Pokemon: I Choose You! Gets a Limited Theatrical Run

Reported by NCZ on Monday, July 31st 2017
Pokemon: I Choose You! Gets a Limited Theatrical Run

The next Pokemon movie, I Choose You!, will receive a limited theatrical release worldwide on November 5 and 6 this year.

Produced in order the commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon anime (which premiered in 1997), I Choose You! is a retelling of the series's first episode, showing not only how Ash and Pikachu met, but also expanding upon their quest to find the legendary Ho-oh, who famously appeared in the episode's ending. The movie will also debut a new legendary Pokemon called Marshadow, and see Ash pair up with new friends Sorrel and Verity.

The first Pokemon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back, was the definition of an event when it hit international theatres in 1999, striking in the prime of Pokemania and grossing over $160 million worldwide. While its followup, Pokemon 2000, was similarly successful, albeit less so, Pokemon 3's box office numbers had declined greatly. The next two Pokemon movies, 4Ever and Heroes, only received limited releases; all movies since have been direct-to-video or TV in North America, with the exception of White: Victini and Zekrom, which received a two-day limited run.

With nostalgia and awareness of the Pokemon brand being on a high thanks to the series's 20th anniversary, clearly it seemed right that if any of its movies could make it to theatres, it'd be this one.

The theatres that will be showing the film are likely to be announced at a later date. Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! has already been released in Japanese theatres, premiering on July 15. The series's current English voice director, Lisa Ortiz, will be in charge of its dub.

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