Voice Directors: Jack Cox, Karl Willems

US Release: Feb 01, 2017 - Feb 22, 2017
Japan Release: Apr 08, 2015 - Mar 30, 2016

Popularity: 3,386th All Time, 178th This Week

Franchise: Gintama
Genre: Comedy
The third series of Gintama.
Gintama° Gintama° Cast

Characters On BTVA: 140   |  Sound Clips: 87

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Main Gintama° Cast

Recurring Roles

Seita voice Seita voiced by 
Advah Soudack
Hinowa voice Hinowa voiced by 
Anna Cummer
Tama voice Tama voiced by 
Chantal Strand
Kamui voice Kamui voiced by 
Ryan Luhning
Abuto voice Abuto voiced by 
Andrew Cownden
Oboro voiceOboro voiced by 
Hiro Kanagawa
Tsukuo voice Tsukuo voiced by 
Kirby Morrow
Haji voice Haji voiced by 
Brittney Irvin

Guest Stars

Ham-san voiceHam-san voiced by 
Vincent Tong
Old Man voice Old Man voiced by 
Alec Willows
Asagi voice Asagi voiced by 
Marcy Goldberg
Bunny voiceBunny voiced by 
Chika Makihara
Otose (Male) voiceOtose (Male) voiced by 
Ghost voiceGhost voiced by 
Yurika Aizawa
Male Doctor voiceMale Doctor voiced by 
Kento Ito
Gran voiceGran voiced by 
Yuko Ueda
Ape Boy voice Ape Boy voiced by 
Paul Cowling
Sensei voiceSensei voiced by 
Cheryl McMaster
Takuma voice Takuma voiced by 
Lee Tockar
Ango voice Ango voiced by 
Vincent Tong
Cyclops voiceCyclops voiced by 
Scott McNeil
Takashi voiceTakashi voiced by 
Scott McNeil
Tomonosuke voiceTomonosuke voiced by 
Ron Halder
Mr. N voice Mr. N voiced by 
Fred Henderson
Boy voiceBoy voiced by 
Cole Howard
Utsuro voiceUtsuro voiced by 
Simon Hayama



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