Sam Witwer On Voicing Darth Maul In Multiple Titles

Reported by Foxwolf on Thursday, September 6th 2018
Sam Witwer On Voicing Darth Maul In Multiple Titles

In a galaxy far, far away, there have been hundreds of voiced Star Wars characters. So in the grand scheme of things, there are not many Sith. Sam Witwer has not only had the pleasure of voicing one Sith, but three - starting with Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice in the Force Unleashed games, followed by the Emperor himself Darth Sidious, and Episode I fan favorite Darth Maul.

While Maul was a visual spectacle in The Phantom Menace, his character lacked development. It wasn't until the animated Clone Wars that Maul was "brought back from the dead" (sliced in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi), was fully fleshed out and became a very deep and complex character. Witwer had the honor of properly introducing us to this double-bladed lightsaber as we followed his vengeful "gonna get you Ob-Wan" journey in The Clone Wars up until *** SPOILERS  TIL THE END OF THE ARTICLE *** his demise in Star Wars: Rebels (at the hands of old Obi-Wan - talk about deja vu).

Witwer sat down with to chat about Darth Maul, but more specifically his cameo in the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Ray Park reprised the physical role but Witwer provided the voice (Peter Serafinowicz was the original voice in Episode I).

A self-professed sci-fi enthusiast, it was the actor's committment and knowledge of the character combined with Ray Park's on-screen performance that we saw in the Solo end credits. Witwer said that while Park lip-syched Witwer's voice over, Park also did a take using his own voice, and Witwer returned to record over partially using Park's version. So the end result is a collaboration of both.

Witwer also appreciated that the producers were open and welcomed the actor's opinions on the character. For example, they wanted Maul to draw his lightsaber in the scene and Witwer asked "which lightsaber?" They wanted the iconic double-bladed one to which Witwer answered "Alright, forgive me, but he doesn't have that anymore. You got two choices - you can go with the Darksaber which means this, this and this, or you can go with the Inquisitor lightsaber which means, interestingly enough, he's being hunted by the Empire."

You can catch Darth Maul's cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which comes out on digital September 14th 2018 and Blu-ray on the 25th.

Source: Star Wars via YouTube


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