Corner Gas Animated

Corner Gas Animated
Voice Director: David Storey

US Release: Apr 02, 2018 - Ongoing

Popularity: 3,432nd All Time, 2,367th This Week

Corner Gas Animated Corner Gas Animated Cast

Characters On BTVA: 95

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Won Hu voice Won Hu voiced by 
Vincent Tong
Helen voice Helen voiced by 
Kathleen Barr
Zeke voice Zeke voiced by 
Brian Drummond
Mavis voice Mavis voiced by 
Kathleen Barr
Phil voice Phil voiced by 
Kevin Loring
Ravi voice Ravi voiced by 
Vincent Tong
Ike voice Ike voiced by 
Brian Drummond
Tina voice Tina voiced by 
Kathleen Barr
Lanny voice Lanny voiced by 
Kevin Loring
Nate voice Nate voiced by 
Omari Newton
Rheena voice Rheena voiced by 
Veena Sood

Guest Stars

Louise voice Louise voiced by 
Nicole Oliver
Kendra voice Kendra voiced by 
Diana Kaarina
Kyle voice Kyle voiced by 
Vincent Tong
Clown voice Clown voiced by 
Vincent Tong
Doctor voice Doctor voiced by 
Peter Kelamis
Josh voice Josh voiced by 
Omari Newton
Nick voice Nick voiced by 
Brian Drummond
Crow voice 
creature voice
Crow voiced by 
Brian Drummond
Gavin voiceGavin voiced by 
Russell Peters


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