Tales of Vesperia Remastered for 10th Anniversary

Reported by NCZ on Monday, June 11th 2018
Tales of Vesperia Remastered for 10th Anniversary

At Microsoft's E3 conference, Bandai Namco announced the definitive remaster of Tales of Vesperia!

Tales of Vesperia was originally released for Xbox 360 in 2008, recounting the journey of the rogueish imperial knight Yuri Lowell, and since then has become one of the alltime fan-favourite Tales games. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition will be based on the game's PS3 port that famously never left Japan, boasting a bevy of new content. Along with an all-new party member, pirate Patty Fleur, Yuri's rival Flynn Scifo will also join the party as a permanent cast member. On top of that, Definitive Edition will also be faithfully remastered to take advantage of how much more powerful consoles have become over the years, boasting gorgeous 1080p resolution.

The game will boast both English and Japanese audio tracks, and full text in English, Neutral Spanish, French, and Portuguese (Brazilian and European).

Years ago, lead voice actor Troy Baker implied that although it never ended up being released, he had in fact recorded new dialogue for the PS3 port of Vesperia. If Namco Bandai still have the recordings, it is completely possible fans can hear him as Yuri once again.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition will be out on ALL current platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and will be available in Winter 2018, commemorating the 10th anniversary of its original release.

Source: bandainamcoent.com


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