My Hero Academia's "Big Three" Voice Actors Announced

Reported by Foxwolf on Thursday, September 20th 2018
My Hero Academia's "Big Three" Voice Actors Announced

Things are about to shake up on My Hero Academia as "The Big Three" are set to make their anime debut.

In the manga, The Big Three are a small group that represent the best Top Hero students in U.A. High School. Not only do they excel academically, but their physical abilities exceed most other top tier candidates.

UPDATE Oct 5th 2018: FUNimation has revealed the the English dub voice actors for the Big Three. 

The English voice actors are:

Aaron Dismuke as Tamaki Amajiki
- Lindsey Seidel as Nejire Hado
- Ricco Fajardo as Mirio Togata


The Japanese voice actors are:

- Tarusuke Shingaki as Togata Mirio 
- Yuuto Uemura as Tamaki Amajiki
- Kiyono Yasuno as Nejire Hadou

The Big Three will make their appearance in the climax of Season 3.

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