Sailor Moon Voice Cast Interview with Den of Geek

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Sailor Moon Voice Cast Interview with Den of Geek

Den of Geek got the opportunity to not only interview one Sailor Moon Sailor, but five. Sitting down with Cristina Vee (voice of Sailor Mars), Amander Celine Miller (Sailor Jupiter), Lauren Landa (Sailor Neptune), Erika Harlacher (Sailor Star Maker) and Sarah Williams (Sailor Star Healer), the voice actresses talked about all things Sailor Moon, from Season 1 all the way to the fifth and final season "Sailor Stars".

Den of Geek: You were part of the original power trio that started it all, debuting only ten episodes into a 200-episode run. What has it been like experiencing the cast grow and change over the years?

Cristina Vee: I will always have a soft spot for the first season and R. It focused so much on self-discovery and romance. The upside to adding new characters and cast members was making new friends!! It’s also great to have such a diverse group of characters. I feel like everybody could relate to at least one Guardian.

Den of Geek: Jupiter was the original powerhouse of the Sailor Guardians, but with the introductions of Uranus and Star Maker, she’s no longer the strongest or the tallest. What aspects of the character do you think have emerged to define her in the later seasons?

Amanda Celine Miller: I think she's leaned into being the glue of the group and - maybe others will disagree - she's possibly the most relationally healthy and well-balanced of the Inner Guardians, modeling a positive influence and being a good sounding board for her friends. While she can lose her cool if you push the right buttons, for the most part, Mako is pretty even-keeled and when the girls want to assume the worst about someone, Mako's usually there to give another possible perspective and shed more understanding and empathy on the situation.

Den of Geek: Outside of a brief appearance in SuperS and SuperS: The Movie, the Outers have been out of the picture for a while. How do you think your character has changed in the interim?

Lauren Landa: I don't really see a very big change in Michiru (Neptune) honestly. She still has her values, and she still is loyal to her duty, but I do think she and Haruka (Uranus) have a little bit more trust and confidence in the other girls as opposed to before. However, I do think she still sees herself (and Uranus) as a little more mature and perhaps a little more experienced, therefore they still have the "we know what's best" mindset.

Den of Geek: Taiki is the first truly literate character in the show. Both Ami and Setsuna are hardcore intellectuals, but they’re more STEM kind of girls, whereas Taiki loves literature and poetry. What was it like to be occasionally spouting verse? Are you a poetry fan in real life?

Eric Harlacher: I’ve always really enjoyed poetry and literature - I’m pretty sure I was one of the only kids in my class who looked forward to the poetry part of English classes back in school. I’ve also studied a good bit of Shakespeare, and performed a few of his plays. So I had a great time with all of those lines! Maybe this is why Taiki and I were made for each other, we both like reciting poems that other people think are hard to follow. Ha.

Den of Geek: Not a lot of background is given on Yaten in the anime, but there’s a bit more character detail given in the manga. Did you draw on any of this to inform your performance of the character or did you just try to intuit what you could from the scripts you were given?

Sarah Williams: I was given a bit of background from my director, who described Yaten/Sailor Star Healer as someone with a kind of internalized PTSD and a lot of hurt from the past trauma involving their planet. I thought of the prickliness as a sort of shield for that wound.

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