Voice Directors: Karl Willems, Teri Snelgrove

US Release: Aug 31, 2002 - 2006
Japan Release: Oct 16, 2000 - 2004

Animation Studio: Sunrise

Popularity: 41st All Time, 57th This Week

Franchise: InuYasha
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
InuYasha InuYasha Cast

Characters On BTVA: 173   |  Sound Clips: 50

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Kikyo voice Kikyo voiced by 
Willow Johnson
Jaken voice Jaken voiced by 
Don Brown
Rin voice Rin voiced by 
Brenna O'Brien
Myoga voice Myoga voiced by 
Paul Dobson
Kagura voice Kagura voiced by 
Janyse Jaud
Kanna voice Kanna voiced by 
Janyse Jaud
Koga voice Koga voiced by 
Scott McNeil
Kaede voice Kaede voiced by 
Pam Hyatt
Hachi voice Hachi voiced by 
Terry Klassen
Totosai voiceTotosai voiced by 
Richard Newman
Eri voiceEri voiced by 
Saffron Henderson
Yuka voiceYuka voiced by 
Jillian Michaels
Ayumi voiceAyumi voiced by 
Cathy Weseluck
Bankotsu voiceBankotsu voiced by 
Matt Hill
Jakotsu voiceJakotsu voiced by 
Jenn Forgie
Ginkotsu voiceGinkotsu voiced by 
Mark Gibbon
Mukotsu voiceMukotsu voiced by 
Trevor Devall
Kyokotsu voiceKyokotsu voiced by 
Mark Gibbon
Ginta voiceGinta voiced by 
Paul Dobson
Hojo voiceHojo voiced by 
Matt Smith
Mushin voiceMushin voiced by 
Alec Willows
Onigumo voiceOnigumo voiced by 
Paul Dobson
Jinenji voiceJinenji voiced by 
Michael Dobson
Royakan voiceRoyakan voiced by 
Colin Murdock
Goryomaru voiceGoryomaru voiced by 
Ross Douglas
Ayame voiceAyame voiced by 
Natalie Walters
Goshinki voiceGoshinki voiced by 
Michael Kopsa
Muso voiceMuso voiced by 
Brian Dobson
Hiten voiceHiten voiced by 
Andrew Francis
Manten voiceManten voiced by 
Alvin Sanders
Shuuran voiceShuuran voiced by 
Scott Logie
Toran voiceToran voiced by 
Alison Matthews
Hosenki voiceHosenki voiced by 
Dave Pettitt
Buyo voice
creature voice
Buyo voiced by 
Richard Ian Cox
Abi voiceAbi voiced by 
Teryl Rothery
Tekkei voiceTekkei voiced by 
Linda Darlow
Asuka voiceAsuka voiced by 
Chantal Strand
Kocho voiceKocho voiced by 
Katie Chapman
Mimisenri voiceMimisenri voiced by 
David Kaye
Suzaku voiceSuzaku voiced by 
Andrew Toth
Byakko voiceByakko voiced by 
Michael Kopsa
Seiryu voiceSeiryu voiced by 
Colin Murdock
Genbu voiceGenbu voiced by 
Trevor Devall
Gozu voiceGozu voiced by 
Michael Kopsa
Mezu voiceMezu voiced by 
Jason Simpson

Guest Stars

Izayoi voiceIzayoi voiced by 
Alaina Burnett
Nobunaga voiceNobunaga voiced by 
Brad Swaile
Shiori voiceShiori voiced by 
Nicole Bouma
Suzuna voiceSuzuna voiced by 
Brittney Wilson
Mayu voiceMayu voiced by 
Chantal Strand
Kokichi voiceKokichi voiced by 
Cathy Weseluck
Satoru voiceSatoru voiced by 
Cathy Weseluck
Seikai voiceSeikai voiced by 
Ron Halder
Koharu voiceKoharu voiced by 
Brittney Irvin
Hakushin voiceHakushin voiced by 
Hiro Kanagawa
Bokuseno voiceBokuseno voiced by 
John Murphy
Bunza voiceBunza voiced by 
Cathy Weseluck
Hitomi voiceHitomi voiced by 
Nicole Bouma
Izumo voiceIzumo voiced by 
Lee Tockar
Kawaramaru voiceKawaramaru voiced by 
Ward Perry
Koyuki voiceKoyuki voiced by 
Patricia Drake
Satsuki voiceSatsuki voiced by 
Caroline Chan
Shoga voiceShoga voiced by 
Brian Dobson
Botan voiceBotan voiced by 
Nicole Bouma
Serina voiceSerina voiced by 
Anna Cummer
Tesso voiceTesso voiced by 
Peter New
Tokajin voiceTokajin voiced by 
Sam Vincent
Enju voiceEnju voiced by 
Rebecca Shoichet
Gyu-Oh voiceGyu-Oh voiced by 
Lee Tockar
Chokyukai voiceChokyukai voiced by 
Peter New
Gakusanjin voiceGakusanjin voiced by 
David Kaye
Garamaru voiceGaramaru voiced by 
Mark Oliver
Shima voiceShima voiced by 
Kelly Metzger
Gon voiceGon voiced by 
Sam Vincent
Bun voiceBun voiced by 
Andrew Toth
Ken voiceKen voiced by 
Cathy Weseluck
Kisuke voiceKisuke voiced by 
Clay St Thomas
Ungai voiceUngai voiced by 
John Novak
Shinsen voiceShinsen voiced by 
John Murphy
Shako voiceShako voiced by 
Trevor Devall
Ippo voiceIppo voiced by 
Mike Coleman
Jippo voiceJippo voiced by 
Rebecca Shoichet
Sanpo voiceSanpo voiced by 
Cathy Weseluck
Shiho voiceShiho voiced by 
Terry Klassen
Kanta voiceKanta voiced by 
Sharon Alexander
Ongokuki voiceOngokuki voiced by 
Ward Perry



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