Phil LaMarr This Now Interview

Reported on Thursday, November 8th 2018
Phil LaMarr This Now Interview

Now This News caught up with Phil LaMarr at last months New York Comic Con and chatted about all things from throughout his voice acting career.

He talked about his switch from on camera to voice acting, including a nodding mention of his first cartoon being Mr. T. During his MadTV time, he got microphone experience doing the claymation segments. Then things really started to ramp up with Weekenders and Futurama.

Throughout the interview, LaMarr goes in depth about his most popular characters from Static Shock to Green Lantern / John Stewart (from Justice League) to Hermes Conrad (Futurama) to Samurai Jack.

And he mentioned a moment early on in his career where he voiced a guest character on Scooby-Doo, where Casey Kasem did some random Shaggy lines for an audio level check, and the hairs on LaMarr's neck stood up.

Watch the entire interview below. If the video doesn't load, please click the source link.

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