Mark Strong Recruited For Battlefield 5

Reported by Foxwolf on Monday, October 15th 2018
Mark Strong Recruited For Battlefield 5

Mark Strong has been hired to lend his voice in the upcoming Battlefield 5 video game, set in World War II.

The British actor will be the narrator of the singleplayer campaign's prologue and epilogue. As the game features stories and missions that span different aspects of the War, Strong's narration will a common thread to link them altogether.

Best known for this on-camera roles in Kiss-Ass, Kingsman, and Green Lantern, the actor has provided his voice in other video games such as Warhammer, Total War and the upcoming Squadron 42.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Strong in a recording session (at the Hollywood Reporter source link), delivering multiple takes of his lines and getting direction from the producers. Be advised, the video contains curse words here and there.

Battlefield 5 blasts onto consoles and PC on November 20th 2018.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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