Voltron Says Goodbye + Final Season 8 Teaser Trailer

Reported by Foxwolf on Friday, October 5th 2018
Voltron Says Goodbye + Final Season 8 Teaser Trailer

Hypable was in attendance at the Voltron: Legendary Defender panel at New York Comic Con where the voice cast and crew gave an emotional sendoff to the fans ahead of it's final 8th season, set for December.

In previous Voltron convention panels, the cast/crew would talk about what's ahead in the show and have a Q&A with attendees. However, this farewell panel was more about looking back and reminiscing on the critically acclaimed reboot, thanking all the fans for their support, and with the voice actors sharing their favorite moments. Produced by DreamWorks Animation, Legendary Defender premiered in 2016 with (soon-to-be) 8 seasons on Netflix.

Season 8 summary:
"After saving the Earth, the Paladins embark to prevent Honerva from setting into motion her deadliest plan yet. It’s a race against the clock as the Voltron Coalition gathers from the corners of the galaxy to defend the universe once and for all."

Other highlights included:

- The cast were extremely sad that AJ Locasio was no longer part of the show (following Lotor's demise) but were glad he got a new role in pilot James Griffin.
- Most of the panel thought one of the best parts of Season 7 was Shiro's (Josh Keaton) ascendance to becoming Captain of the Atlus.
- Bex Taylor-Klaus wore a Batman onesie at her audition for Pidge. Despite Pidge going through numerous emotional arcs throughout the series, her biggest shock moment is yet to come.
- Apparently Cree Summer (Haggar) is the most difficult actor in the cast to work with - because she is so funny that she sets everyone else off and detracks them from the recording. Voice director Andrea Romano was known as the "Cree-whisperer".

Voltron: Legendary Defender will form once more, as the final episodes will be released on Netflix on December 14th 2018.

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