Teen Titans Cast On Hopes Of A Full Revival

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Teen Titans Cast On Hopes Of A Full Revival

Comic Book Resources spoke to four out of the five Teen Titans voices actors (Scott Menville, Tara Strong, Greg Cipes and Khary Payton) about their hopes for a full revival of their original 5 season animated series which ended in 2006.

Despite reprising their roles in the more comedy and younger audience oriented Teen Titans Go! series (which currently has 5 seasons and a theatrically released film), the cast would jump at the chance to return to their roots - especially the voice of Beast Boy, Greg Cipes who has been campaigning and spreading rumors of the show's return for years.

"Apparently I started a rumor, and Cartoon Network got more actual fan mail – like handwritten fan mail – than any other show. 'I heard Greg said it’s coming back!' And I stuck to it.", shared Cipes.

Payton (who voices Cyborg) expressed how he felt the core cast had something extra special, "There's always hope. The thing about Teen Titans, about Teen Titans Go!, is that there's something about these five characters, some weird lightning in a bottle. I think that as long as there's that dynamic, there's always a chance of something new and something different."

While it isn't a complete return to an animated series, the OG Titans are back on September 24th 2019 in the Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans animated movie.

You can read the full interview and hear what Menville (Robin) and Strong (Raven) had to say on the matter at the source link below.

Source: CBR


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