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Has featured several different audio tracks throughout its run. Jack Wagner's voice was heard from the attraction's 1955 opening until 2000, when the attraction was revamped and given a new audio track from the three talking Autopia cars Dusty, Suzy, and Sparky. All but Dusty were removed in 2012 when Chevron ended their sponsorship of the attraction. When Honda took over the sponsorship in 2017, the theme was overhauled, replacing the former vehicular hosts with Honda's Asimo robot and his robotic bird sidekick.

Autopia Autopia Cast

Voice Actors on BTVA: 4
Characters on BTVA: 5

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Voice Credits

Audrey Wasilewski

Audrey Wasilewski
Suzy the Autopia Car voice

Hugh Chitwood

Hugh Chitwood
Sparky the Autopia Car voice

Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner
Autopia Control Central voice

Matthew Howard

Matthew Howard
Dusty the Autopia Car voice


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