Vanellope Gets Her Own Song In Ralph 2

Reported on Thursday, November 15th 2018
Vanellope Gets Her Own Song In Ralph 2

Despite being revealed at the end of the first Wreck-It-Ralph that Vanellope (voiced by Sarah Silverman) was actually the princess of arcade game Sugar Rush, it was surprising to find out that in the sequel she had officially become a "Disney Princess".

Stand-up comedian Silverman talked about what it means to join this elite club and also the excitement of getting her very own Disney Princess song.

- "It’s something that the idea of Disney Princess, what makes it good is that it has grown and changed. That Disney has taken on progress and inclusivity and has grown and changed in positive ways. And where a classic Disney Princess, and really, this movie just faces it head on. Leans right into it. Well, you get saved by a man. And you’re in great distress. Your life is threatened. Then someone else saves you and then to all in one movie acknowledge all of that and then shatter it is so exciting. And to get to be this kid who becomes like a princess with an attainable waist line, and wearing comfortable clothes."

- "It was a dream come true. I couldn’t believe it. When you guys (speaking to Directors Moore and Johnston) told me I was going to have a song, we had already been recording for a while. I couldn’t believe it ... It was incredible. Then we recorded with a whole orchestra. Like you see in old timely movies. It was crazy. It was really the thrill of a lifetime."

Ralph Breaks The Internet hits theaters next week on November 21st 2018. Read the entire interview at the Hash Tag Show source link below.

Source: The Hash Tag Show


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