Scoob's Will Forte Talks His Take On Shaggy

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Scoob's Will Forte Talks His Take On Shaggy

In Warner Bros' animated feature release of Scoob!, Will Forte steps into the role of Shaggy Rogers.

Following on from long-time voice actors Casey Kasem (first voice) and Matthew Lillard (who started out as live-action Shaggy before becoming his voice), Forte video chat with Comic Book to share his take on the cowardly Mystery Incorporated member. 

"The funny thing is like Shaggy is one of the [impressions] I can't do! I'm not a great impersonator. So, it was such an honor to be a part of this and it was huge shoes to fill with Casey Kasem , who is such an icon, and Matthew Lillard, who I thought did a fantastic job. You go in and I said, 'I'm not sure that my voice.. I don't know that I can do a spot on impersonation of either of thiese guys.' They said, 'Don't worry, we're not looking for that. Let's figure out a way to make it your own.' It was nerve racking because I know the connection people have to this character and the group of friends that are part of the Scooby team. It was nerve racking but., ultimately, what an honor! It was really fun to get a chance to do."

Originally set for a theatrical release of May 15th, Warner's will now make Scoob! available on Video-On-Demand this weekend.

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