Nightwing In Action In Young Justice: Outsiders Clip

Reported by Foxwolf on Thursday, August 30th 2018
Nightwing In Action In Young Justice: Outsiders Clip

While the premiere of Young Justice Season 3 won't be happening in 2018 as early rumors had reported, a new clip has been released in the interim.

Subtitled "Outsiders", the season will deal with metahuman trafficking. In the clip, a covert Nightwing (voiced by Jesse McCartney) takes down a metahuman testing lab in Russia with the help of **SPOILERS ** Oracle (known to comic readers to be the former Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon, who lost the use of her legs after an attack from the Joker**END SPOILERS **

The clip's release also coincided with the launch date for the DC Universe streaming service - September 15th 2018. The first exclusive DC show available will be the live-action Titans, which will premiere on October 12th.

Young Justice: Outsiders is set for a 2019 release on DC Universe.

Source: DC via YouTube


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