NEWS - Ni no Kuni II: Japanese VO Cast
Reported by NCZ on Tue Dec 12 2017

One of next year's biggest RPGs, Ni no Kuni II, has just had its Japanese voice cast announced in a new trailer. We get a quick glimpse of the VAs in their element, as well as their thoughts on the recording processes and characters they portray.

The VA cast is as follows:

  • Evan: Mirai Shida

  • Roland: Hidetoshi Nishijima

  • Tani: Mugi Kadowaki

  • Bracken: Fumino Kimura

  • Leander: Ikasaburo Yamazaki

  • Ratja: Ayako Yoshitani

  • Batu: Kotaro Yoshida

The original Ni no Kuni was released as a DS game in 2010, followed by an expanded version on Playstation 3 the following year. The game received rave reviews and, while a modest success in its native Japan, became a million-seller upon its worldwide release in 2013. Its success was in part due to the involvement of the famed Studio Ghibli, who provided art direction and a number of rich 2D cutscenes, as well as a soundtrack courtesy of their very own Joe Hisaishi.

While Ni no Kuni II will not feature Ghibli's direct involvement, Hisaishi returns to provide a stirring score, as does character designer Yoshiyuki Momose. With its lush art style embellished by the power of PS4 and PC, Ni no Kuni II looks no less like a Ghibli film come to live.

Originally set for release on January 19, 2018, the game has received a slight bump to March 23 for finishing touches. Developer Level-5 can take all the time they need in my book, because if all goes well they have an instant classic on their hands. The game will boast dual audio, so players around the world can enjoy both the English and Japanese actors' efforts.



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said at 10:31 AM on Sun Dec 17 2017
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I'm glad they're not releasing it in the January dumping ground.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 11:41 AM on Sun Dec 17 2017

January is actually a great window for small releases and Japanese publishers. Most of the AAA games tend to prefer November and March so January is right between them and a good time to prevent a game from getting too drowned out. That being said it's probably a combination of needing last-minute polish and cold feet because Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dissidia NT, and especially Monster Hunter World were all announced for January after they originally set that date. I'm kind of bummed since it would have been the perfect, cozy winter RPG, but if it needs more time it needs more time.
said at 1:32 PM on Tue Dec 12 2017
All this time, I was sure that Level 5 was just gonna go with an English-only cast, considering that all the trailers was in English prior to its one, including the Japanese ones, which had such subtitles. Glad to see that's not the case.

I may not particularly care much for dual audio, at least on my first playthrough of a game, where I prefer to play in English, but I am glad that the option is there to please everyone, just like the first game!

While I am a bit on the mildly disappointed side that the game got delayed again, I am confident that Level 5 has perfectly good reasons, and with their track record, the wait will be worth it. Besides...I have enough on my plate this winter, anywho. I've got no problem waiting a bit longer. :)
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