Tweety and Sylvester CAST

Tweety and Sylvester
US Release: Mar 24, 1945

Animation Studio: Warner Brothers Animation
Production Company: Warner Brothers

Popularity: 36th All Time, 51st This Week

Franchise: Looney Tunes
Genre: Comedy
Tweety and Sylvester Tweety and Sylvester Cast

Characters On BTVA: 43   |  Sound Clips: 5

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Tweety and Sylvester Cast

Rocky voiceMel Blanc
Rocky voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Putty Tat voiceMel Blanc
Putty Tat voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Dumb Cat voiceMel Blanc
Dumb Cat voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Woman voiceBea Benaderet
Woman voiced by 
Bea Benaderet
Bulldog voiceMel Blanc
Bulldog voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Conductor voiceMel Blanc
Conductor voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Desk Clerk voiceMel Blanc
Desk Clerk voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Mouse voiceMel Blanc
Mouse voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Ranger voiceMel Blanc
Ranger voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Old Man voiceMel Blanc
Old Man voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Rooster voiceMel Blanc
Rooster voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Hen voiceMel Blanc
Hen voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Cat Chief voiceMel Blanc
Cat Chief voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Nick voiceMel Blanc
Nick voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Mayor voiceMel Blanc
Mayor voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Dogcatcher voiceMel Blanc
Dogcatcher voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Devil Dog voiceMel Blanc
Devil Dog voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Fisherman voiceMel Blanc
Fisherman voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Cedric voiceMel Blanc
Cedric voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Giant voiceMel Blanc
Giant voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Clarence voiceMel Blanc
Clarence voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Mr. Hyde voiceMel Blanc
Mr. Hyde voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Soldier voiceMel Blanc
Soldier voiced by 
Mel Blanc
Blackbird voiceMel Blanc
Blackbird voiced by 
Mel Blanc



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