Dragon Ball Z (1996)

Anime Series | 2D Animation | Action, Adventure, Fighting

Dragon Ball Z
Voice Directors: Barry Watson, Christopher Sabat, Karl Willems, Mike McFarland, Sarah-Anne Dafoe, Tyler Walker, Chris Cason (Assistant), Chuck Huber (Assistant), Justin Pate (Assistant), Kent Williams (Assistant), Zach Bolton (Assistant)

US Release: Sep 1996 - Mar 11, 2003
Japan Release: Apr 26, 1989 - Jan 31, 1996

Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Voice Productions: Crunchyroll, Ocean Group

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Franchise: Dragon Ball

This 291 episode TV series has two English dubs; use the dropdown menu below to toggle between them.

  • Ocean: Crunchyroll, then FUNimation, commissioned this dub of episodes 1-67, edited down to 53 episodes, and first released it via first-run television syndication in the fall of 1996. These episodes featured replacement music provided by Saban Entertainment who syndicated these episodes to television. Following Saban's exit from the syndication business, FUNimation sold the series to Cartoon Network to air on their Toonami block starting on August 31, 1998. FUNimation went on to dub future episodes in-house. Following a hiatus, an unknown entity commissioned Ocean to resume production from episode 123 to the end of the series. Serving as an international version, this dub was first released when episode 123 aired in early 2000 on a station in the Netherlands. On January 03, 2001, this dub debuted on the UK version of Cartoon Network's Toonami block, and in August of 2001, YTV in Canada would switch over to this dub from episode 168. The final episode of this dub was first released when it aired on the UK's CNX channel on February 28, 2003. Episodes 68-122 were never dubbed by Ocean. Produced for television, this dub is not uncut and changes all music in all episodes.
  • Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll, then FUNimation, produced a full series dub in-house. Starting from episode 68, this dub debuted on VHS on April 26, 1999 in uncut and edited tapes, and the final episode was first released via this VHS release on March 11, 2003. Eventually, episodes 1-67 were redubbed with episode 1 first released on DVD on April 12, 2005. Episode 67 was first released via an airing on Cartoon Network on October 10, 2005. Initial releases of this dub changed all the music, but future releases presented an option to watch every episode with the original music.

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