Maris the Chojo (1994)

Anime OVA (Original Video Animation) | 2D Animation | Action, Comedy, Science Fiction

Maris the Chojo
Voice Director: Michael Bakewell

US Release: Jul 11, 1994
Japan Release: May 21, 1986

Animation Studio: Pierrot
Voice Production: World Wide Group

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Franchise: Rumik World

Intergalactic Space Patrol Lieutenant Maris and her partner Murphy might be effective at foiling ne'er-do-wells, but Maris' Thanatosian blood and resultant superhuman strength render her a human wrecking ball. With damages always exceeding earnings, Maris sees the chance of a lifetime when assigned to rescue the kidnapped son of a billionaire. However, the kidnapper is Maris' old rival from her pro wrestling days.

This 49-minute OVA was originally released in English by Central Park Media under their U.S. Manga Corps label--initially on sub-only VHS under its original title The Supergal before being changed to Maris the Chojo for their sub-only LD and dubbed VHS releases. The English dub was first released in the UK by Manga Video on dub-only VHS on July 11, 1994--under the title Maris the Wondergirl.

Maris the Chojo Maris the Chojo Cast

Voice Actors on BTVA: 13
Characters on BTVA: 8

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