The Next 4 Disney and Pixar Movies Starting With Frozen 2

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The Next 4 Disney and Pixar Movies Starting With Frozen 2

With D23 in full swing, Disney's feature films department showcased the next four animated movies for both the Walt Disney Animation and Pixar studios. That includes 3 original stories, 2 films per studio, and a sequel in a pear tree.

First up is the highly antipicated Frozen 2 (November 22nd 2019), the sequel to global box office 2013 hit. Next up is Pixar's fantasy Onward (March 6th 2020) followed by another Pixar original Soul (June 19th 2020). Capping off the year will be a Disney original titled Raya and the Last Dragon (November 2020).

The Frozen 2 panel released a new poster and announced which characters Rachel Evan Wood and Sterling K. Brown would be voicing, ie. Queen Iduna (mother of Elsa and Anna) and Lieutenant Matthias.

With Onward's first teaser trailer having been released back in May, the folks behind the movie shed a little light on the story set in Los Angeles in a modern fantasy world.

Director Dan Scanlon describes the film as the relationship between two brothers (voiced by Chris Pratt and Tom Holland) who grew up without a father - drawn from the director's real life story with his own brother.

Shown was an exclusive poster and official still from the movie.

Soul finds new Pixar CEO Pete Docter directing an original jazz themed film about how souls are trained before heading out to the world an inhabiting a person. Jamie Foxx plays Joe Gardner while Tina Fey voices Soul 22.

And lastly, Raya and the Last Dragon will take us to the Asian and kung-fu-movie inspired fantasy land of Kumandra. Raya will be voiced by Cassie Steele, with Awkwafina taking on the role of Sisu the dragon (pictured in the top image above).

Source: Walt Disney Studios via Twitter


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