Quotes From Voice Actors About BTVA


David Lodge
 Thank you first and foremost for the work you do! Incredible fan base. I feel very loved!

~ David Lodge said on Feb 4 2024 via BTVA Contact Message

Tia Ballard
 Hi team!

Absolutely LOVE what you're doing with this website. It really helps me keep up with my stuff! I appreciate you!

Thanks for everything!

~ Tia Ballard said on Oct 1 2023 via BTVA Contact Message

Cedric L. Williams
 Hey there. First let say thank you for the all you do in updating our resumes as voice actors on here it's greatly appreciated.

~ Cedric L. Williams said on Aug 3 2023 via BTVA Contact Message

Marie Westbrook
 Thank you so much for all you do!!

~ Marie Westbrook said on Jul 10 2023 via Email

Caleb Yen
 Hope you're doing well! Firstly, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do on the site. I super appreciate it!

~ Caleb Yen said on Jun 9 2023 via BTVA Contact Message

Maya Aoki Tuttle
 You all are so busy and I appreciate this so much! Thank you for this wonderful database for the voice acting community. <3

~ Maya Aoki Tuttle said on May 15 2023 via Twitter DM

Brian Stivale
 THANK YOU for what you do! This site is AWESOME.

~ Brian Stivale said on May 4 2023 via BTVA Contact Message

Brian Drummond
 Hey Gang! You do invaluable work at BTVA . Such an incredible resource.

~ Brian Drummond said on May 1 2023 via Twitter DM

Rosie Jones
 Hi there. I love your site and have found it an invaluable resource

~ Rosie Jones said on Mar 6 2023 via BTVA Contact Message

Tony Daniels
 thanks for what you do...


~ Tony Daniels said on Feb 26 2023 via BTVA Contact Message

Christian Rummel
 Thank you so much for your help, you guys are awesome!
Thank you again for all you do! I really appreciate it.

~ Christian Rummel said on Jan 19 2023 via Email

Sam Slade
 Thank you guys so much!!! I appreciate all that you all do :)

~ Sam Slade said on Jan 18 2023 via Email

Jay Hickman
 Hi, BTVA Team -

It's me, Jay Hickman. I want to start by thanking you all for your work on this site - it's a great resource and I know that a lot of people get a lot of use from it (I know I do). Please keep it up!

~ Jay Hickman said on Sep 3 2022 via BTVA Contact Message

Amanda Hufford
 Thanks so much, I appreciate all the hard work your team does in maintaining the site

~ Amanda Hufford said on Apr 28 2022 via Email

Camille Mana
 Much appreciate what you do for the voice acting community and for fans of animation/interactive/gaming.

~ Camille Mana said on Apr 15 2022 via Email

AJ LoCascio
 I love and appreciate your website and use it all the time to look up voices!

Thank you for everything you do for the community and us actors!

-AJ LoCascio

~ AJ LoCascio said on Apr 7 2022 via BTVA Contact Message

Kirsten Potter
 Hey BTVA Team! Firstly, thank you for doing this site! It's a terrific resource and your hard work is much appreciated.

~ Kirsten Potter said on Dec 15 2021 via BTVA Contact Message

Mick Wingert
 Hey BTVA, I was just checking my page on the site and I'm super impressed with how up-to-date it is!

~ Mick Wingert said on Oct 8 2021 via Twitter DM

Keyondra Shanae
 Hi! First off I just want to say its such an honor to have a BTVA page, thank you for what you do!

~ Keyondra Shanae said on Jul 16 2021 via Twitter DM

Jonathan Leon
 Amazing, yall are the best.

I attached a picture. Feel free to use it if you would like.

Thanks again!

~ Jonathan Leon said on Jul 15 2021 via Email

Kerri Kane
 Thank you gals and guys for all you do : )

~ Kerri Kane said on Jun 30 2021 via BTVA Contact Message

Barbara Goodson
 First off I want to thank you for all the support through the years. You do a great job!

~ Barbara Goodson said on Jun 25 2021 via BTVA Contact Message

Michael Rhys
 Thanks for the work you do on the website. Itís highly appreciated.

~ Michael Rhys said on Jun 20 2021 via Email

Charlie Schlatter
 Thanks! You guys do great work!

~ Charlie Schlatter said on Jun 4 2021 via Email

Amber Lee Connors
 Thank you so much for always updating everything too! You guys rock!

~ Amber Lee Connors said on May 5 2021 via Twitter Message

Brendan Blaber
 Thank you very much for your hard work!

~ Brendan Blaber said on May 4 2021 via Twitter Message

Ryan Colt Levy
 YOoOoO Iíve got a @BTVA page! Thanks you so much for including me, Iím grateful & SO excited to share some new work soon <3

~ Ryan Colt Levy said on Mar 4 2021 via Tweet

Alejandro Saab
 Yo shoutout to whoever likes me over @BTVA! Thank you for keeping my page updated :)

~ Alejandro Saab said on Feb 25 2021 via Twitter

James Sie
 Hi, as a voice actor, I just wanted to thank you for this excellent, comprehensive site. It's more helpful to me than IMDB. Thanks for jogging my memory of all the things I've done!

~ James Sie said on Nov 28 2020 via BTVA Contact Message

Valeria Rodriguez
 Thanks in advance, and thanks to all you folks for keeping such a rad site running so smoothly!

~ Valeria Rodriguez said on Nov 10 2020 via BTVA Contact Message

Matthew Yang King
 Matt Yang King here. Thanks for doing the hard work of cataloging all of the things I have done over the years.

~ Matthew Yang King said on Oct 23 2020 via BTVA Contact Message

Mike Pollock
 Brilliant! Best of luck, and thanks for all you do.

~ Mike Pollock said on Sep 16 2020 via Twitter DM

Brock Powell
 Thank you! Sent! Appreciate all your help! As always!

~ Brock Powell said on Sep 16 2020 via Twitter DM

Jason Marnocha
 Really appreciate all you guys do!

~ Jason Marnocha said on Aug 20 2020 via Twitter DM

Kimberly Woods
 Thanks for all the work you do!

~ Kimberly Woods said on Jun 3 2020 via Twitter DM

Michelle Marie
 Thank you so much! Us voice actors appreciate it. ^__^

~ Michelle Marie said on Jun 3 2020 via Twitter DM

Jason Marsden
 Hello BTVA team. Proud to be part of the site. ...

~ Jason Marsden said on May 28 2020 via Contact Message

Kristen McGuire
 First off, I just want to thank you. I've noticed a lot of new updates to my BTVA page in the past couple of weeks, and it's been so wonderful to see the characters I love playing added to my resume! I really appreciate the work that you do.

~ Kristen McGuire said on Apr 10 2020 via Twitter DM

Deneen Melody
 Thank you! (Ulc/Ulku is my favorite character to voice, so I am thrilled to see her there.) Definitely always appreciate the work you all do. :) x

~ Deneen Melody said on Apr 2 2020 via Twitter DM

Stephen Stanton
 Thank you so much for the update & the work you've put in! ... appreciation for all you've done for the voice acting community.

~ Stephen Stanton said on Mar 18 2020 via Email

Michelle Bonilla
 Thank you, @behind.the.voice.actors for the inclusion of sweet #mrsflores on @thecasagrandes ! And, congratulations 🎈 to all my colleagues at #thecasagrandes and @nickanimation @nickelodeon for a second season pick up!! Itís a joy to voice her and I look forward to more time with my amigos! .

~ Michelle Bonilla said on Feb 20 2020 via Instagram Post

David Sobolov
 @BTVA - Iím grateful to you for being such enthusiastic supporters of voice acting. Thank you!!! And... keep digging - you have a few more of my roles to unearth before the list is complete!!

~ David Sobolov said on Dec 16 2019 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

David Sobolov
 I seem to only look at the comments every couple years. I'll try to come back more often! Thanks for the kind words and birthday greetings - I'm happy if you enjoyed one of the characters I've voiced. Lots more to come!!!

~ David Sobolov said on Nov 30 2019 via BTVA Comment

Vincent Tong
 Oh wow! Thanks so much for this @BTVA I didnít even know I had so many character credits on here. I love what I do, and Iím so appreciative of all the Love and Support! #voiceactor #voiceover #ninjago #16hudson #mlp #TheDragonPrince

~ Vincent Tong said on Nov 28 2019 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Robbie Daymond
 @BTVA Thanks for all the hard work your site does!! Much appreciated!!!

~ Robbie Daymond said on Nov 23 2019 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Candi Milo
 This is so cool! Thank you BTVA.

~ Candi Milo said on Nov 20 2019 via Tweet (hitting 600 BTVA credits)

Robin Atkin Downes
 Thank you @BTVA you are amazing!!!!! What a fantastic website!!!!!

~ Robin Atkin Downes said on Nov 13 2019 via Tweet (hitting 300 BTVA credits)

Tabitha St Germain
 @BTVA You guys are the best resource for all the stuff on my resume i've totally forgotten! Thank you so much!

~ Tabitha St Germain said on Oct 28 2019 via Tweet (hitting 600 BTVA credits)

Christopher Corey Smith
 Thank you @BTVA ! Itís an honor!

~ Christopher Corey Smith said on Jul 15 2019 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Dave B Mitchell
 Thanks for the love from @BTVA We voice actors appreciate all you do to promote us and our work! 😎🗣🎤👍 #voiceacting #voiceactor #videogame #animation @DeanPanaroVO

~ Dave B Mitchell said on Jun 29 2019 via Tweet (hitting 100 credits)

Kathryn Cressida
 THANK YOU @BTVA for sharing @PopCultureíS gracious piece supporting my speaking to help others #BeatCancer.

Big fan of YOUR work to SHINE LIGHT on #VOTalent Ė fans of #VideoGames + Animation are SO fortunate.

From my heart 💙 THANK YOU.
@TEDxUCLA #KeyNoteSpeaker

~ Kathryn Cressida said on Jun 27 2019 via Tweet

Josh Keaton
 @BTVA Thanks! I remember when you were just a tiny fan site and now you've pretty much become an institution in the VO animation game. Much love

~ Josh Keaton said on Jun 24 2019 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Kathryn Cressida
 SO grateful for your passion + support!

~ Kathryn Cressida said on Jun 21 2019 via Twitter Message

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
 I did? Cool. Thanks for keeping track!! Seriously, I would have no idea what I'd done if it wasn't for you guys. Thank you for your site!!

~ Mary Elizabeth McGlynn said on Apr 30 2019 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Steve Blum
 Thanks, guys! Just gettiní started!

~ Steve Blum said on Apr 8 2019 via Tweet (hitting 900 BTVA credits)

Deneen Melody
 Thank you to @BTVA for being so quick on updating this weekend! I'm very happy to see Ronie & Akemi added and so many awesome credits added to some of my favorite voice actors! https://t.co/yiHgKryZ3L #BehindtheVoiceActors #VoiceOver #VoiceActors #Anime

~ Deneen Melody said on Apr 1 2019 via Tweet

Steve Blum
 ...thank you guys so much for everything youíve done for our community.

~ Steve Blum said on Mar 24 2019 via Twitter Message

Jennifer Losi
 I just discovered that I have a Behind the Voice Actors page and Iím so excited about it! Iíve been using this site for eons to look up the voices in my favorite shows so itís surreal that Iím on here, too! Thank you, @BTVA! 💙

~ Jennifer Losi said on Mar 20 2019 via Tweet

Faye Mata
 Hey @BTVA staff and community,

I know there are a lot of us and there's a lot of our work to track. Thank you for always trying your best to keep our profiles up to date. I hope our announcements help your projects. It's pleasant to happen upon once in a blue moon. ☺️ 💙

~ Faye Mata said on Mar 19 2019 via Tweet

Deneen Melody
 Yeah, I only have two credits on here so far, but, it always brings me such joy, as I have been a fan of @BTVA for years and years!! This sort of thing makes me super giddy: https://t.co/yiHgKryZ3L #VoiceOver #VoiceActor #Anime #VideoGames

~ Deneen Melody said on Mar 18 2019 via Tweet

Rylan Strachan
 To those fans that update all those credit listing websites like @AnimeNewsNet @BTVA #wikifandom , you guys the real mvp! I feel so special when someone updates my page. You guys rock, itís like you hunt down episode numbers etc 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻#voiceactor #anime #voiceover #studiolife

~ Rylan Strachan said on Mar 5 2019 via Tweet

Lara Jill Miller
 Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm about all things VO. So lucky I get to do what I love. Best. Lara Jill

~ Lara Jill Miller said on Feb 20 2019 via Twitter Message

Arif S. Kinchen
 Thank You Behind The Voice Actors!!! I just saw this....

~ Arif S. Kinchen said on Feb 13 2019 via Tweet

Christina Rose
 Hi!! Thanks for adding me to World of Final Fantasy as Celes Chere.

You guys rock!! Keep up the awesome work!

~ Christina Rose said on Feb 3 2019 via Twitter Message

Eric Bauza
 Seems like 400 was only yesterday.. Lucky to join the 500 Club -#BehindTheVoiceActors

~ Eric Bauza said on Feb 2 2019 via Instagram Post (hitting 500 BTVA credits)

Will Friedle
 Thanks @BTVA! Itís an honor.

~ Will Friedle said on Jan 24 2019 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

Brock Powell
 Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your team does. Youíve got a huge fan in this actor! Got a slew of really big fun projects landing this year and just wanted to get all the old misc credits repped before the landslide hits!

Ahhhó I canít thank you enough. You guys are ON FIRE!

~ Brock Powell said on Jan 19 2019 via Twitter Message

Brock Powell
 ...I remember, when I first got started in VO about 7 years ago BTVA was a constant resource and I still use the voice compare feature to listen to other actors takes on characters and help shape my own unique pass.

Happy to provide pictures, clips (if I have access) and what not. Thank you for being so open to assisting! And keep up the great work, Iím not kidding when I say BTVA is one of my favorite sites

~ Brock Powell said on Jan 15 2019 via Twitter Message

Deneen Melody
 You all rock. Thank you for all you do. Have a wonderful new year!!!

~ Deneen Melody said on Jan 1 2019 via Twitter Message

Bill Rogers
 Thanks guys! I appreciate the recognition. :D

~ Bill Rogers said on Dec 12 2018 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

Bill Rogers
 Ha! Love it! Can't believe you guys dug up this fossil. Thanks for the find. Personally, I preferred M&M's Adventure, but Kart Racing was definitely...interesting. 😉

~ Bill Rogers said on Dec 12 2018 via Tweet

Christopher Swindle
 Thanks again for the shoutout on the post and I love the site! - Christopher Swindle

~ Christopher Swindle said on Nov 29 2018 via BTVA Contact Message

Jake Green
 Thanks to you and all the other admins for all that you do!

~ Jake Green said on Nov 13 2018 via Twitter Message

Patrick Keller
 I'm Patrick Keller, a voice actor from Germany. First off, I want to say thank you to all of you for working on this site. Really big fan of it!

And no worries, even though this site is mostly run by english-speaking people it supports international voices, i mean how cool is that?? Big thank you for that!!

~ Patrick Keller said on Oct 23 2018 via Private Message

Brian T. Stevenson
 Even with the mistaken credit it is an honor to have discovered my first listing on your site.

I look forward to that list growing. I've got lots of stuff coming up and I can't wait to be able to share it all.

~ Brian T. Stevenson said on Oct 10 2018 via BTVA Forum Post

Gregg Berger
 WOOT!!! Thank you for your continued support and for keeping count!!! More to come!!!

~ Gregg Berger said on Jul 5 2018 via Tweet (hitting 300 credits)

Lani Minella
 Thank you and I know I've done many more than that. Happy happy thoughts to all!

~ Lani Minella said on May 22 2018 via Tweet (hitting 200 credits)

Morgan Laurť Garrett
 Ahhhhh! I haven't checked my twitter in a week and THIS GOLDEN NUGGET was just WAITING!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!

~ Morgan Laurť Garrett said on May 14 2018 via Tweet (hitting 100 credits)

Jessie James Grelle
 Thanks guys ^^ I'm actually closer to 300 now, but not everything i've done is listed or easy to find so I get it. The sentiment is mega appreciated <3

~ Jessie James Grelle said on May 10 2018 via Facebook Comment (hitting 200 credits)

David Wald
 Thanks @BTVA, for this and for all you guys do!

~ David Wald said on May 7 2018 via Twitter Comment (hitting 200 credits)

Andre Sogliuzzo
 Thanks! Here's the current picture I'm using. And thanks for your great site, and your nomination for Igor Drenkov last year!
Keep your ears open, I've got good song coming up in the world of Disney soon! (Can't say exactly where yet.) I'll be down San Diego ComicCon next month on a panel,
let me know if you've got anything doing down there.


Andrť Sogliuzzo

~ Andre Sogliuzzo said on Feb 18 2018 via Email

Kari Wahlgren
 Thank you!!! Really appreciate this!

~ Kari Wahlgren said on Feb 5 2018 via Tweet (hitting 500 BTVA credits)

Laila Berzins
 Thank you for the kind words! I actually have been doing VO for 10 years and have many more credits (as well as more anime) that aren't listed here. You can find out more at http://lailaberzins.com - have a Happy New Year:)

~ Laila Berzins said on Jan 19 2018 via BTVA Comment

Michael Flaherty
 OMG I have a page on Behind the Voice Actors! I feel so official now! AWESOME DAY! Thanks @BTVA.

~ Michael Flaherty said on Jan 14 2018 via Tweet

Jay Britton
 First off I just wanted to say thank you for all you do at BTVA, even before I became a VO I knew BVTA as the "go to" source for information on voice actors, you do an awesome job!

~ Jay Britton said on Jan 11 2018 via Twitter Message

Jay Britton
 Honored to now be listed on Behind The Voice Actors!

~ Jay Britton said on Jan 9 2018 via Tweet

Morgan Laurť Garrett
 Are you kidding me?! I send your link to people all the time. Itís like my wiki!

~ Morgan Laurť Garrett said on Dec 28 2017 via Facebook Message

Robbie Daymond
 Thanks gang! Happy Turkey Day and cheers to the next 100! ps: much love for all the hard work you do for the VA community!

~ Robbie Daymond said on Nov 23 2017 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

Kim Mai Guest
 Wow! Really?! That's amazing. Thank you for keeping track! <3

~ Kim Mai Guest said on Nov 14 2017 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

AJ LoCascio
 I love this site & wish there was some way to update my credits on here. @BTVA

~ AJ LoCascio said on Oct 11 2017 via Tweet

Tommy Arciniega
 Hey BTVA crew! First, thank you very much for all you do. Very much appreciated. And thanks for keeping my page up to date. :) ... You guys rock! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

~ Tommy Arciniega said on Oct 6 2017 via Twitter Message

Debi Derryberry
 200+ credits Thank you @BTVA!

~ Debi Derryberry said on Aug 19 2017 via Tweet (hitting 200 credits)

Nicholas Andrew Louie
 Hey! Thanks for being awesome, @BTVA! Academy friends, we've been added. :)

~ Nicholas Andrew Louie said on Aug 11 2017 via Tweet

Daisy Guevara
 WOOT WOOT!!! Big shout out & thank you to @BTVA for their hard work!! Us voice actors really appreciate it! <3 <3

~ Daisy Guevara said on Aug 11 2017 via Tweet

Isaak Wells
 @BTVA thanks for working with me to get me on the site. All I have to do now is get the credits updated! So happy to be up on the site.

~ Isaak Wells said on Aug 10 2017 via Tweet

Victoria Wong
 Thank you @BTVA! Just one role listed there for now, but hopefully in the future there will be more :D #WorkHard

~ Victoria Wong said on Aug 10 2017 via Tweet

Sumalee Montano
 And thank you BTVA for being an incredible resource & celebration of voice acting!

~ Sumalee Montano said on Jul 2 2017 via Tweet

Sara Ornelas
 I want to give a big thanks to @BTVA for doing such a killer job on their website! I found things out about myself that I didn't even know!

~ Sara Ornelas said on Apr 7 2017 via Twitter

Tommy Arciniega
 Major thanks to the staff at @BTVA for the hard work and always keeping my credits up-to-date. You guys rock! :)

~ Tommy Arciniega said on Apr 1 2017 via Tweet

Newton Pittman
 Thanks for all the Awesome comments! You guys are great! I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

~ Newton Pittman said on Mar 25 2017 via BTVA Comment

Blake Shepard
 Thanks for all the kind words everyone, you guys are awesome! Thanks for watching!!!

--Blake Shepard

~ Blake Shepard said on Mar 20 2017 via BTVA Comment

Jason J. Lewis
 @BTVA Thanks for the follow you guys!! Appreciate all you do for the fans & for the actors!

~ Jason J. Lewis said on Feb 28 2017 via Tweet

Kyle Hebert
 @BTVAís website always blows me away with their attention to detail.

~ Kyle Hebert said on Jan 25 2017 via Tweet

Elizabeth Maxwell
 Just wanted to give a shout out to both @AnimeNewsNet and @BTVA! From all of us #voiceover lovers, we appreciate you and everything you do!

~ Elizabeth Maxwell said on Jan 21 2017 via Tweet

Ali Hillis
 So cool! I had no idea. Thanks for keepin' up w me... and my voices! #actorslife

~ Ali Hillis said on Dec 31 2016 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

Eric Bauza
 @BTVA holy bananas love you guys... thanks for having the best website ever!!

~ Eric Bauza said on Dec 5 2016 via Tweet (hitting 300 BTVA credits)

Kellen Goff
 WHAAAAT I have a @BTVA page?? Whoever made this, thank you for fulfilling one of my dreams ;-;

~ Kellen Goff said on Oct 30 2016 via Tweet

Reba Buhr
 Hey @BTVA ! Thanks for the follow and all you do to support voice actors!

~ Reba Buhr said on Sep 29 2016 via Tweet

Erica Schroeder
 Behind the Voice Actors posted this yesterday! Thought I'd share. Woohoo!!! 102 listed roles. Guess I should take this, run with it, and celebrate. Ever so grateful to do what I love. Thanks again to BTVA for working so hard to preserve our history and sometimes.....our memory... by reminding us of things we forgot. ;)

~ Erica Schroeder said on Sep 9 2016 via Facebook Post (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

Maggie Flecknoe
 Thx #behindthevoiceactors and more importantly thanks to all of my loyal fans and the amazing peeps I work with! #anime #voiceover #actress #100#btva #sentaifilmworks

~ Maggie Flecknoe said on Aug 23 2016 via Instagram Post (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

David Sobolov
 It's David Sobolov... Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement! Say hi if you're at DragonCon or Animate Florida this Sept.

~ David Sobolov said on Aug 2 2016 via BTVA Comment

Rob Paulsen
 Thanks for keeping track, guys! XO

~ Rob Paulsen said on Aug 1 2016 via Facebook Comment (hitting 1000 BTVA credits)

Robin Atkin Downes
 I love the site and what you are doing!

~ Robin Atkin Downes said on Jul 29 2016 via Twitter Message

Stephen Stanton
 Thanks @BTVA -- I had no idea! Thank you so much for the shout-out! :)

~ Stephen Stanton said on Jul 13 2016 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits))

Ray Chase
 Great work you're doing here for the website. I love the detail you put into keeping track of all our work, including the voice compares!

~ Ray Chase said on Jun 28 2016 via Contact Message

Bob Joles
 @BTVA Thank you so very much for pointing this out! I am speechless and humbled!

~ Bob Joles said on Jun 14 2016 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

William Salyers
 Thanks, @BTVA! You've got roles on there that even I forgot I played!

~ William Salyers said on May 15 2016 via Tweet

Jim Meskimen
 Thanks for creating this awesome page! And thanks to anybody out there who has looked up my name in the credits of these films, shows and games!

~ Jim Meskimen said on May 15 2016 via BTVA Comment

David Kaye
 @BTVA thanks always for your kind words and support. Big shout out to BTVA!

~ David Kaye said on May 14 2016 via Tweet (hitting 300 BTVA credits)

Jad Saxton
 Hey BTVA thank you for all you do!
I really appreciate the love you show to Voice Actors

~ Jad Saxton said on May 5 2016 via Twitter Message

Brittany Lauda
 Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in!!

~ Brittany Lauda said on Apr 8 2016 via Twitter Message

Keith Silverstein
 I'm giving a little shout out to Behind The Voice Actors! They do a hell of a job keeping up with so many of us in the industry...and that ain't easy. Sometimes I feel like they know who I've voiced before I do. ‪#‎BehindTheVoiceActors‬

~ Keith Silverstein said on Mar 20 2016 via Facebook Post

Jalen K. Cassell
 Thanks so much for all of your hard work BTVA staff! This is the most comprehensive guide of credits, franchises, and industry professionals that I've come across!

~ Jalen K. Cassell said on Mar 13 2016 via BTVA Comment

P.M. Seymour
 So happy to be on @BTVA 's site!! You guys rock!

~ P.M. Seymour said on Jan 22 2016 via Tweet

Lyon Smith
 Thanks for your work promoting us voice actors. I'm not alone in saying we appreciate it!

~ Lyon Smith said on Jan 3 2016 via Twitter Message

Lisa Fuson
 Thank you so much for all your hard work. We appreciate what you do and the recognition for the work we love. I am very blessed getting to do what I love - and Star Wars fans are my favorite!!!! Very honored to be part of the Star Wars Family!

Happy Holidays to you and please extend my thanks to everyone else who works behind the scenes in the awesome forum. Please give them my most gracious Princess Leia thanks

~ Lisa Fuson said on Dec 16 2015 via Email

Grey DeLisle
 Thanks again for being awesome!!!!!! :)

~ Grey DeLisle said on Dec 10 2015 via Twitter Message (hitting 800 BTVA credits)

Amanda Doskocil
 You guys are doing a kick *** job- people really love your info!

~ Amanda Doskocil said on Nov 18 2015 via Twitter Message

Michael Dobson
 @BTVA Wahoo! Huge thanks for the post my friends! My sincere thanks to everyone at BTVA for all your support! It's greatly appreciated! :)

~ Michael Dobson said on Oct 20 2015 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA clips)

Arif S. Kinchen
 I'm also very pleased to be a member of the BTVA community and website ... And this is why I cherish @BtVa. If your a #VA or a fan of #VoiceoverActing , check them out! #EverybodyIsOnThere

~ Arif S. Kinchen said on Oct 12 2015 via Tweet

Arif S. Kinchen
 Whoever's on @btva, and added my credits, thank you for the love.

~ Arif S. Kinchen said on Oct 1 2015 via Tweet

Eric Bauza
 Thanks @BTVA honored to be on your site!!

~ Eric Bauza said on Sep 30 2015 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Lee Tockar
 @BTVA thank you for honoring me by keeping track of the work I do. You guys are awesome.

~ Lee Tockar said on Sep 11 2015 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Michael Dobson
 @BTVA Cheers Guys!!! Huge thanks for all your support!!! : )

~ Michael Dobson said on Sep 10 2015 via Tweet (hitting 200 BTVA credits)

Robin Atkin Downes
 Love your site!

~ Robin Atkin Downes said on Jun 23 2015 via Twitter Message

Jon Avner
 Hi - this is Jon Avner - and thank you all for your kind and wonderful words. I work in comedy dinner shows in NY/NJ, in addition to V/O, and thank you all again

~ Jon Avner said on Mar 1 2015 via BTVA Comment

David Wald
 Thanks, you guys! I had no idea!

~ David Wald said on Feb 9 2015 via Facebook Comment (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

Erica Lindbeck
 Finally got a lil page on Behind The Voice Actors. Thanks guys!

~ Erica Lindbeck said on Feb 8 2015 via Facebook Post

Kari Wahlgren
 Thanks so much, guys! You keep track of these things much better than I do! ;-)

~ Kari Wahlgren said on Feb 2 2015 via Tweet (hitting 300 BTVA credits)

Casey Mongillo
 It's too cool how you guys keep my profiles updated for me. Thank you so very much!

~ Casey Mongillo said on Jan 28 2015 via BTVA Comment

Jessica Boone
 how cool is THAT!? Tnx 4 building such a gorgeous, comprehensive page! Can't wait 2 share, & get back in the booth!!

~ Jessica Boone said on Jan 19 2015 via Tweet (hitting 100 BTVA credits)

Eric Bauza
 I love your website and yes... When I was told by Dreamworks that I was up for the role, I was over the moon!!

Stay tuned for Jan 2015... I got another big voice coming soon!!

Hopefully I'll make you BTVA'ers proud!!!


~ Eric Bauza said on Dec 20 2014 via Facebook Message

Marcus Stimac
 Hey guys im a big fan of your site, I spend alot of time browsing around on it. Ty for doing such a good job.

~ Marcus Stimac said on Dec 15 2014 via

Aaron Roberts
 Thank you for all that you do ... Dude! I just checked it the other day and was overjoyed. Thanks for checking in and for all your hard work!

~ Aaron Roberts said on Dec 7 2014 via Facebook Message

Jad Saxton
 I love this page cause it has tiny pics corresponding with all my characters. Thanks Behind The Voice Actors for creating this cool site!

~ Jad Saxton said on Nov 13 2014 via Facebook Post

Robbie Daymond
 I really respect and applaud the job you guys do on your site.

~ Robbie Daymond said on Sep 29 2014 via Facebook Message

Trevor Devall
 Really great job with my credits! (Much more accurate than IMDB!)

~ Trevor Devall said on May 4 2014 via Message

Erica Schroeder
 Thank YOU. I am continually amazed at the accuracy and integrity of the site and all of the people who maintain it. I talk about it at cons to let everybody know how amazing it is.


~ Erica Schroeder said on Apr 21 2014 via Email

Dave B Mitchell
 ... I was already aware of your site (we all are), and am a big fan...thanks for reaching out to me. ... (I was impressed that you had my credits for Matt Hazard, I didn't think those had been listed anywhere). ... Thanks, and keep up the good work helping to expose us to a wider audience.

~ Dave B Mitchell said on Mar 20 2014 via Email

Andre Sogliuzzo
 ...and frankly I can't even remember half of what I've done and tracking it down is more than I would ever undertake, so thank you.

~ Andre Sogliuzzo said on Mar 15 2014 via Facebook Message

Holly Fields
 I think it's fantastic that you're doing this site!

~ Holly Fields said on Mar 13 2014 via Facebook Message

Salli Saffioti
 i totally know your site! i have way more credits than are on there the last time i looked tho! ;)

~ Salli Saffioti said on Mar 11 2014 via Email

Michael J. Gough
 ... thanks for running the very cool BTVA site--I'm sure it takes alot of work and it's much appreciated! ... thanks again
and keep up the good work!

~ Michael J. Gough said on Mar 1 2014 via Email

Arif S. Kinchen
 +Behind The Voice Actors is an awesome site. I'm privileged to be on yoursite. Now if I could get someone to mention my #MAD episode on the CW ;)

~ Arif S. Kinchen said on Jan 21 2014 via Google+ Post

Kyle Hebert
 Love this site because it's SUPER thorough. Not only a credit list database, but pictures of the characters, too! You can see my latest stuff all the way back to the beginning.

~ Kyle Hebert said on Oct 27 2013 via Facebook

Keith Silverstein
 I just hit 100 credited roles on Behind the Voice Actors! That's a bump in my asking price right?

~ Keith Silverstein said on Oct 24 2013 via Facebook

Katie Leigh
 Thank you for doing such a great job on my credits. This page is a great resource!

~ Katie Leigh said on Aug 20 2013 via BTVA Comment

Jason Douglas
 Thanks for the recognition, and for your support for the work of all VAs!

~ Jason Douglas said on May 29 2013 via Tweet

Kenny James
 Nice to see that goofy picture again! Found this site by accident. I'm flattered that there is someone out there that appreciates the snarling!

~ Kenny James said on Feb 6 2013 via BTVA Comment

Dave Pettitt
 Thanks Behind The Voice Actors for doing such a great job of giving presence to us voice actors!

~ Dave Pettitt said on Dec 11 2012 via Facebook Post

Lisa Kaplan
 You guys are doing great!!!! IMDB doesn't even have my credits right. And you DO!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Best of luck to you guys!!!!!


~ Lisa Kaplan said on Sep 6 2012 via Email

Emily Neves
 Andrew and I love BTVA. What you guys do is really cool, and we appreciate it!"

~ Emily Neves

~ Emily Neves said on Aug 16 2012 via Email

Karen Strassman
 I just reached my 100th credited role on BTVA's website. Thanks, BTVA! :)

~ Karen Strassman said on May 25 2012 via Facebook Wall Post

Jennifer Seman
 I was delighted to come across myself on here! Thanks for your support of the work voice actors do.

~ Jennifer Seman said on Apr 14 2012 via Email

Paul Eiding
 I'm biased but, absolutely, prefer Paul to the MacInTalk. Perhaps because I'm Paul. But to be serious for a moment, I honestly prefer a human touch to Perceptor, no matter how obsessed he becomes. It's whats make the Transformers accessible to we humans.

~ Paul Eiding said on Mar 30 2012 via BTVA Comment

Erica Schroeder
 If you want to show your love for Valentines Day, show it on the voice behind the actors website on my page (and/or your other favorite voice actors respective pages). I think the website is wonderful and shows the careers of so many talented voice actors past and present. I commend their efforts and constant work to keep the website accurate and up to date. Enjoy!

~ Erica Schroeder said on Feb 8 2012 via Facebook Wall Post

Bob Carter
 I'm truly honored to be mentioned in the same breath as these guys much less be someone's favorite. :) Thanks so much for your support and consideration! :D

~ Bob Carter said on Feb 2 2012 via BTVA Comment

James Arnold Taylor
 A big thanks to the folks at BTVA you all truly make the art of Voice-Acting stand out and I thank you for taking the time to always do such great stuff for our community! Look forward to the next contest! Blessings to you all, JAT

~ James Arnold Taylor said on Nov 28 2011 via BTVA Comment

James Arnold Taylor
 Great site, great to see so many people with a love for VA and the many incredible performers out there! Best-JAT (In reference to Act Your Voice Out Season 1)

~ James Arnold Taylor said on Nov 14 2011 via BTVA Comment

Jim Cummings
 Thank you guys... you are ssooo kind, I'm semi-speechless. I think it is so sweet of all of you to notice we who live in rooms full of strange sounds and padded walls. (In reference to one of our Top Ten Lists)

~ Jim Cummings said on Nov 9 2011 via Facebook Message

Rob Paulsen
 Thank you! I am humbled to be included in such an auspicious list of not only brilliant men but dear friends. (In reference to one of our Top Ten Lists)

~ Rob Paulsen said on Nov 5 2011 via Facebook Message

Maurice LaMarche
 Thanks, guys! I'm honored! (In reference to one of our Top Ten Lists)

~ Maurice LaMarche said on Nov 5 2011 via Facebook Message

Erica Schroeder
 I am so impressed by this website, it is such an arduous, yet rewarding task Iíd think. It's phenomenal.
I commend you all on this endeavor. If you ever need help finding someone in my circle or have any questions about anything, donít hesitate to ask. Best of luck to you and yours, Erica.

~ Erica Schroeder said on Sep 27 2011 via Email

Cristina Valenzuela
 I love "Behind the Voice Actors" website... they've even added clips from Blazblue on my profile!

Thanks for making me one of the top 20 VO artists of the week on BTVA guys!

~ Cristina Valenzuela said on Sep 24 2011 via Facebook Status

Brian Jepson
 Hello, Brian Jepson here. It's been a while since I recorded the voice for UltraHumanite, but as I recall, I didn't get much to work with scriptwise. I had a lot more fun with Felix Faust. Thanks for the critique!

~ Brian Jepson said on Jul 22 2011 via BTVA Comment

Brian Jepson
 I haven't heard the other guys' performances as Felix, but I had a lot of fun recording it! I feel honored to have worked on a character that none other than Freddy Krueger himself voiced. Doing crazy villain voices is a heck of a lot of fun. Of course, I also loved doing Joe the Condor on Gatchaman and that's pretty much my normal voice, only slightly more pissed off!

~ Brian Jepson said on Jul 22 2011 via BTVA Comment

Zack Hoffman
I just wanted to thank you for the nice words you had about my work as Zartan on the GI Joe series.
all the best
Zack Hoffman

~ Zack Hoffman said on May 12 2011 via BTVA Contact Page

Stephen Stanton
 Thanks guys for all the work you do here and on your website for voice actors everywhere. It's much appreciated by all of us....MTFBWY

~ Stephen Stanton said on May 8 2011 via Facebook Post

Paul Eiding
 Having a great time perusing the page. Fun stuff. Thanks!

~ Paul Eiding said on Apr 28 2011 via Facebook Post

Eddie Frierson
 It's Eddie here. I had a blast working on FIGHTING SPIRIT with Richard Epcar!

~ Eddie Frierson said on Apr 22 2011 via BTVA Comment

Michael Schwartz
 It's been fun getting the full-fledged voice actor treatment on this site. Whatever I got right or wrong about Captain Goto, he was a lot of fun to do--so much fun that I'm going to resist any and all temptations to vote for myself. Keep up the great work!

~ Michael Schwartz said on Mar 18 2011 via BTVA Contact Page

Barry Yandell
 Awesome site guys Great to be reminded what characters I voiced! Thanks!

~ Barry Yandell said on Feb 24 2011 via BTVA Comment

James Keller
 I just found this page... I LOVE IT! Thanks to whomever added me. Please visit my website for more clips and info.

~ James Keller said on Feb 24 2011 via BTVA Comment

Mary McDonald Lewis
 I am so very grateful for your interest in my work!

Thanks a million

~ Mary McDonald Lewis said on Feb 3 2011 via Email

Jamie Marchi
 Wow! Thank you so much for that information! How cool is that?!? BTVA.. you are always impressing me. (in reference to hitting 100 credits)

~ Jamie Marchi said on Jan 21 2011 via Facebook Message

Colleen Clinkenbeard
 Hey! Those who haven't already should check out behindthevoiceactors.com. It's a neat new database!

~ Colleen Clinkenbeard said on Jan 20 2011 via Facebook Post

Jim Miller
 I love your website. Thanks for recognizing the VO artists. We love what we do!

~ Jim Miller said on Jan 17 2011 via BTVA Contact Page

Travis Willingham
 Troy Baker passed along the link to your website, and I'm amazed at the wonderful collection you have gathered.

~ Travis Willingham said on Dec 6 2010 via BTVA Contact Page

Eric Bauza
 A few months back I blogged about being featured on this REALLY cool website called - www.behindthevoiceactors.com!!! They added me to the list of actors that portrayed one of the most infamous henchmen in animation history - Destro, for my performance in GI JOE: Resolute. Recently, they added me to yet another list for my portrayal of Cobra's badass ninja - Storm Shadow!!! Its a complete honor and privilege to see my name mixed in among the other talented gentlemen that have also had a hand in bringing this great character to life!!!

Take a Listen!!!

~ Eric Bauza said on Aug 2 2010 via blogspot.com

DC Douglas
 No worries @ profile! Voice actors used to be completely anonymous, so folks like you and the other VG fans really have changed the lives of VO actors. I have only gratitude!

~ DC Douglas said on Jul 27 2010 via BTVA Comment

Patrick Fraley
 I love this concept of comparing performances, but I have to say, it was easier for me to do Krang, than those who were requested to to an impression of my choices. That's tougher. I like Bradford's a lot. Also, when I did Krang, he started out of the android, and they wanted a whole lot more "blob" and "undulating" to his performance. The talking backward trick to sound icky was something I picked up at recess in elementary school on the playground. PF

~ Patrick Fraley said on Jul 16 2010 via BTVA Comment

DC Douglas
 I actually like Jacks' voice for this better than mine! And, to be honest, I had no idea my character was black when I walked into the studio. I didn't even know what game it was at the time because it was so hush-hush. The video we had was of blocky animation, too. So, I was kinda surprised to see he was African-American. Regardless, Jack has an awesome voice!

~ DC Douglas said on Jul 15 2010 via BTVA Comment

Josh Keaton
 Great Site!

Thanks for the add, took a look at the site and spent the rest of the night clicking around, searching for all my friends as well as checking out the stuff from my childhood.

I would like to send you a different pic to use for me. Let me know where to send it.



~ Josh Keaton said on Jun 25 2010 via Facebook Message

Duncan Brannan
 Shichiroji was one of the coolest characters I ever had a chance to voice. Christopher Bevins is a passionate, insightful, and enthusiastic director to work with and he did a phenomenal job bringing this show to life in the English dubbing. My favorite scene was Shichiroji's talk with his girlfriend just before Kambei's arrival. We actually voiced that scene separately, but the chemistry was outstanding... like we had done it in the studio together. Great scene!

~ Duncan Brannan said on Jun 11 2010 via BTVA Comment

Greg Baldwin
 I spend far too much time googling myself! I've been pretty hard on my Mako impression as a rule...but hearing the voices side by side...it's not as bad as I thought! It's actually pretty good! Thanks for posting this!

~ Greg Baldwin said on Jun 3 2010 via BTVA Comment

Kyle Hebert
 Hi there!
Just wanted to post here and say you've got a really cool website. Love seeing, reading, and hearing the voice comparisons on all the animation/game roles. Look forward to such a thing for some of my stuff in the future. Thanks for supporting all of us!

Kyle Hebert
-Narrator from Dragonball Z (after Dale Kelley on the Funimation dub)
-Kiba from Naruto
-Aizen from Bleach
-Kamina from Gurren Lagann
-Ryu from Super Street Fighter IV

~ Kyle Hebert said on May 6 2010 via BTVA Forum Post

Bill Ratner
 An honor, good Vox. Finally another spot in the cybersphere where the unseen, the ones with a face for radio and a voice-box in the Pantheon can hang out. We used to spend time in actual v/o studios in the ancient 20th century and drive around like UPS drivers, cursing our way through traffic to get to sessions on time...or at least not more than fifteen minutes late. I asked my agent once, "So how long will this next gig take?" She said, "Oh, five minutes." I showed up at a studio on Sunset Bl., and the producer handed me a five page script, and I said, "Oh, no, my agent said this would be five minutes."
"Yeah," he said, "It's a five minute script. You'll be out of here in an hour."
I was too embarrassed to protest. Needless to say I didn't get hired back.
Leave and learn, I say.
Bill Ratner

~ Bill Ratner said on Apr 14 2010 via BTVA Forum Post

Maurice LaMarche
 Personally, even I like Arthur the best. (in reference to Destro Voice Compare)

~ Maurice LaMarche said on Apr 10 2010 via BTVA Comment

Michael Broderick
 For FF:RotSS, the game developers didn't bring back the original cast... probably to save a little dough.

I'm a fan of Chris Evans, too. Loved his work in the film "Sunshine" and was happy to hear that he got Captain America. I was thrilled to step in for him to voice the Human Torch in the game.


~ Michael Broderick said on Apr 9 2010 via BTVA Comment

Eric Bauza
 A fan of GI JOE: Resolute had recently sent me a link to this cool website... www.behindthevoiceactors.com - This site is fantastic!!! It has hundreds of short audio clips of cartoon characters retro and recent, along with voiceover artist profiles!!! A great tribute site for any fans of animation - it allows you to listen and compare performances of characters, that have been played by numerous actors! I was lucky enough to be added to GI JOE section for my portrayal of DESTRO, along the likes of talented VO artist Maurice LaMarche, and the first person to ever voice the character [and the best in my opinion] Arthur Burghardt!!!

~ Eric Bauza said on Apr 1 2010 via blogspot.com

Sean Schemmel
 I also wanted to say I've seen a lot of crappy voice actor sites, and yours is the only one I've seen that has promise. The sheer volume of sound samples and voice compares is really interesting and cool, and I think you're doing something good for people interested in voice acting...

~ Sean Schemmel said on Mar 18 2010 via Facebook Post

Dave Mallow
 Well, this is what I get for Googling myself! Sometimes even *I* am surprised when certain auditions go on to a booking. . in which case you jump into the booth and do your best. That three others had also voiced this character came as a surprise.

~ Dave Mallow said on Sep 29 2009 via BTVA Comment

Benjamin Diskin
 Hi! My name is Ben. I'm a voice actor and I randomly stumbled onto this site while I was googling Spider-Man stuff. I think this site is really awesome! My favorite thing is the voice compare and how there are pictures and voice samples of the characters associated with the actors instead of just a list of character names. Keep up the good work!

~ Benjamin Diskin said on Aug 4 2009 via BTVA Forum Post

Christopher Corey Smith
 It'll be an honor to be among your ranks. You have a terrific site. Really glad I found it. So nice to see many of my dear friends on board. Keep up the good work.

~ Christopher Corey Smith said on May 24 2009 via BTVA Comment