Veronica Taylor Special Message For Ash Ketchum Milestone

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Veronica Taylor Special Message For Ash Ketchum Milestone

*SPOILER WARNING AHEAD for the Pokemon: Sun and Moon anime series*

He's done it. He's finally done it. After 22 years of travelling the world (and miraculously not aging a day), making friends, training his Pokemon, and competing in numerous League competitions across different regions, Ash Ketchum is now officially a Pokemon Master!

Having made the finals in the XY Kalos region, only to end up as runner-up, Ash was triumphant and crowned champion in the Alola League in the Sun and Moon anime.

Although Sarah Natochenny has been the voice of Ash since 2006, fans old and new still hold original voice Veronica Taylor (first 8 seasons) in high regard.

To celebrate Ash's milestone, Taylor posted a custom video to Twitter, congratulating Ash ... as Ash (in her "younger" Ash voice). Check it out.

Source: Nintendo Life


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