Zeno Robinson Talks My Hero Academia's Hawks

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Zeno Robinson Talks My Hero Academia's Hawks

WinterIsComing had the opportunity to interview Zeno Robinson, the voice of Hawks from My Hero Academia. Joining the superhero anime series in the latter half of Season 4, Robinson playing the role, joining the show, and looking ahead in the character's future.

Winter: What drew Robinson to the character in the first place

Robinson: He seemed like he’d have a really interesting dynamic in the world of heroes. With some being a little more over the top than others, he just seemed very cool. He has this very complex way of thinking that’s really interesting to explore.

Winter: How he approached the character in the anime since he played Hawks first in the Heroes Rising movie and a video game.

Robinson: The game, especially for me, was different because Hawks appeared in the movie, and then I had to do all the stuff in the game, but the stuff in the game wasn’t in the show yet or the movie, so I’m learning a lot of stuff at the same time. And I’m like, ‘Oh wow, oh okay.’ And for me it was a deeper dive into Hawks as a character because, you know, he had some key scenes in the film, but he hadn’t appeared in the show yet, so I was getting a lot of information about him in the game and having to quickly incorporate that with what I knew about the character and how I felt like he should be.

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