Gun X Sword

Gun X Sword
US Release: May 23, 2006
Japan Release: Jul 04, 2005 - 2005

Animation Studio: AIC

Popularity: 881st All Time, 1,543rd This Week

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction
Gun X Sword Gun X Sword Cast

Characters On BTVA: 44

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The Cast

Van voiceVan voiced by 
David Vincent
Wendy voiceWendy voiced by 
Stephanie Sheh
Ray voiceRay voiced by 
Liam O'Brien
Carmen99 voiceCarmen99 voiced by 
Michelle Ruff
Bucci voiceBucci voiced by 
Taliesin Jaffe
Domingo voiceDomingo voiced by 
JB Blanc
Earl voiceEarl voiced by 
Erica Shaffer
Elle voiceElle voiced by 
Kirsten Potter
Franco voiceFranco voiced by 
Doug Erholtz
Giovanni voiceGiovanni voiced by 
Kyle Hebert
Joe voiceJoe voiced by 
Patrick Seitz
Johanna voiceJohanna voiced by 
Sally Dana
Jose voiceJose voiced by 
Michael Forest
Klatt voiceKlatt voiced by 
Sam Riegel
Kujyo voiceKujyo voiced by 
Jason Miller
Manson voiceManson voiced by 
Lance J Holt
Marianne voiceMarianne voiced by 
Tara Platt
Marie voiceMarie voiced by 
Tara Platt
Nero voiceNero voiced by 
Michael Sorich
Priest voicePriest voiced by 
Doug Stone
The Claw voiceThe Claw voiced by 
Kirk Thornton
Viest voiceViest voiced by 
Joe Cappelletti
Wu voiceWu voiced by 
Dameon Clarke
Zakota voiceZakota voiced by 
Jason Miller
Vivian voiceVivian voiced by 
Kate Higgins



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