High School DxD HERO

High School DxD HERO
Voice Director: Jad Saxton

US Release: May 01, 2018 - Jul 24, 2018
Japan Release: Apr 10, 2018 - Jul 03, 2018

Animation Studio: Passione

Popularity: 599th All Time, 250th This Week

Franchise: High School DxD
Genres: Fantasy, Mature
  • Episode 0 replaces episodes 9-12 of High School DxD BorN which were primarily filler (non-canon) material
High School DxD HERO High School DxD HERO Cast

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The Cast

Koneko Tojo voiceKoneko Tojo voiced by 
Jad Saxton
Xenovia voiceXenovia voiced by 
Lauren Landa
Azazel voiceAzazel voiced by 
Phil Parsons
Albion voiceAlbion voiced by 
Mark Fickert
Bikou voiceBikou voiced by 
Dave Trosko
Kunou voiceKunou voiced by 
Sarah Wiedenheft
Orphis voiceOrphis voiced by 
Megan Shipman
Yasaka voiceYasaka voiced by 
Janelle Lutz
Matsuda voiceMatsuda voiced by 
Tyson Rinehart
Katase voiceKatase voiced by 
Yui Ogura
Connla voiceConnla voiced by 
Orion Pitts
Leonardo voiceLeonardo voiced by 
Airi Otsu
Vritra voiceVritra voiced by 
Toshiki Iwasawa
Georg voiceGeorg voiced by 
Sho Nogami
Heracles voiceHeracles voiced by 
Jun Kasama
Belzard voiceBelzard voiced by 
Yutaka Aoyama
Sun Wukong voiceSun Wukong voiced by 
Yu-Long voiceYu-Long voiced by 
Yuuki Arai
Misla Bael voiceMisla Bael voiced by 
Airi Otsu
Butler voiceButler voiced by 
Takehiro Hasu
Lirenkus voiceLirenkus voiced by 
Asuna Tomari
Hades voiceHades voiced by 
Masuo Amada


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