Darling in the Franxx

Darling in the Franxx
Voice Director: Clifford Chapin

US Premiere: Feb 01, 2018
US Conclusion: Ongoing
Japan Premiere: Jan 13, 2018
Japan Conclusion: Jul 07, 2018

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 24

Animation Studio: Trigger

Popularity: 1,152nd All Time, 4th This Week

Characters on BTVA: 23
Darling in the Franxx Darling in the Franxx Cast
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said at 7:56 AM on Sun Jul 15 2018
Never have I ever come across a more polarizing anime as of late. Upon DARLING in the FRANXX getting announced, I was almost as excited as anyone else for it; Trigger have yet to truly let me down, and though skeptical of that studio's collaborating with A-1 Pictures (or CloverWorks), I still wanted to follow it however way I could. That said, I held off watching the project until it finished airing, but now that all 24 episodes *have* been seen...

DarliFra isn't some modern masterpiece, lemme preface my personal feelings by saying that much. The show's narrative and individual plot elements get real muddled come second cour, it takes itself way too seriously given the goofy premise, and a lot of the character designs aren't that appealing. Essentially DitF suffered from hype backlash.

However, that's not to say I didn't unironically have fun checking it out. It's one of those shows where my respect is greater than the love. When DitF devoted time to mecha action, I was engrossed; when the show depicted character development transpiring, I was interested (if disappointed by the end); and when the OP "Kiss of Death" played, I screamed in joy internally because that song's amazing. Speaking of, Asami Tachibana's score fits the general tone DarliFra aims for very well. No complaints there. The animation direction more often than not didn't hurt, either. The titular FRANXX also look kinda nice, as designed by Shigeto Koyama. One might recognize this man for having been involved in the likes of Star Driver, Eureka Seven, and Diebuster.

With all the subtlety of a clown pulling his willy out, DARLING in the FRANXX is a clearly flawed, yet intriguing series nevertheless. Not too sure whether I'd want a second season, though. Super strong 6/light 7 in general. My brain would rate this lower, but my heart says otherwise. It's thus far the worst thing Studio Trigger has participated in that I've watched, although not awful.

"Kiss me now!"
said at 3:11 PM on Tue Jul 3 2018
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I’ve been watching a lot of this show and so far I really love it. It’s easily one of Trigger’s best shows since Kill La Kill and it really shows. For a series that’s based around relationships it does a fantastic job at showing how complicated they can be and the plot in itself is enticing.

From what I’ve seen of the dub a part of me thinks I prefer it to the subtitled version. Clifford Chapin has been doing a fantastic job directing it and there’s not a single voice I have a gripe with (my only complaint is that I think that Hiro sounds a bit to deep but the chemistry that Matt had with Tia and Brittney makes up for it). Also funny how Bryson and Blake are somewhat of rivals here considering there roles in Food Wars. Now here’s to hoping it gets another season!
said at 4:50 AM on Tue Apr 17 2018
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Well would ya look at that?

Three Sentai actors for the price of one.
said at 10:34 PM on Mon Apr 16 2018
 5 Shout Outs!
Been watching and loving the dub. Clifford Chapin really has quickly become one of my favorite ADR directors.

Props to them for also getting Blake Shepard and Bryson Baugus! It's always nice when the Sentai regulars pop-up in simuldubs.
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