Obi-Wan Interviews 5 Princess Leia Voice Actresses

Reported by Foxwolf on Sunday, October 21st 2018
Obi-Wan Interviews 5 Princess Leia Voice Actresses

James Arnold Taylor released a video interview on his YouTube channel where he interviewed five voice actresses who have portrayed Princess Leia across numerous Star Wars mediums.

Taylor, who is best known for voicing Obi-Wan Kenobi gathered Julie Dolan (Star Wars Rebels), Anna Graves (Disney Infinity), Misty Lee (Star Wars Battlefront), Catherine Taber (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed), and Shelby Young (Star Wars: Forces of Destiny) as they shared their experiences playing the iconic Star Wars princess, originated in the films by the late Carrie Fisher.

The actresses talked about their lives, how they each landed the roles, what voicing Leia has meant to them, and what the character in general means to the world.

The interview is over 1-hour so sit back, relax, grab a drink or snack and enjoy watching James Arnold Taylor as he talks to "The Lovely Ladies of Leia".

Source: James Arnold Taylor via YouTube


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