Why Rockstar Games Prefers Not To Hire Celebrities

Reported by Foxwolf on Monday, October 15th 2018
Why Rockstar Games Prefers Not To Hire Celebrities

Rockstar Games' biggest money making franchise has been Grand Theft Auto. So they've had the luxury of hiring some big name Hollywood celebrities over the years to help them cement their brand and popularity, eg. Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Trejo, Burt Reynolds, James Woods, to name a few.

However, in recent years, the voice casts of their titles have featured fewer and fewer celebrities. Why? Because of the most common personality trait people associate with celebrities - their egos.

Founder Dan Houser, along with many other Rockstar employees grew tired of dealing and arguing with celebrity actors during recording sessions. Houser shared one example of the late Burt Reynolds and his part in Vice City where an argument escalated, resulting in Reynolds yelling "Get the limey out of here".

Houser said "I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, poor bugger, but we don’t bring in name actors anymore because of their egos and, most important of all, because we believe we get a better sense of immersion using talented actors whose voices you don’t recognize."

Of course this hasn't stopped Rockstar from hiring celebrities, just more cautious and selective of their choices, particularly if they feel they're really right for the part - as was Graham Greene's hiring for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 (which will be released on October 26th 2018).

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