Sam Witwer On Star Wars Clone Wars Finale

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Sam Witwer On Star Wars Clone Wars Finale

Sam Witwer, a long-time Star Wars fan has provided the voice of Sith Lord Darth Maul in the Clone Wars animated series, now in it's seventh and final season.

In an interview with io9, the actor spoke about the privilege he's felt to work in a world he loves so much, along with making lasting friendships. Witwer expressed appreciation that the serial story telling has allowed fans to see different sides and layers of the seemingly one-noted villain that first appears in The Phantom Menace.

He had nothing but praise for producer and writer Dave Filoni and the finale the Clone Wars team put together.

"The finale, that script, was the best Clone Wars script that I ever read. I think Dave has done a really very very cool thing. When I say script I don’t mean - when I’m talking about the finale, I’m talking about the last four episodes because it’s really meant to be seen as a movie. These Clone Wars arcs that go on for three to four episodes, they could also be cut together as movies and they work as one story, but this one really is meant to be seen in its entirety together, more so than anything else we’ve ever done.

I’m very very excited for the audience to see it, because it’s consequential, it changes the way you think about certain things in Star Wars, changes the way you think about certain characters, and shows some really interesting core mythology stuff. I’m thrilled, and I’m shocked."

Season 7 is now streaming new episodes weekly on Disney+.

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