US Release: Feb 05, 2016

Popularity: 1,952nd All Time, 366th This Week

Genre: Mature
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Characters On BTVA: 221

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The Cast

Phil voicePhil voiced by 
Phil Matarese
Mike voiceMike voiced by 
Mike Luciano
Fink voiceFink voiced by 
Jason Mantzoukas
Rebecca voiceRebecca voiced by 
Katie Aselton
Bow Rat voiceBow Rat voiced by 
Mary Holland
Scarf Rat voiceScarf Rat voiced by 
Jet Eveleth
Wife voiceWife voiced by 
Jennifer Lafleur
Husband voiceHusband voiced by 
Steve Zissis
Grey Horse voiceGrey Horse voiced by 
Matt Walsh
Earring voiceEarring voiced by 
Rob Corddry
Jerry voiceJerry voiced by 
Nick Kroll
Meghan voiceMeghan voiced by 
Meghan ONeil
Jacob voiceJacob voiced by 
Lauren Lapkus
Branch voiceBranch voiced by 
Joe Mande
Alan voiceAlan voiced by 
Ike Barinholtz
Brian voiceBrian voiced by 
Zach Woods
Alex voiceAlex voiced by 
Eric Andre
Max voiceMax voiced by 
Neil Casey
Shane voiceShane voiced by 
Adam Scott
Olivia voiceOlivia voiced by 
Molly Shannon
H&M voiceH&M voiced by 
Justin Roiland
Charles voiceCharles voiced by 
Aziz Ansari
Angela voiceAngela voiced by 
Chelsea Peretti
Ronnie voiceRonnie voiced by 
Rory Scovel
Hollie voiceHollie voiced by 
Lauren Lapkus
Mabel voiceMabel voiced by 
Mary Holland
Josie voiceJosie voiced by 
Stephanie Allyne
Sugar voiceSugar voiced by 
Erin Whitehead
Rusty voiceRusty voiced by 
Kumail Nanjiani
Princess voicePrincess voiced by 
Ellie Kemper
Sharon voiceSharon voiced by 
Alia Shawkat
Dana voiceDana voiced by 
Ali Wong
Reporter voiceReporter voiced by 
Neil Casey
Announcer voiceAnnouncer voiced by 
Meghan ONeil
Patrick voicePatrick voiced by 
Pete Holmes
Dave voiceDave voiced by 
Duncan Trussell
Kashmere voiceKashmere voiced by 
Kate Berlant
Kevin voiceKevin voiced by 
Thomas Lennon
Jenn voiceJenn voiced by 
Mary Holland
Scott voiceScott voiced by 
Tim Baltz
Larry voiceLarry voiced by 
Mitchell Hurwitz
Julio voiceJulio voiced by 
Horatio Sanz
Ashley voiceAshley voiced by 
Lennon Parham
Antonio voiceAntonio voiced by 
Ben Schwartz
Stephanie voiceStephanie voiced by 
Nicole Byer
Mike's Mom voiceMike's Mom voiced by 
Liz Luciano
Old Phil voiceOld Phil voiced by 
Robert Morse
Old Mike voiceOld Mike voiced by 
Jack Axelrod
Eliza voiceEliza voiced by 
Meghan ONeil
Chance voiceChance voiced by 
Wanda Sykes
Anni voiceAnni voiced by 
Cobie Smulders
Bodega Cat 1 voiceBodega Cat 1 voiced by 
April voiceApril voiced by 
Claudia ODoherty
Mom voiceMom voiced by 
Katie Aselton
Dennis voiceDennis voiced by 
Jay Duplass
Kurt Vile voiceKurt Vile voiced by 
Kurt Vile
Old Ben voiceOld Ben voiced by 
Jon Lovitz
Snake voiceSnake voiced by 
Jenny Slate
Mouse voiceMouse voiced by 
Gabe Leidman
Tommy voiceTommy voiced by 
Shawn Wayans
Ry-Ry voiceRy-Ry voiced by 
Marlon Wayans
Jimmy voiceJimmy voiced by 
John Witherspoon
Queen Ant voiceQueen Ant voiced by 
Casey Wilson
Linda voiceLinda voiced by 
Melanie Lynskey
Gregory voiceGregory voiced by 
Danny McBride
Sarah voiceSarah voiced by 
Jessica Chastain
Grandpa voiceGrandpa voiced by 
Mark Duplass
Kid 1 voiceKid 1 voiced by 
Chloe Coleman
Kid 3 voiceKid 3 voiced by 
Cyren Howe
Kid 4 voiceKid 4 voiced by 
Sam Lavagnino
Corey voice Corey voiced by 
Harmony Korine
Lumpy voice Lumpy voiced by 
Emilia Clarke
Angels voice Angels voiced by 
Meghan ONeil
Baker voice Baker voiced by 
Joe Wengert
Crow voice Crow voiced by 
Mike Luciano
Fox 1 voice Fox 1 voiced by 
Killer Mike
Fox 2 voice Fox 2 voiced by 
Big Boi
Miles voice Miles voiced by 
Usher Raymond
Natalie voice Natalie voiced by 
Meghan ONeil
Priest voice Priest voiced by 
Joe Wengert
Chuck voice Chuck voiced by 
Gil Ozeri
Diana voice Diana voiced by 
January Jones
Geoff voice Geoff voiced by 
Ben Schwartz
Ken voice Ken voiced by 
Mark Duplass
Mary voice Mary voiced by 
Jhene Aiko
Max #2 voice Max #2 voiced by 
Adam Pally
Mason voice Mason voiced by 
Paul Rust
Pat voice Pat voiced by 
Pauly Shore
Sandy voice Sandy voiced by 
Mindy Kaling
Ty Segall voice Ty Segall voiced by 
Ty Segall
President voice President voiced by 
Jonah Hill
Andy voice Andy voiced by 
Andy Dick
Stan voice Stan voiced by 
Tim Heidecker
Tulip voice Tulip voiced by 
Kim Gordon
Chuckles voice Chuckles voiced by 
Jim Rash
Daphne voice Daphne voiced by 
Mary Holland
Johnny voice Johnny voiced by 
Michael Pitt
Maria voice Maria voiced by 
Kate Berlant
Monty voice Monty voiced by 
John Early
Terrence voice Terrence voiced by 
Big Sean
Charly voice Charly voiced by 
Lennon Parham
Dad voice Dad voiced by 
Mitchell Hurwitz
Laura voice Laura voiced by 
Kesha Sebert
Matthew voice Matthew voiced by 
Tony Hale
Mom #2 voice Mom #2 voiced by 
Rachael Ray
Tia voice Tia voiced by 
Amanda Seales
Lillie voice Lillie voiced by 
Mary Holland
McManus voice McManus voiced by 
Jon Gabrus
Tim voice Tim voiced by 
Steve Dildarian
Olafur voice Olafur voiced by 
John Mulaney
Sheila voice Sheila voiced by 
Lauren Lapkus
Nun voice Nun voiced by 
Meghan ONeil
Julia voice Julia voiced by 
Jameela Jami
Trotts voice Trotts voiced by 
Michael Sheen
Motts voice Motts voiced by 
Michael Sheen
Otis voice Otis voiced by 
Tim Meadows
Toaster voice Toaster voiced by 
Tracy Morgan
Shoe voice Shoe voiced by 
Aisha Tyler
Yumi voice Yumi voiced by 
Lucy Liu
Chompy voice Chompy voiced by 
Carol Kane
Marcia voice Marcia voiced by 
Marcia Clark
Judge voice Judge voiced by 
Jane Kaczmarek
Nikolai voice Nikolai voiced by 
Randall Park
Psycho voice Psycho voiced by 
Edie Falco
Hawk voice Hawk voiced by 
David Harbour
Annie voice Annie voiced by 
Nuke voice Nuke voiced by 
Jacob Tremblay
J Mascis voice J Mascis voiced by 
J Mascis
Moby voice Moby voiced by 



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