Adventure Time

Adventure Time
Voice Directors: Collette Sunderman, Kent Osborne, Keythe Farley

US Release: Apr 05, 2010 - Sep 03, 2018
Japan Release: May 06, 2012

Animation Studio: Cartoon Network Studios

Popularity: 12th All Time, 16th This Week

Franchise: Adventure Time
Genres: Comedy/Parody, Fantasy
Adventure Time Adventure Time Cast

Characters On BTVA: 904   |  Additional Voices: 18  |  Sound Clips: 74

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Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Tromo voiceTromovoiced by
Eric Bauza
Cake voice Cakevoiced by
Roz Ryan
Ash voice Ashvoiced by
Steve Agee
T.V. voiceT.V.voiced by
Dan Mintz
Moe voiceMoevoiced by
Chuck McCann

Guest Stars

Brad voice Bradvoiced by
Tom Kenny
Bufo voice Bufovoiced by
Tom Kenny
Rock voice Rockvoiced by
Tom Kenny
Zap voice Zapvoiced by
Tom Kenny
Bank voice Bankvoiced by
Tom Kenny
Well voice Wellvoiced by
Tom Kenny
Pan voicePanvoiced by
Kent Osborne
Bug voiceBugvoiced by
Cole Sanchez
Bear voiceBearvoiced by
Eric Bauza
Owl voiceOwlvoiced by
Jim Cummings
Glitch voiceGlitchvoiced by
Tom Kenny
Gareth voiceGarethvoiced by
Sam Marin
Agnes voiceAgnesvoiced by
Tom Kenny
DMO voiceDMOvoiced by
Aziz Ansari
Carnie voiceCarnievoiced by
Tom Kenny
Bees voiceBeesvoiced by
Jonah Ray
Erin voiceErinvoiced by
Minty Lewis
Goose voiceGoosevoiced by
Billy West
Mayor voiceMayorvoiced by
Billy West
Nina voiceNinavoiced by
Tom Kenny
Mochi voiceMochivoiced by
Niki Yang
Key voiceKeyvoiced by
Dana Snyder
Waiter voiceWaitervoiced by
Tom Kenny
AMO voiceAMOvoiced by
Thu Tran
Bee voiceBeevoiced by
Niki Yang
Lee voiceLeevoiced by
Bert Youn
Roy voiceRoyvoiced by
Fred Stoller



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