Patrick Seitz Mortal Kombat ScreenRant Interview

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Patrick Seitz Mortal Kombat ScreenRant Interview

ScreenRant had the opportunity to chat with Patrick Seitz on his recent role of Scorpion in Mortal Kombat: Scorpion's Revenge.

In the animated film, the story reveals the origins of Scorpion and his path of revenge on those who destroyed his tribe. Seitz talked about his approach to this particular version and creating the voice, given that he's voiced Scorpion in other roles.

"It's such a big franchise. And I've done a number of the games of Scorpion. But to get to do an animated movie was just something sort of, so different. Which is always exciting. It's sort of the best of best worlds. It's a familiar character to me, but taking in a direction, or a presentation of format that we had before. And that's fun. Cuz you know, a lot of times in the games, you get what dialogue you get in single player mode -- but a lot of it is just down to the fights itself. As well it should be -- fighting game. So that is where you're getting the fighting you would expect out of it all. So those character moments that are so much fun, it's like catnip for actors. It sounds almost unfair to be able to get both things, it's nice. It wasn't the trade off. In reading the script, even before I ever got a chance to see it visually, just reading it, I was like "Wow, they are not pulling any punches on this." Which is nice, cuz it's Mortal Kombat. You don't want to do Mortal Kombat in half measure, I mean, been pulling spines out of bodies for 30 years. You gotta lean in, do it right."

"the voice is just an accident of birth. I was telling somebody today, what I love about playing characters like this. You know Scorpion is definitely an outlier, but I play a lot of big villainous, or not villainous but intense kind of characters. And then in real life, I'm like "Oh my god, somebody sent me this video of a kitten and now I'm crying." I couldn't be further flung from characters like Scorpion in real life. It's fun and it's cathartic, and i've got the voice that lends itself to it. Yea, I remember we were recording some stuff and then shooting some B-roll for the Blu-ray and DVD, and I forgot that was happening that day so I roll to the studio in this pink and purple tie dye t-shirt with a unicorn on it, and I get there and they're like, "Go upstairs and we'll do a little bit of make up for the on-camera thing." And I was like, "Hah! On camera, that's funny because I'm wearing this tie dye unicorn today." And they just stared at me like, "No we mean it, this is happening." And then I looked at my calendar and I was like "Oh crap, this is happening, I completely forgot." Yea, that's about par for the course for me."

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