Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc
Voice Directors: Christopher Bevins, Christian La Monte (Temporary)

US Premiere: Aug 11, 2016
US Conclusion: Oct 20, 2016
Japan Premiere: Jul 14, 2016
Japan Conclusion: Sep 22, 2016

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 11

Animation Studio: Lerche

Popularity: 706th All Time, 139th This Week

Franchise: Danganronpa
Characters on BTVA: 47
Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc Cast
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said at 6:56 AM on Wed Apr 11 2018
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Probably my favourite cast of the Danganronpa dubs.

Really nice that FUNi got as much of the cast back as possible.

Too bad then that in terms of voice acting/directing side this wasn't exactly one of FUNi's best.
said at 2:28 AM on Sun May 27 2018
@RetroPokeFan Look this wasn't easy to dub. Tyler Walker said in a Reddit Q and A that when they recorded the dub for Tales of Zestiria the X, all the LA actors were directed by Christian La Monte. What they did was he asked Christian to send him the best three takes of each line so he can easily pick the line that will work the best with the flow.

I'm pretty sure Bevins here did the exact same thing for the Danganronpa dub. Considering that the cast almost entirely splits between Texas and LA actors, it only makes sense that there wasn't going to be enough time for Bevins to direct each LA actor one by one (even if he was going to direct each actor individually externally).
said at 5:41 PM on Fri Aug 25 2017
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The actors that really saved this dub for me were Marchi (her Junko was so much fun to listen to and she nailed the spilt personalities to a T), Frechies (He sounded exactly like his game counterpart), Clickerbend (her Chisa was perfect), and Briner (he somehow found a way to make Ryota into an even bigger Cinnamon Roll).

The others were decent and I even prefered some to their game counterparts (those being Ibuki, Junko and Akane), and I could tolerate some of the voices (Peko and Fuyuhiko). But the script was a bit of a mess...but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

However my only complaint is would be Tipton (who didn't appear here, but still failed for me). She didn't sound nearly as innocent as Leigh (I have no clue why they didn't get her back) and her performance fell a bit flat for me.
said at 8:17 AM on Thu Apr 27 2017
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I applaud the effort the Danganronpa 3 dub made to get as many of the original voice actors back to do the voices. As for the replacement voices, I don't mind them as much as others do. Brina Palencia slipped into the role of the rocker chick pretty well, Morgan Garrett and Aaron Dismuke did okay with what they were given and by god, Scott Frerichs absolutely killed it as Tanaka; perfect casting if there ever was one in this dub.

My biggest complaint is with Clarine Harp. I get trying to go for the stoic performance, but it just didn't sound interesting, and I blame that more on the voice direction more than anything. Christopher Bevins is quickly becoming one of my favorite ADR Directors at Funimation, but he could've done with a little extra time with Clarine to help make her character sound a little more interesting.
said at 1:53 PM on Mon Jan 2 2017
They made so many idiotic/terrible choices in casting that shadow over the good ones such as casting Jaimie Marchie (who did such an amazing job I could write a 3000 word essay about it) and keeping many of the amazing actors from the game in the same role in the anime.

However, I have to note that Peko's voice actress is an exact example of why people continue to say English dub is bad while ignoring the rest of the cast who did well.
For example; actors like Tanaka's, you could barely tell the difference between his voice and the original actor while others like Fuyuhiko's were noticeably different but performed very well and were equally suited to the role.

While J. Michael Tatum is my favorite voice actor, I did not see his voice fit for Jin Kirigiri and thought his voice would've suited someone like Kyosuke Munakata better (who also had a good voice actor). Funimation makes this minor casting slip from time to time where they cast an actor that's usually really good, but is given a role that doesn't really suit them.
But what really annoys me is that for all the Student council characters, who had maximum, five sentences each, plus screams and other sounds when dying/killing, got their own voice actors.
Goryoku sounds JUST LIKE Nekomaru; why didn't Patrick Seitz just do it instead of wasting time and money casting someone for a few sentences and grunts?
Umezawa sounds just like Monica Rial; she was already on the Danganronpa cast, so why not use her?
And again, about Peko's voice; it was HORRIFYINGLY AWFUL, not only because of a lack of acting skills, but because of how different is from the game. In the game, she sounds monotone, but it sounded cool because you could sense that she was formal, polite, professional and reserved about her past. In the anime, she sounds like a normal bored teenager and not like someone who just retired from a serious live-in job. What annoys me about this casting choice(and others) is that they had BRINA FRICKEN PALENCIA as another main cast character.

I might be biased, but this is the woman who played Chopper, Ciel Phantomhive, Yuno Gasai and Juliet Capulet/Odin. She can do a chibi voice, a young boy's voice, a british accent, a psychotic/sweet/tough teenage girl and a mature woman with an androgynous voice... When you have actors and actresses as talented as this on your cast, it pisses me off that they won't cast the actors for multiple roles even if they are more than skilled enough to do so.

Funimation ****ed up pretty bad here. But Jaimie Marchi and Coleen Clinkenbeard who are on DR for the first time AND on the main cast really saved the overall impressions on this dub.
said at 7:03 PM on Sun Jan 22 2017
@ArchaeoGambler Couple of notes, Tatum already voiced Jin Kirigiri in the anime of DR1 so Funimation were simply just making a reprisal happen.

Also the casting for the Student Council characters don't mean anything to begin with and most people would claim it to be incredibly lazy that Funimation would reuse actors in already major roles for these much tinier ones.

It's easy to complain about actors sharing multiple roles in a dub but usually they at least have one major character to voice and the rest are so incredibly minor that it doesn't matter if you knew it was them or not.

Unless there's other circumstances involved like how a certain set of characters share the same VA in Japanese and English (like twins, clones etc). There's no real major reason to have a voice actor to play two separate roles. Hell it's something Funimation haven't made a habit of in a while thanks to the influx of newer and rookie VAs joining the broadcast dub era and filling in more and more roles.
King Marth 64
said at 6:55 PM on Fri Dec 2 2016
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Good to see Cassandra Lee Morris and Amanda Celine Miller came back for the Dangrapon 3 Anime, but it's more strange that they didn't gave them back for Aoi Asahina, Junko, and Touko Fukawa similar to like Kanji Tang wasn't voicing Yasuhiro Hagakure and Erin Fitzgerald wasn't voicing particularly for Junko and Touko Fukawa since Amanda didn't reprise in the DR1 Anime back then, I totally think that's more of a canon breaking since Danganronpa is a video game series.
said at 11:20 AM on Sat Dec 3 2016
@King Marth 64

It's not really all that strange, when you think about it. Funimation has already set up their own Dr1 cast, so of course they ain't replacing them later on. I will say this, though: Anime Junko (Jamie Marchi) is heaps better than the combined efforts of Erin and Amanda. The entire point of Junko is that she's the embodiment of despair. Having two actors do all the personalities kinda loses that point, imo.

However, Carli Mosier is arguably one of the worst cast members in the Funimation dub. Her Toko (both forms) was dreadful and is quite practically nothing in the face of the combined efforts of Amanda as regular Toko, and Erin as the Genocider. ESPECIALLY Genocider. What makes Carli think that she could top Erin's crazy ass laughs? Well, she can't, I'll tell you that much.

You know what really had me really, really pissed, though? The fact that Cherami Leigh didn't reprise for Komaru. Jesus Christ, so Alexis is suddenly the better Komaru for literally having only voiced ONE line in Dr1? I think not. Cherami is a WAY better Komaru; she did a fully fleshed out performance in an ENTIRE video game (Despair Girls). The voice, the acting, the entire delivery; everything Cherami did for Komaru is LEAGUES better than what Alexis managed to put forth. What's even more disappointing is the fact that Cherami is really EASY to reach for Funimation and she is more than likely to reprise any role of hers if Funimation asks of her.

And to think that guy below told me to give Funimation more "credit"? Yeah no, they didn't really do their homework for this dub, as good as the acting and casting is (for the most part). Inconsistency with game terminology, picking a VA that's way less familiar with a particular character (Komaru, Komaru, KOMARU!!!)... and having disappointing stand ins as well? Goooooood lord. (sigh)

Funimation, it'd be nice if you could step up your game a bit in terms of doing a fantastically crafted game/anime series justice. You know you could have done better. Really.
said at 4:03 PM on Mon Jan 2 2017
@Sk8erPrince They made a lot of bad choices in this dub but Tipton as Komaru is not the worst. You're on point about Toko and Junko though.
said at 4:43 PM on Mon Jan 2 2017

It's still an overall tolerable dub, though - I'd still pick Funimation's dub over the original Japanese. But yeah, Funimation could have done better.
King Marth 64
said at 12:10 PM on Mon Jan 30 2017
@Sk8erPrince Well, I meant that as in Game Canon, the Animation and Danganropan 3 anime is an adaption. But, we don't know if some of the voice actors from Dagnarapon: The Animation probably stay at Texas and we don't know if some of them might reprised for the upcoming Dangrapon 3V game since we do know that Chris Sabat and Mike McFarland did appeared in One-Punch Man, Monica Rial did appeared in Tales of Berseria, and Austin Tindle did appeared in Tales of Zestria. We definitely knew that Caitlin Glass is in Xenoblade Chronicles X and the latest Street Fighter games and Christopher Bevins did appeared in Street Fighter IV and V, and Alexis Tipton was in BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Tales of Zestria + X, and Xenoblade Chronicles X. And I think I did saw someone played the Japanese version of Danganropan V3 that had Chihiro Fujisaki appeared in the demo.
said at 6:02 PM on Sun Nov 27 2016
Anyone know why Wendee didn't reprise her role in this? Is she only willing to do simuldub type schedules if the show is union? (like with Durarara x2 and Disappearance of Nagato Yuki)
said at 5:08 PM on Thu Dec 1 2016

Doubt it. She's in plenty of non-union dubs. Pretty sure Your Lie in April is non-union, and Wendee played as Kosei's mom.

The thing is, Funimation was being ridiculous by getting Morgan Garrett as Akane. I'm sorry, but Morgan doesn't have the charm that Wendee gave the character. And I could go on and on about the other recasts (except for Peko).
said at 10:05 PM on Thu Dec 1 2016
@Unknownsage13 The circumstances behind Wendee not coming back were likely due to scheduling problems above anything else considering her capabilities of being in union and non-union stuff. Plus she did broadcast dub work with Funi on Nagato Yuki-chan (and regular dub work like on Hyperdimension Neptunia).
said at 11:44 AM on Sat Dec 3 2016

I don't know, man. Maybe so. Maybe not. Funimation got a not so good stand in, that's all I know.
said at 3:49 PM on Sat Dec 3 2016
@Sk8erPrince Well I can't make any judgements like that since I've never played or watched any of the Danganronpa games or anime.

But I definitely think you're way too hung up on the casting replacements. You've made your point already, no need to hammer it in.
said at 10:39 PM on Sat Dec 3 2016

Yes, I'm well aware that I'm really hung up on the recasts and made more complaints than any other person here. Well, you see... I'm the Ultimate Dangan Ronpa Fanboy. That should give you some sorta clue as to why I'd type essays about this game/anime franchise. ^^"
said at 2:39 PM on Sun Nov 27 2016
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I prefer the Despair arc more i love the characters and it was cool seeing everything started
said at 11:32 AM on Sun Nov 27 2016
 5 Shout Outs!
Glad to have the vast majority of the dub cast for Danganronpa 2 back. I liked JYB as Hinata/Izuru, definitely one of his better roles despite being another JYB protagonist. All of the returning cast is equally great, and like the Future Arc, I like the fact that Cassandra is here, even for a bit role, since it feels like they're paying a sort of homage to her role in the game dub.

Unlike the first series, I find the replacement voices for game characters to be very strong, some of the strongest I've ever heard. Even though Wendee, Chris, Derek, and Julie Ann gave great performances in the game, I feel the same could be said about Morgan, KaiserNeko, Aaron, and Brina.

The only odd duck is Clarine as Peko. She sounds way too husky to me, and she never sounds like a high school girl to me, even with the suspension of disbelief that you typically have to have when watching high school anime dubs.

Nevertheless, this dub is quite good. Only other complaints are that I prefer the game's terminology (Hope's Peak Academy, Ultimate), but that's a minor quibble.
said at 11:33 AM on Sun Nov 27 2016
@SNaG Quick clarification: replacement voices isn't the right term to use for the first series since the casting of the dub was being done before (or at the same time as) NIS announced the game's localization. Counterpart is a better word.
said at 6:00 PM on Sun Nov 27 2016
@SNaG Agreed on the replacements being great. Wendee, Derek and Julie have VERY distinct voices and I'm glad they didn't have try to imitate them. But at same time Morgan, Aaron and Brina did a good job capturing the characters' spirits. And Scott's Gundham sounds identical to Chrises' original Gundham.

Though I wouldn't have minded if for Ibuki they got Jessica Calvello. Her usual voice sounds very similar to Julie's Ibuki.
said at 5:23 PM on Thu Dec 1 2016
I'd have to strongly disagree about the stand ins being any good (except for Peko). However, I do agree that having some consistency with game terminology would have been better. Also, the English games have set up a precedent that characters refer to each other by FIRST name. It's just hella weird that the Dr2 cast now refers to everyone by last name as opposed to their first, like in the Dr2 game. :/

The casting is pretty much on point (HEAPS better than the JP), but let me pitch in regarding the stand ins. First of all, Ibuki only sounds great with ADHD, and Julie Ann Taylor nailed that aspect of hers to an effing T. I'm sorry, but Brina doesn't have that for the chara, as good as she is. Derek Stephen Prince pulled off a really convincingly smug voice for Fuyuhiko, but I'm afraid I can't say the same for Aaron Dismuke.

Akane sounds WAY TOO LOW when Morgan Garrett took over. Wendee's take had the PERFECT pitch, and I could feel the toughness in her as well (if anything, she sounded like a dumber Yoruichi xD).

Now, for Gundam. Scott was ok, but I don't think his yells and shouts were nearly as good as Chris's. The voice was pretty much on point, though.

Lastly, regarding Peko, I strongly prefer Clarine Harp over Janice Kawaye. Janice's take gave me the impression that Peko is emotionless, as opposed to calm. Clarine sounded lower (imo, that fits Peko better), besides sounding calm rather than borderline reading off of the script.
said at 11:30 AM on Fri Dec 2 2016
@Sk8erPrince Guess we'll agree to disagree. Though I do think the game's voices are better, I still find the anime voices, sans Peko, to be good replacements.
said at 1:26 PM on Fri Dec 2 2016
@Sk8erPrince I disagree with you on your points, while I do miss the original actors the new actors do a good job on their own. Give Bevins and Funimation credit for branching out and getting most of the original voice actors cause people like you pissed and moaned about them getting new voice actors the 1st season.
said at 4:44 AM on Sat Dec 3 2016

Oh, so it's wrong to complain about the lack of consistency now? Since when? I do love the dub, I'm just stating how it could have better. You got a problem with that? We can take this outside.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 5:50 AM on Sat Dec 3 2016
Both of you knock it off if you can't discuss things civilly.
said at 11:46 AM on Sat Dec 3 2016

...actually, now that I think about, Wendee's Akane voice sounds like a dumber Tatsuki, not Yoruichi. xD

Here's the thing. Morgan went for Yoruichi's pitch. Uh, no. That's too low for that carnivorous bonehead. Wendee ftw. The end.
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