Rob Paulsen Talks Animaniacs Reboot

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Rob Paulsen Talks Animaniacs Reboot

Animation Magazine caught up with Rob Paulsen to talk about the upcoming Animaniacs reboot, where the voice actor will reprise both the roles of Yakko Warner and Pinky.

Animation Magazine: What can you tell us about the project?

Paulsen: Well, I can tell you it’s for Hulu, and it was slated for a fall premiere, but that was before the pandemic, and I know everything is in flux these days. Most of the original cast is back for this new version to some extent, which also introduces some new characters. Yours truly is back as Yakko, Pinky and Otto. Tress MacNeille is my little sister Dot, Maurice LaMarche is Brain and Squit, Jess Harnell is also back as my goofy brother Wakko. Mr. Spielberg (Amblin TV and Warner Bros. Animation producing) is back on the show, which is very cool. Our new showrunner is Wellesley Wild, who you know from Family Guy and the Ted movies. He’s a wonderful fellow who is doing a hell of a job. I know that we’re in post-production now.

The Animaniacs are self-aware and know that they have been off the grid for 20 years, and that comes into play. We have great music and use a 30-piece orchestra for every half hour of the show. The music duties are now handled by the amazing Steve and Julie Bernstein, who were the proteges of Rich Stone, the remarkable composer who won a pile of Emmys for doing the music for the original show.

Animation Magazine: How is the new show different from and similar to the original, which has a successful run from 1993 to 1998?

Paulsen: As I mentioned before, the irreverent and at times subversive humor is the same. But in addition to Yakko, Otto and Pinky, new ancillary characters will be introduced, many of which I’m not aware of. We have a new showrunner and new writers, who grew up watching the original series. What I can tell you is that it is every bit as joyful and hurt-yourself-laughing funny as the original. The scripts just read really, really funny. I haven’t seen much of the animation yet, but I wouldn’t bet against Mr. Spielberg. You can tell that the kids who are writing the show are informed by the genius of the writers who worked on the first show and the creator of the show, Tom Ruegger. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that he did an incredible job and that the show has become an iconic part of our cultural landscape. Some incredible talents were fostered by him, and it has been pretty cool to witness it all. Well done, Tom!

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