Scoob's Jason Isaacs Talks The Films Villainous Dick Dastardly

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Scoob's Jason Isaacs Talks The Films Villainous Dick Dastardly

Widely known for his role as Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter and more recently in Star Trek Discovery as Captain Gabriel Lorca, Jason Isaacs is set to lend his voice as the villainous Dick Dastardly in the animated movie Scoob!

No stranger to voice acting, Isaacs talked to Syfy about his inital fear about tackling the role and how his new version differs from the original 60s version of Wacky Races.

"He's a man on a mission and he's not as easily dismissible. He's not as pathetic and you can tell just by looking at. Dick Dastardly was a very very wimpy guy in the original cartoons and now, he's got a giant simian jaw and a huge kind of Mr. Incredible body. He's slightly more of a force in this."

"It was terrifying until I realized what I've realized before in situations like this. If you take any of the weight on board of the extraordinary stuff that's happened before, then you just wouldn't bother trying. I felt the same playing a captain in Star Trek. You have to forget what people expect and what they've seen and what they've heard, and just jump in and make it the best you can."

"I was given a lot of leeway. We had enormously good fun recording a billion versions of everything. Me going wildly over the top and I have no idea what ends up in the film, of course. You just record and record and record all day, laughing or screaming or whatever the hell it is, and then it's down to them to choose the bits that they think will make a good film."

While Scoob! was originally set for a theatrical release of May 15th, it has pulled from the schedule due to the coronavirus and yet to have a new official date.

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