Hamatora: The Animation

Hamatora: The Animation
Voice Director: Christopher Ayres

US Release: Sep 22, 2015
Japan Release: Jan 07, 2014 - Mar 25, 2014

Popularity: 1,241st All Time, 892nd This Week

Franchise: Hamatora
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama
Hamatora: The Animation Hamatora: The Animation Cast

Characters On BTVA: 50

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The Cast

Nice voiceNice voiced by 
Adam Gibbs
Murasaki voiceMurasaki voiced by 
David Wald
Hajime voiceHajime voiced by 
Christina Kelly
Art voiceArt voiced by 
Leraldo Anzaldua
Birthday voiceBirthday voiced by 
Blake Shepard
Ratio voiceRatio voiced by 
Andrew Love
Gasuke voiceGasuke voiced by 
Luis Galindo
Koneko voiceKoneko voiced by 
Nancy Novotny
Master voiceMaster voiced by 
Carl Masterson
Three voiceThree voiced by 
George Manley
Moral voiceMoral voiced by 
Chris Patton
Momoka voiceMomoka voiced by 
Carli Mosier
Mao voiceMao voiced by 
Mike Yager
Theo voiceTheo voiced by 
Greg Ayres
Rei voiceRei voiced by 
Juliet Simmons
Weight voiceWeight voiced by 
Rob Mungle
Azusa voiceAzusa voiced by 
Cara Duncan
Kojima voiceKojima voiced by 
Scott Gibbs
Nakata voiceNakata voiced by 
Jay Hickman
Minowa voiceMinowa voiced by 
Allison Sumrall
Chiyuu voiceChiyuu voiced by 
Kasi Hollowell
Misty voiceMisty voiced by 
Katelyn Barr
Torao voiceTorao voiced by 
Kisho Taniyama
Ooki voiceOoki voiced by 
Ned Gayle
Aragaki voiceAragaki voiced by 
Scott Gibbs
Masayoshi voiceMasayoshi voiced by 
John Swasey



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