The God of High School Main Cast Interview

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The God of High School Main Cast Interview

Anitrendz got the opportunity to talk to the main cast of Crunchyroll's new original anime, The God of High School. Set across three different realms, the series centers around a fighting tournament to determine the strongest highschooler.

The main cast includes Robbie Daymond as Mori Jin, Sean Chiplock as Daewi Han, and Veronica Taylor as Mira Yoo.

Anitrendz: Mori has a very cheerful and energetic personality (and sometimes carefree). How did you prepare yourself for this role, and what was most challenging about playing Mori?

Daymond: For these recording sessions, I can’t just wake up, roll out of bed, and record because it’s so high energy and the fight scenes are so intense. Before my recording sessions, which have been in the morning, I try to go on a hike or workout before I get into the booth to give me some energy. Oh, and I definitely warm up my voice. The fight scenes are the most vocally challenging, but I enjoy them a lot. I love coming out of my booth sweaty and spent after a four-hour session. I’m ready to go all the way no matter how intense the fight gets! Oh god… I  just sounded like an actual anime protag, ahaha!

Anitrendz: Daewi stands out in this cast with his calm, coolheaded personality. How did you prepare yourself for this role, and what was the biggest challenge in portraying Daewi?

Chiplock: I may be a high-energy individual when it comes to interacting with my friends, but the truth is that I identify a lot with Daewi’s rather uninvolved approach to a lot of stressful things in life. It takes an awful lot to truly make me lose my cool, with the only exceptions being time-sensitive issues that directly (and negatively) affect my ability to do what I need to do at a given point in time. There is a challenge in that Daewi tends to be a lot calmer than I am when something personally exciting to him occurs, but I enjoy the opportunity to step outside of my own comfort zone.

Anitrendz: Mira has a very dynamic personality, though she doesn’t always show her different sides. How did you approach this role, and what was the most challenging aspect of character?

Taylor: The joy of being Mira Yoo is that she is in the moment and reacts accordingly. Her dynamic personality creates reactions and shifts large and small…a treat for an actor to play. I take all of my cues from the script and the animation. Luckily, we have a little time in the session to find what really works. The tricky part is not being in an actual studio. So far my neighbors haven’t asked me why I am shouting about the Moon Light Sword Style! Working from home, as we all know, demands that we focus in such a different and more intense way. Being able to sustain Mira’s energy while we navigate the intricacies of distance recording is probably the biggest challenge.

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