Dora and Friends: Into the City! CAST

Dora and Friends: Into the City!
US Release: Aug 18, 2014 - Ongoing

Popularity: 2,058th All Time, 553rd This Week

Franchise: Dora the Explorer
Dora and Friends: Into the City! Dora and Friends: Into the City! Cast

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The Cast

Dora voiceFatima Ptacek
Dora voiced by 
Fatima Ptacek
Alana voiceAshley Earnest
Alana voiced by 
Ashley Earnest
Kate voiceIsabela Moner
Kate voiced by 
Isabela Moner
Emma voiceKayta Thomas
Emma voiced by 
Kayta Thomas
Map App voiceMarc Weiner
Map App voiced by 
Marc Weiner
Cusco voiceLewis Grosso
Cusco voiced by 
Lewis Grosso
Abuela voiceMiriam Cruz
Abuela voiced by 
Miriam Cruz
Mami voiceEileen Galindo
Mami voiced by 
Eileen Galindo
Serpiente voiceAdam Sietz
Serpiente voiced by 
Adam Sietz
Jorge voiceJorge Vega
Jorge voiced by 
Jorge Vega
Dragon voiceFatima Ptacek
Dragon voiced by 
Fatima Ptacek
June voiceKiara Marte
June voiced by 
Kiara Marte
Wizard voiceSean Kenin
Wizard voiced by 
Sean Kenin
Cat voiceSean Kenin
Cat voiced by 
Sean Kenin
Mousey voiceDerek Sosa
Mousey voiced by 
Derek Sosa
Celia voiceJamie Cantone
Celia voiced by 
Jamie Cantone
Gate voiceChris Gifford
Gate voiced by 
Chris Gifford
Alarm voiceChris Gifford
Alarm voiced by 
Chris Gifford
Victor voiceGabe Saporta
Victor voiced by 
Gabe Saporta
Bunny voiceMiguel Cardona
Bunny voiced by 
Miguel Cardona
La Diva voiceMegan Hilty
La Diva voiced by 
Megan Hilty
Girl voiceJenna Iacono
Girl voiced by 
Jenna Iacono
Frogs voicePeter Lurye
Frogs voiced by 
Peter Lurye
Horses voicePeter Lurye
Horses voiced by 
Peter Lurye
Boy voiceAshton Woerz
Boy voiced by 
Ashton Woerz
Kids (3) voiceJorge Vega
Kids (3) voiced by 
Jorge Vega
Lulu voiceOlivia Coronel
Lulu voiced by 
Olivia Coronel
Piggy voiceEvelyn Guaman
Piggy voiced by 
Evelyn Guaman
Clownie voiceWilliam Poon
Clownie voiced by 
William Poon
Fishy voiceMiguel Cardona
Fishy voiced by 
Miguel Cardona
Kitty voiceOlivia Coronel
Kitty voiced by 
Olivia Coronel
Rico voiceAshley Earnest
Rico voiced by 
Ashley Earnest
Roja voiceIsabela Moner
Roja voiced by 
Isabela Moner
Lala voiceKayta Thomas
Lala voiced by 
Kayta Thomas
Plink voiceOlivia Coronel
Plink voiced by 
Olivia Coronel
Pinguino voiceKoda Gursoy
Pinguino voiced by 
Koda Gursoy
Sloth voiceSam Mercedes
Sloth voiced by 
Sam Mercedes
Boots voiceKoda Gursoy
Boots voiced by 
Koda Gursoy
Swiper voiceMarc Weiner
Swiper voiced by 
Marc Weiner
Benny voiceAidan Gemme
Benny voiced by 
Aidan Gemme
Isa voiceCeline Cardona
Isa voiced by 
Celine Cardona
Tico voiceJorge Vega
Tico voiced by 
Jorge Vega
Map voiceMarc Weiner
Map voiced by 
Marc Weiner
Bud voiceJohn Rocco
Bud voiced by 
John Rocco


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