Sean Chiplock Reddit AMA

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Sean Chiplock Reddit AMA

Sean Chiplock hopped onto Reddit to do one of their trademark AMA's (Ask Me Anything) where he talked about getting in to voice acting, how he landed the role of Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11, and one of his recent roles as Guido Mista in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

Getting into voice acting

Chiplock: After discovering a sample recording session clip through my Toonami-fueled website visit, I just wanted to be a part of the craft however possible; back in 2007, this meant grabbing a super cheap (literally pennies of cost) microphone off Amazon and making dumb skits over Windows Sound Recorder. It turns out that even before I knew what VO was, I had already been “practicing it” whenever my younger brother and I would take turns voicing characters in the Nintendo 64 games we owned that had dialogue but no voices, so I guess the interest was always there even if it didn’t have a direct line of focus yet.

Becoming Guido Mista

Chiplock: I just love how Mista embraces the Real Mafia Moments. He’s a playful guy but he seriously gets a kick out of intimidating folks who cross his path in a bad way, and being able to go full focus into those moments where he’s laying on the slyness is one of my favorite aspects of his character. I’ve had quite a lot of experience already with playing cool/confident/cocky characters, so Mista was a matter of knowing when to be playful – and when to be passionate – while maintaining that air of being “part of the gang”.

Landing Noob Saibot

Chiplock: Pretty much the same as I potentially get any other role; my agency sent me to audition sides for the character, I submitted my audition takes, and the client decided they liked one of them enough to cast me! The character/project was codenamed at the time so I didn’t know what it was for, but the specs asked for something “wraith-life and not of this world”. So for the first take, I did something higher pitched and ghostly, with a few teeth; for the second, I impersonated Black Doom from Shadow the Hedgehog’s game on GameCube and aimed for a baritone demonic rumble.

For the entire Q&A, head over to his Reddit AMA at the jump below.

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