Sonic Director Talks Tails In Potential Sequel

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Sonic Director Talks Tails In Potential Sequel

With the Sonic the Hedgehog movie being both a box office and critical hit for Paramount (by video game movie standards), plans have now moved onto a potential sequel.

With one of the most talked about moments being Tails' cameo appearance in the end credits scene, director Jeff Fowler shared his thoughts on bringing Sonic's dual-tailed sidekick into the fold.

"Of all the screenings that I would pop in for, seeing people's reaction to Tails showing up at the end ... nothing could have prepared me! To see people respond and having these kids just shout at the screen, and just yell their little brains out. I just never got sick of it. I just loved it. And the idea that we made this whole movie, and we didn't have a single scene of Sonic and Tails together. It's incredible, but it also is so exciting [for a sequel]."

"Fingers crossed. If we're fortunate enough to do another movie, that we can finally get [Sonic and Tails] together and have some real fun, and really get to some of what is the next level of what people love about this world and these characters. Right now, it's just great that people are enjoying the movie and are now having an opportunity to watch it at home despite all this Corona craziness. That's enough for me. It's great that it's out there, and that people are enjoying it."

While Tails' most recent voice actor Colleen O'Shaughnessey had the opportunity to reprise the role in the character's brief scene, there's no word yet whether she'll be back for the sequel. But if other similar situations are followed (eg. Maurice LaMarche replaced by Alfred Molina as King Agnar in Frozen II), she may be replaced by a more high-profile celebrity.

Sonic the Hedgehog is out now on digital.

Source: Syfy


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