Troy Baker Shares Vague Details On Death Stranding

Reported on Friday, November 9th 2018
Troy Baker Shares Vague Details On Death Stranding

Troy Baker made his way down south of the equator and attended the Argentina Game Show where he spoke about Death Stranding, the highly anticipated video game from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima.

Baker was asked numerous questions, and while he was unable to provide specifics, he did talk about what it was like to work with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, and the size/scope of the game.

- "Dude, i can finally say that I'm in it. There's that. That was a fun secret to keep after someone posted a picture of me on set with Norman."

- "Yeah, I play, they haven't announced the character's name, so the Man in the Golden Mask."

- "Norman and i shot for about two weeks on it. He's super rad. He's really throwing his all into this game. He's got an amazing work ethic. We had some interesting scenes together."

- "It's a huge game. The scope of the game is huge. If you know anything about Kojima, he doesn’t do small. It’s weird, and it's big".

- "He [Hideo Kojima] had the entire game in his head for like two years." (before the game went into production)

- "It's trippy, it's weird. i have no idea when it's coming out. i just wanna play it."

Death Stranding is still in development and currently does not have a release date.

Source: Gaming Bolt


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