Kishin Corps (1994)

Anime OVA (Original Video Animation) | 2D Animation | Action, Adventure, Robot/Mecha

Kishin Corps
Voice Director: Sarah-Anne Dafoe

US Release: Dec 14, 1994 - May 1995
Japan Release: Mar 25, 1993 - Aug 25, 1994

Animation Studio: AIC
Voice Production: Ocean Group

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As World War 2 breaks out, alien invaders appear on Earth with unknown motives. The Axis powers seek to acquire their advanced extraterrestrial technology for their own ends. Trying to stop them is the independent group known as the Kishin Corps, there to safeguard humanity from this new threat.

This 7 episode OVA was originally released in English by Pioneer Entertainment on LaserDisc and VHS.

Kishin Corps Kishin Corps Cast

Voice Actors on BTVA: 58
Characters on BTVA: 43

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Main Kishin Corps Cast

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