Sega's Judge Eyes Gets Union English Dub

Reported on Monday, December 10th 2018
Sega's Judge Eyes Gets Union English Dub

Sega announced a brand new IP, Judge Eyes, at TGS this September. A spinoff of their popular Yakuza series, set in the same city of Kamurocho, it stars a private investigator named Takayuki Yagami investigating a mysterious series of murders throughout the city. Its Japanese release is imminent, only three days away as of this writing, and at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, they pulled the curtain back on its English localization, now christened Judgement. Well, Judgment, but that looks weird.

Most surprisingly, Judgment will receive a full English dub. Although Sega experimented with an English dub for the very first Yakuza game in 2006, poor sales caused them to abandon the dub and release the rest of the series subtitled. (The mixed reception to the dub and irreplaceability of Takaya Kuroda probably didn't help either.) Although the series has had a huge resurgence outside Japan with the rapid-fire release of Yakuza 5, 0, and Kiwami, Sega seemingly want to take the series even higher, so Judgment presumably is going to be a fresh start for them.

Judgment's English dub is produced by PCB Productions, and features the following actors:

  • Greg Chun (Takayuki Yagami)

  • Crispin Freeman

  • Matthew Mercer

  • Cherami Leigh

  • Yuri Lowenthal

  • James Hong

  • Ed O’Ross

  • Amy Walker

  • Matt Yang King

  • Fred Tatasciore

  • Brian McNamara

  • Max Mittelman

  • Cristina Vee

  • Keythe Farley

  • Mark Whitten

  • Aimee Castle

  • Jamieson Price

  • JB Blanc

  • Robbie Daymond

  • Ray Chase

  • Todd Haberkorn

  • Joe Zieja

  • Steve Blum

Judge Eyes snoops into Japanese PS4s on December 13, 2018. Judgment Day will arrive at some point in summer 2019.


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