Lisa Simpson Explains Simpsons Slang

Reported by Foxwolf on Friday, October 5th 2018
Lisa Simpson Explains Simpsons Slang

In one of Vanity Fair's videos where celebrities teach the viewers slang from their home country or acting career, Yeardley Smith explains the definition of numerous slang from The Simpsons.

In conjunction with the 30th season of the longest-running animated series, the voice of Lisa Simpson powers through 24 catchphrases from various characters of Springfield.

- Aye Carumba (Bart Simpson)
- D'oh (Tidbit - always annotated in the script as "annoyed grunt")
- Eat my shorts (Bart)
- Hey-diddly-ho (Ned Flanders)
- Ha ha! (Nelson Muntz)
- Meh
- Buh
- Sneh (this and Meh and Buh are basically the same thing)
- Don't have a cow, man (Bart)
- Chocotastic
- Embiggen
- Cromulent
- Dorkus Molorkus
- Saxamaphone (how Homer says saxaphone)
- LSD (Marge's acronym for "love my son and daughter")
- Okely-dokely (Flanders)
- Poindextrose
- Yoink
- Worst. [Insert noun]. Ever! (Comic Book Guy)
- Woo hoo!
- Jebus (how Homer says Jesus)
- Knowitallism
- Kwyjibo (Bart's made-up word playing Scrabble)
- Unpossible (Ralph Wiggum)

Smith caps off the video in her Lisa voice, thanking the viewers for watching the video.

Source: Vanity Fair via YouTube


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