Blood Lad

Blood Lad
Voice Director: Kirk Thornton

US Premiere: Jun 26, 2014
US Home Media: Sep 02, 2014
Japan Premiere: Jul 07, 2013
Japan Conclusion: Sep 08, 2013

Seasons: 1
Episodes: 11

Animation Studio: Brain's Base

Popularity: 207th All Time, 225th This Week

Characters on BTVA: 36
Blood Lad Blood Lad Cast
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said at 7:44 AM on Mon Aug 29 2016
Curtis McAlees
said at 2:48 PM on Wed Jul 6 2016
Who plays Liz T. Blood?
said at 1:49 PM on Fri Mar 10 2017
@Curtis McAlees Sherry Lynn, best known as Sasami Jurai from "Tenchi Muyo".
The Ear of One
said at 1:22 PM on Sat May 17 2014
 1 Shout Out!
suitable cast
would have preferd Aaron Disukme as Staz and Vic as Braz. but Bryce is on a roll this year, and he is only gonna get more.
said at 8:01 PM on Fri Sep 26 2014
@The Ear of One Aaron not only lives in Texas, but he is also going to college. This dub was recorded at California, so that would be impossible.
The Ear of One
said at 10:42 AM on Thu Jun 25 2015
@doodleboy tech I never knew there was diffretn sections and who belongs to who so it was just me thinking it. dont even knwo which dubing company that has the rights.
said at 10:51 AM on Wed Sep 16 2015
@The Ear of One Meh. I was really happy with Bryce Papenbrook as Staz and Johnny Yong Bosch as Braz - My only problem was that they're brothers in Blue Exorcist, which made it a bit confusing. But it would have been twice as confusing for me if it had been Vic Mignogna and Aaron Dismuke as them because I'm used to them as the Fullmetal Alchemist brothers. That's the only Anime that I know that they're both in, unlike Papenbrook and Bosch.
The Ear of One
said at 1:20 PM on Sat May 17 2014
 1 Shout Out!
suitable cast
would have prefered Aaron Diskume as Staz and Vic as Braz
but given Bryce recent roll, its obvious he will get even more roles soon.
said at 12:33 PM on Sat May 17 2014
 4 Shout Outs!
Glad to hear Xanthe Huynh getting a lead role!
said at 8:48 AM on Sat May 17 2014
 6 Shout Outs!
Man, Bryce Papenbrook is on a roll!
said at 8:27 AM on Sat May 17 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
I have to say that Blood Lad, in spite of being a mere 10 episodes long, was pretty interesting. In particular, I liked Staz's overall character as well as some of the humor present...

Having said that, I'm looking forward to the English dub, although did they seriously have to cast Bryce Papenbrook as the lead role? The only issue I actually have with that is simple: Bryce might as well be the next JYB. However, he might end up doing a speculatar job, and the same goes for the rest of the VAs.
Matthew Robinson
said at 3:25 PM on Thu Feb 6 2014
 2 Shout Outs!
Johnny Yong Bosch would be perfect as the voice of Staz Charlie Blood! Or did I already say that? Seriously, I don't know if I did.
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