Zach Aguilar Reddit AMA

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Zach Aguilar Reddit AMA

Zach Aguilar popped onto Reddit and took fans on an "Ask Me Anything" ride about his voice acting journey. Topics included how he warms up for a recording session, how he trains to do different voices, his most strangest role and how winning a contest was the launchpad of hs career.

On preparing for a scene:

"It's tough, especially since the recorded process moves so quickly. You have like a few seconds to adjust your emotion, think about how you’re going to read the line, and then worry about it matching the flap for timing.

I usually try to feel out the character as much as I can and put myself in their shoes. It sounds really simple but it works for me to get into the right mindset."

On creating different voices:

"Someone made fun of my high pitched voice on Xbox live when I was 12. After that, I decided to go on a perilous journey to make my voice deeper. I fought blistering winds and scorching deserts while on my quest. Then one day a dragon appeared to me and gave me “the power”. After that, I returned home a hero with the ability to shapeshift my vocal cords. (check out singing training)"

On weirdest role:

"Weirdest? Probably Koichi from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure HAHA. A lot of stuff happens in Jojo’s so every session was really obscure but super fun to record."

On the contest:

"I won a voice acting competition through Bang Zoom Entertainment at Anime Expo in 2014, I was 16 years old at the time. I’d been acting most of my life and took a bunch of voice-over classes before trying out."

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