: Okay now Arlong will put her in the dungeon and...
said at 12:00 PM on Thu Sep 15 2016
 1 Shout Out!
Confirmed! FUNimation is busy recording the New World stuff!
said at 8:21 AM on Tue Sep 27 2016
@itsmedeadpool Wait a minute. This is One Piece: Heart of Gold they're recording. Guess we'll know earlier who's voicing Gild Tesoro in the Dub.
said at 2:41 AM on Fri Sep 9 2016
People do moan about TPC Pokemon a lot but keep on forgetting that One Peice has 3 bad dubs which are bad in different ways.

1 is censored bad, 1 is plain dreadful all round and 1 is just only mid par voice acting.

Funimation and Unofficial subbed versions only for me all the voices are fitting, the story is great, it's all round fun with darkness, completely uncensored, exactly what One Peice should be.

I guess if I were to pick a least bad dub thats so bad it's good rather than plain bad or dreadful it's the one by the same people as my preferred subbed experience Funimation of course.
said at 3:50 AM on Fri Sep 9 2016
@TEOL Well I respect your opinion, but I will always prefer the Funimation dub. I tend not to agree with the voices in the Japanese versions for Toei series'. Especially for Goku and Franky. But that doesn't stop me from watching the Japanese version. Well except for Dragon Ball Z/GT/Z Kai/Super/end of Ball.
said at 5:38 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
@Ichigo341578926 er... I won't get myself involved in Goku argue, but what's wrong with Franky's voice? Not to mention that it's not Toei's choice. Character himself was created by the author with Kazuki Yao's voice in mind
said at 10:28 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
@AntonKutovoi I'm most certain that the whole me not agreeing with the casting in the Japanese versions of Toei series' is more coincidence then Toei's fault. But as to Franky's voice I feel it's too goofy. Like they took the appearance and just left that out as a factor when casting him instead of giving him a goofy but still strong sounding voice. Also, whenever it gets to a serious scene with Franky in the Japanese version It's hard to take seriously when he sounds like that and it end up killing the scene for me. And it's not like with Pica where they at least acknowledged that their voice was weird either. Also I feel Japan casts Kazuki Yao as stronger looking characters way more than necessary. Especially since I don't think he's well suited for them. I mean I'm willing to give him roles like Sidoh in Death Note,
Zamielmon in Digimon Fusion, Yoki in Fullmetal Alchemist, Kao in Inuyasha: the Final Act, Mr. 2 Bon Clay and Jango, or Stinger in Zoids: Chaotic Century. But other roles like Franky I just don't think he's suited for.
said at 11:39 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
@Ichigo341578926 but Kazuki Yao was not casted as Franky. Franky was created specifically for Kazuki Yao.
said at 11:57 AM on Tue Sep 20 2016
@AntonKutovoi Then that makes me find the casting even weirder. Why would Eichiro Oda do that and not acknowledge that he's supposed to have a goofy voice? And I'll still never agree with it by the way. It sounded wrong when I first heard it three years ago, and it still sounds wrong to me know. And I'm just going to mention this I heard his Japanese voice first. So it's not a matter of me having heard the English voice and didn't like the Japanese because I was comparing the two.
said at 2:54 AM on Wed Jun 22 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
I really love the Funimation dub! ^_^
said at 5:43 PM on Mon Jun 20 2016
 7 Shout Outs!
Honestly, I'd probably be more interested in watching this show if it wasn't OVER 700 EPISODES LONG.

I might be able to handle it if I discovered it at a much earlier time (and by that I mean more than 2 years ago), but man it's just too much for me.
said at 3:52 AM on Wed Jun 22 2016
@Zillah Yeah that's one of the reasons why I've never particularly commented to watching it fully either. Kinda wish I didn't drop out of watching it a few years back but oh well.
said at 7:28 PM on Tue Jun 28 2016
@Zillah When it comes to long shows, my method of watching them is to do so by arcs. Watch up to the point you get tired, then take a break, and tackle another story arc or two when you feel up to it. It takes a while, but it's a lot less overwhelming. And if you stick to the FUNimation dub, that's close to 300 less episodes to worry about. The FUNimation dub has a slower release rate too, which also helps.
said at 1:47 PM on Mon Jul 4 2016
@1dbad Honestly, I grew up reading the comics, which are straight-up just a better medium for this story, & even though I stopped at volume 30 back then(now at 48, there are like 75 volumes)'s a helluva lot easier than watching the show.

There's just so much Dragon Ball Z-like dragging out of the animated series (they also reuse sound effects, because cheap Toei)...IMO it's just prefereable to read the comics.
said at 11:21 PM on Mon Jul 4 2016
@huzaifa_ahmed Understandable. I actually think an animated medium works well for the story, because the music, voice acting, etc. all adds to the experience for me. That said however, I am starting to see what you mean. I'm up to Enies Lobby now, and there's a very noticeable difference in how they're adapting the series now. Recaps are longer than ever, and we're even getting filler/flashback episodes mid-story. Toei's adaptation has never been perfect, but they used to do a lot better job.

I have yet to read the manga, but I definitely plan to do so. I am curious to see how my opinion will change once I do that. (and I'm looking forward to seeing the differences)
Shaun Ince
said at 3:51 PM on Tue Sep 20 2016
@Zillah I believe TOEI & Oda to an extent is to blame for why it's so long. One Piece moves at a snail pace and most of it feels like filler. It's enough to turn people off from One Piece. That's its major flaw.
said at 3:26 PM on Sun Oct 9 2016
@Zillah You could maybe check out the comics? They themselves are over 70 volumes, but it's still faster to read a volume than it is to watch a DVD's worth of episodes.
said at 3:30 PM on Sun Oct 9 2016
@Shaun Ince If Japan ran more by seasons & didn't treat the OP anime as mere advertisement for the comics, then we would have considerably better pacing.

As it is (I only saw the early 300's episodes), the recaps are over 6 minutes including the intro even more than that. & one chapter of the comics covers a whole 20-minute episode.

Which could be much better. The filler is also occasionally enjoyable, but really the whole system is flawed. Maybe someday we get a One Piece Kai - I can only dream.
said at 9:38 PM on Wed May 11 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
Never seen the show, but my opinions on the dubs based on clips:

4Kids: Some good voices on side characters, but the others..... not so much.

Funimation: Excellent as always, but some characters are a little bland.

Odex: 0_0
said at 9:34 AM on Wed May 18 2016
@GreenGoblin75 I advise you watch Funimation dubs, they are way more faithful to the series than 4Kids ever did, and their writing are really childish and unfunny at best and each scenes has been watered down and not to mention that these voice actors don't even act close to respective characters.
said at 10:41 AM on Wed May 4 2016
 1 Shout Out!
To whoever runs this page, just found out Eva Christensen was the voice of "Miss New Years Eve" (Miss Doublefinger) in the 4Kids dub, NOT Erica confirmed by herself!
TylerMirage (Admin)
said at 12:27 PM on Wed May 4 2016

"Note: We're aware some pages are incomplete. Image hunting takes time. Please request credit additions here:

Constructive criticism is fine. Blatant negativity, insulting, spamming, trolling, slandering or doxing is not. Comment removal or member banning can occur at BTVA's discretion."
said at 3:26 AM on Sun Jan 24 2016
 4 Shout Outs!
So glad that Funimation is dubbing this. 2015 has seen some great casting choices IMO.

The 4kids version just had a ridiculous amount of stupid dialogue and editing. At least there were some (IMO) good voices, but the damage was too noticeable. It doesn't really help that One Piece isn't really a kiddie kind of anime.

And of course, Odex. They didn't do any silly editing, but the voice work could get really messy and unpolished.

I'm just glad Funi is doing the dubbing at the end of the day.
said at 10:34 PM on Sat May 7 2016
@Fulgore2005 4Kids had three games that were okay so it wasn't all flop for them to be fair
said at 6:11 PM on Sat Dec 19 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Is it wrong I agree with this guy?

I admit Kaya, Zoro, Nami, Gol D. Roger, and a few others had decent voices, but a vast majority of the cast was so terrible here, I still think 4Kids was awful with OP- I'm glad FUNimation have the dub license, personally.

Oh, and I guess the 4Kids version isn't the worst, because we have Odex where almost everyone is miscast:
said at 6:21 PM on Sat Dec 19 2015
You should see Odex later on, folks:
said at 6:30 AM on Tue Dec 1 2015
Oh my god! Shiki's making a guest apperence & Funimation's also brought back Scott McNeil to reprise his role!
said at 7:50 PM on Fri Nov 27 2015
Wow they're actually catching up a bit
The Ear of One
said at 10:41 PM on Tue Jun 30 2015
 2 Shout Outs!
and so the Supernovs are finally casted. gotta say I am suprised that in the end the Two mor famous Characters got well known actors. usally not Funi style
the biggest suprise is DC Douglas though, this looks awesome.
said at 2:48 PM on Mon Jun 29 2015
 6 Shout Outs!
OMG!! DC Douglas in Funimation's One Piece! Who would have thought?
The Ear of One
said at 9:37 AM on Wed Jun 10 2015
weell funi had everything with this, until they lost the right for songs. there I said it. I am well aware the origanl songs are badass. but they should not have dubbed them at the begining if they would ose the rigth for the others in future. thats just cruel. and not even a explanation on why.
otehr then that Funi does a good jobb.
said at 5:16 PM on Thu Jun 11 2015
@The-Ear-of-One Not just that they did a good job, they cautiously did a great job.
The Ear of One
said at 1:46 AM on Sat Jun 13 2015
@SteelEthlan glad I am not the only one that agree with that. granted some Youtube Singers do good Fandubs of the songs but I am demanding for more.
I really wanted the Funi to keep doing the songs, and still no explaination on why not.
said at 12:04 PM on Fri Jun 26 2015
@The Ear of One I thought it had something to do with the whole 4kids fiasco thing? Not sure.
Though, It's not like they were going to purposely lose the rights in the beginning, it's just something that happened and they couldn't fix it. So don't be too mad. It's better than for them to lose the ENTIRETY of the show.
The Ear of One
said at 11:25 PM on Sat Jun 27 2015
@LukasLot well yeah that is true. but I still will lament that the songs stopped to dub. the dub had everything, until then. they never even said why!
but as Funi has the right for dubbing, and continue to deliver it is as you say. better then nothing.
said at 9:07 AM on Sat Aug 29 2015
@The Ear of One It's because of the record label changing business practices, nothing to do with the choices FUNimation made.

It's not just here, though, EVERY country I know of that was dubbing the openings went back to Japanese.
The Ear of One
said at 9:05 AM on Sun Aug 30 2015
@Fortenium well still sad. but nothing can do about it. I will simply enjoy what they brought and bring in the dub for now.
said at 11:46 PM on Sat May 30 2015
Sheesh FUNimation had a long way to catch up so many episodes only to audition many variety of voice actors and actress carefully.....
said at 11:55 PM on Sat May 30 2015
@SteelEthlan Other than that, i appreciate the fact that FUNimation can easily pick up where 4kids left off and they are going for the translation for professions on their own which it was a sweet touch.
The Ear of One
said at 9:37 AM on Wed Jun 10 2015
@SteelEthlan its a little amazing that many character get mostly unknown actors. they get a chance to shine. and it works too
said at 7:06 AM on Sat Mar 14 2015
I'm going to stir sooo much controversy but vocalwise I like the 4Kids dub the most, censorship aside. It's really too bad they never had an uncut version aside from a video game
said at 7:02 AM on Sun Apr 26 2015
@Sharkssmart Knew this would happen, the moment I say anything good of the 4Kids voices it's gonna happen, apparently the only right way to see this show is soooo Funimation X9000!!!, they're so godly with every single role yeah sure

Sorry but it's my opinion, I even prefer the Japanese audio over Funimation(And 4Kids but everyone else hates it)
said at 8:36 AM on Sun May 10 2015
@HienFan While I don't entirely agree, I do think there are a few performances from the 4Kids dub that I prefer over the Funimation dub. The two biggest ones for me are J. David Brimmer as Crocodile and Marc Thompson as Don Krieg.
said at 6:01 AM on Mon May 11 2015
@VocalChameleon There were some voices I like in Funimation mind you, but there were some faults in that dub as well like Crocodile here, but liking voice work and the quality of the actual dub are very separate issues
said at 11:43 PM on Sat May 30 2015
@HienFan It's no problem though it's your opinion i can respect that but, i can't help but feel like FUNImation made One Piece from what it was for me with no kid-ish censorship (As you mentioned), nor corny and silly other things that 4kids have, instead it had both comedic and action-y type that was really executed right (Even though i hadn't seen full part of it yet) but i don't know it's just me.
said at 10:28 PM on Wed Jun 3 2015
@SteelEthlan I know what you mean and let me tell you I do not support censorship(if I did I'd like the Nelvana's Cardcaptor Sakura but I don't and the voices doesn't help) but I was mostly on voices, I thought some of the more notable cast in the Funimation dub of this series sounds like they were playing it too safe(while 4Kids did have a few miscast they were a bit more creative on voices)

Also 4kids did get to voice three video games which were less edited than the actual anime helps
said at 7:02 PM on Thu Jun 4 2015
@HienFan I'm well aware, and it doesn't change the fact that they were going for their own professional ways and i'm appreciated for any of them for letting these voice actors that worked for FUNimation themselves to go wherever they want to if they would match it up to the Japanese voice actors and actresses (Aka Seiyus) for me anyways.

Also, good point.
said at 9:57 PM on Thu Jun 4 2015
@SteelEthlan Well as I said on the individual pages there are still some voices(almost half of the compare) Funimation did better partly because... some of the 4Kids voices were kinda goofy(I don't need to say anything about Tashigi) but you know, though Funimation really need to catch up they still haven't even reached the Amazon island yet
said at 10:12 AM on Fri Jan 5 2018
I strongly disagree. I can't take most of the voices from the 4Kids dub seriously. A lot of the roles are miscast, imo.
said at 1:38 AM on Mon Aug 18 2014
 1 Shout Out!
What's the name of the opening playing at the moment? It's pretty catchy

Narrators don't get comparisons but my favourites would be Mahito>Joe>Bill>Eric
Jackson_H (Admin)
said at 7:09 AM on Mon Aug 18 2014

Opening 6 "BRAND NEW WORLD" by D-51

Enies Lobby Arc
said at 10:13 PM on Mon Aug 18 2014
@Jackson_H Thank you
said at 12:41 PM on Tue Aug 19 2014
@HienFan Look, you need knocking off with this worthless comment, even my head starting to hurt. :/
said at 10:03 AM on Sat Aug 9 2014
The funny thing is, as a kid when the 4Kids dub was airing, I absolutely hated this show and would go immediately back to watching 4Kids' Pokemon and YGO dubs, but when the FUNimation dub started on CN in 2007, One Piece began to really pique my interest-- in particular, I was shocked at how much I actually liked Usopp and Sanji, whereas before I loathed them and they annoyed me: tbh, FUNimation's dub was a big factor as to how I got into OP in the first place.

Though looking back, as much as I despise the 4Kids' dub of OP (I'm not even a 4Kids hater, either: heck, I think 4Kids did a fantastic job with Pokemon, and the show has never been the same for me since TPCi took over), there are some good voices in that dub among all the crap and it's kind of hilarious watching it if you think about it as an abridged parody and not as an actual dub.
Music Meister (Moderator)
said at 11:24 AM on Tue Mar 4 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
While I'm not super far in the series (i wathed back in the 4KIDS days then watched when it was briefly on Toonami before it got canned and now im watching it on Toonami again) I always liked that characters have interesting powers. You get your typical 'super strength, speed, ect' but Luffy's powers aren't your typical powers and he gets creative with them and so many have unquie and interesting abilities that are done in a creative way.
said at 2:52 PM on Sun Oct 26 2014
@Music Meister Keep watching, the powers get zanier and it's fantastic. It's a strong point of the series: the immense creativity.
said at 8:13 PM on Mon Mar 3 2014
For some reason I prefer the days when all three dubs are around the most.
said at 11:13 AM on Tue Mar 4 2014
@HienFan Huh?
said at 2:34 AM on Fri Mar 14 2014
@Metabad East Blue and Alabasta.

Odex was the first to end around Alabasta, 4Kids was canned around the Eneru arc, the arc around Alabasta are the ones I loved the best
said at 2:06 AM on Mon Jun 9 2014
@HienFan Ahh okay.
said at 11:46 AM on Fri Oct 11 2013
 1 Shout Out!
I used to love this series. But now look at it. It's got a TON of characters to fill in the overwrought plot! It just ain't what it used to be...
said at 1:34 PM on Sat Oct 12 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus I still think oda does a good job of balancing his characters and the current arc has been damn good in the manga
said at 10:08 PM on Sat Oct 12 2013
@Seandream91 That's what most fans will say. I'm not convinced.
said at 8:15 PM on Sun Oct 13 2013
@Galactic_Cyrus only going off what I've watched and read
said at 9:05 PM on Thu Aug 2 2012
The show didn't go off the off the air in 2008. It should have said ongoing because they are still making new episodes in 2012.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 9:26 PM on Thu Aug 2 2012
@Anthonyiscool64 But they're straight-to-video, so it did in fact go off the air in 2008.
said at 8:55 AM on Mon Aug 6 2012
@NCZ I'm sorry, it's just that I went on Wikipedia and I saw a season 14 list of One Piece episodes from 2010 to 2012. Sorry.
said at 1:59 PM on Tue Apr 17 2012
 3 Shout Outs!
FUNimation is great dubbing One Piece. They have great voices for each character, keeping the anime almost 100% accurate, they don't edited out the good stuff, and they kept the original musics also for openings and endings but changed the lyrics
OptimusSolo (Admin)
said at 11:37 PM on Fri Jun 11 2010
@zachlogan just a word to the wise man, maybe you should explore a little more before laying out accusations. Did you even click on the multiple views available at the top like 'credits' voice cast' or side by side? Probably not huh? Yeah, I am guessing you just hit play by the sound clips and assumed the one that played by default was the only one we had. Maybe you should have clicked through the right hand column where we have voice compares of many of the characters that include almost all the different actors that have done each role....
said at 11:53 PM on Tue Feb 5 2013
@OptimusSolo Oh thank god you pointed those out! For the first 92 episodes, I've been weeding through the 3-5 voice actors that were listed for each character, until I found the one that VAs for funimation. It was getting so old! Glad I can hit side-by-side and get to see the funimation voice actors, instead of clicking the character and seeing 5 voice actors, without being told which is the right one
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